LAPT Panama: Americas Cup of Poker gets underway

lapt-promo.gifCaio Pessagno dislocated his shoulder before the cards even hit the felt. That's how intense the Americas Cup of Poker has gotten. The Brazil team leader's shoulder popped out of its socket in midlap of last night's Americas Cup swimming exhibition (yes, swimming exhibition). It's been just a week since Pessagno joined Team PokerStars Online, and he's already playing through an injury (thank the team trainers from keeping him out of the fooseball event and giving him time to recover).


But that was all just for fun. The real action kicked off just a little bit ago as the fourth annual Americas Cup of Poker got underway.

While the LAPT Panama main event plays toward the money, there's national pride and $100,000 in prize money on the line just a few feet away. The two-day competition features teams from all over Latin America competing for the chance to be Americas Cup champions. Today they'll play a six-handed match for points, and then follow that up with a heads-up battle tomorrow. Here are the teams:


Team Brazil


Team Chile


Team Colombia


Team Mexico


Team Peru


Team Venezuela

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Brad Willis
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