LAPT5 Colombia: The effects of sleep deprivation

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lapt-promo.gifThe player party last night went late. People were struggling back to their hotels at 3am, and I don't believe they were the last ones home. Many of the partygoers were already eliminated on Day 1a or Day 1b, but statistically, 1 out of 3 had chips to return to this morning.

You can imagine, then, that the combination of a late night of partying and an "early" day of poker have created a few stories at the Casino Allegre this morning.

To start with, 20 players were not in their seats when the first hand of the day was dealt. 20 out of 112. There are almost always a few stragglers, but I don't ever recall a tournament where almost 20% of the Day 2 field showed up late. I guess that's just how they roll in Colombia.

Even the players who showed up on time displayed some motor and cognitive difficulties. Team PokerStars Pro Jose Barbero had only 15,700 in chips to unbag today: seven black T100 chips and fifteen yellow T1,000 chips. He took all of his chips out of his bag, stacked them up, and gave the chip bag to a floor person to throw out. Yet when Barbero counted out his stack, he was short a yellow chip. LAPT staff eventually found the missing chip - still in Barbero's chip bag, at the bottom of a bag of trash.


"It was hiding from me."

Last but not least is the curious case of Jorge Limon. I lost track of Limon during yesterday's Day 1b and assumed he busted. Imagine my surprise, then, when I spotted Limon's trademark high pony tail and green "Team Online" patch at Table 7, sitting behind 36,000 in chips. I had to rub my own bleary eyes a few times just to make sure I was seeing things right, and I didn't even go to the party last night.

If you believe the Hendon Mob's database, Limon doesn't have any live cashes to his name yet (at least, none that would qualify for a Hendon Mob entry). As a member of Team Online and a player who primarily plays online, that shouldn't be so surprising. But it's a little uncharitable of me to bust the man when he still has 22 big blinds in his stack.


Not quite dead


The "rose spade" is still standing on a side table near the feature table. The roses are starting to look a little wilty, however, so this morning a casino employee spent a few minutes spritzing the 1,000+ roses of the spade with water.


In early position, Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen opened to 3,500. Two seats to his left, a player re-raise to 7,500, folding everyone else. Guillen tanked for a while before folding his hand. A third player at the table then accused Guillen of colluding, due to some earlier joking remarks between Guillen and the re-raiser, in which the re-raiser asked Guillen to help him double up.

Guillen was hot to the accusation. A few sharp words were exchanged and a floor person was called to the table. The situation eventually resolved itself (with Andre Akkari chiming in from a few tables away with a joke meant to calm Guillen down) but Guillen looks to be a little tilted by the whole thing.


Guillen losing his cool?


Yesterday, the tournament floor was a little on the cool side. Today, it's a little on the warm side.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Medellin