LAPT5 Colombia: ¡Vivan los cortitos!

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lapt-promo.gifGiven how quick the eliminations were coming in the first two levels of the day, it was only a matter of time before the tournament reverted to the mean and the short stacks started doubling up.

First up was Spain's Raul Paez, the most colorful of the remaining 14 players. And we mean that literally - he's wearing a bright pink polo that adds a welcome splash of color to the otherwise drab ensemble at the final two tables (Hernan Villa's bright blue button-down shirt aside). He got his chips in the middle with a pair of 10s against chip bully Ruben Ospina's ace-queen. No Broadway cards flopped, so when Paez turned a set of 10s, the hand was over.

The other short stacks haven't gotten the double-ups they'd presumably like to have, but taking down pots uncontested isn't hurting them either. We've seen short stacks move in five or six times, sometimes as an opening raise and sometimes as a three bet. No time were any of those raises called.

It may not seem like much, but taking down 38,000 uncontested a few times can mean a lot to a short stack, especially with the tables 7-handed and the blinds coming more quickly than is comfortable.

Of course, short stack double-ups aren't getting us any closer to our final table of eight. At some point, those players are going to start busting. It's just a question of when. Until then... fancy a side event?



On a flop of 8♣Q♠5♦, Paez led out for 37,000. His lone opponent, Gabriel Cardona, raised to 75,000. Paez considered the raise for about a minute, then pulled his bet back and slid 175,000 into the middle. Cardona quickly moved all in. Paez, with more than half of his 317,000-chip stack already in the middle, was never folding. He called with K♥Q♥. Cardona showed A♠4♠, either a stone bluff or a mis-read of the board. The turn and river were bricks, leaving Cardona with about 150,000.


Robbie Renehen, the only other player on Day 3 that doesn't hail from South America, showed up wearing a plain gray t-shirt with John Goodman's face on it. Emblazoned in block letters above Goodman's mug is the phrase, "MARK IT ZERO, DUDE".


Team PokerStars Pro "Chris Moneymaker", sung to the tune of "Smooth Operator". Try it. You'll be hooked.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Medellin