LAPT Panama: Man down (pssst, he was the chip leader)

lapt-promo.gifI learned something some years ago about the use of the word "meteoric." I was reminded of it again here today as we watched Day 1 chip leader John Hewitt make a startlingly early departure.

Most folks use "meteoric" to describe the speed and relative brilliance of a person's accomplishment. It's a fair use and in line with most dictionaries' definitions. That understood, a friend once suggested to me that to describe a career or accomplishment in terms of meteors is actually somewhat dismissive and even derogatory. Why? Well, when you gaze upon thine sky and watch a meteor cross the atmosphere, it's there but for a moment--a brilliant, fiery flash, once amazing, but in seconds turned to blackness...nothingness...a void where brilliance once streaked.

No matter how you feel about it, the latter definition suits Day 1 chip leader John Hewitt. His rise to the chip lead late yesterday was meteoric. His flame out in the first two hours of Day 2 was just as much so. Let's just say, he won't need a bag at the end of the day unless he wants to throw up into it.


No mas fiches

Our coverage partners at Codigo poker (reporting on our Latin American blog here), caught the flame out as it happened.

Andres Herrera came in for a raise to 4,300. A player in the cutoff called, but Hewitt three-bet to 15,200. Herrera called, and the cutoff got out of the way. On a flop of 4♦6♦Q♠, Herrera led out for 3,000, but Hewitt made it 20,000 to play. Herrera called. The turn brought the 4♠. Once again, Herrera bet 3,000. This time, Hewitt just called. On the 8♠ river, Herrera led for for 27,000. Hewitt took his time, but eventually moved all in for 75,000 more. Herrera took a long time, but matched the bet.

"Good call," Hewitt said, revealing his 9♣9♦. Herrera's K♣Q♣ was good for the pot, 400,000 chips, and the the tournament lead.

So, there, friends, is your lesson in the english language today. Meteoric may be a compliment when describing the ascent, but for many it comes with a fiery, explosive downside. And so it was for Day 1 chip leader John Hewitt today.

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