LAPT Panama: Moving forward, never back

lapt-promo.gif"A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!"

It's a palindrome, the same backward and forward. Like "race car" or "straw warts" or "senile felines." But this one is about Panama, the story of the day here in the world of Latin American Poker.

If you're here for more than a few minutes, you'll quickly learn Panama is more than a clever palindrome. Now, it's a poker tournament, and a pretty big one. This is the first time in the five-season history of the Latin American Poker Tour that this hub of the region has hosted the popular poker series. Three hundred thirty-eight people put up the $2,500 buy-in today for their chance to become the first LAPT Panama champ. First place will pull in more than $170,000.

Indeed, unlike its palindrome fame, this event is far from the same backward and forward. More than 330 people may have started this event, but only 111 remain tonight. By this time tomorrow, there could be as few as 24. This tournament only moves forward, and its science is to get smaller every day.

As the bagging and tagging begins tonight, we're looking at the equivalent of co-leaders. Costa Rica's John Hewitt just bagged up 155,400. Argentina's Martin Diaz stacked 155,200 at the end of the night.


John Hewitt


Martin Diaz

While those men lead the field, they have an experienced chase pack close behind. LAPT Uruguay champion Alex Komaromi will come back to 140,300. Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez will return with 118,200. American grinder Carter Gill bagged 94,800.


Alex Komaromi


Leo Fernandez


Carter Gill

Play will resume for Day 2 at noon central time on Friday. The tournament is scheduled to play down to 24 players before breaking for Day 3.

Join us back here Friday for more coverage from Panama. Until then, felices sueños.

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