LAPT Panama: New host on pace for final table appearance

lapt-promo.gifThere is something quite important to be said about being the first to a title. It's a distinction that no one can ever take away. This week, there are many firsts still in play. For instance, whoever wins this weekend will be the first ever LAPT Panama champion.

There also stands a chance that the very first LAPT Panama champion could be the first Panamanian champion in LAPT history. Through nearly five full seasons of the tour, Panama has never notched a win.

Today, 15 people are on track to change that. Of the 111 people remaining in the LAPT Panama field, more than ten percent of them are Panamanian. While they have the home field advantage in their favor, they will have to get past some big-stacked players from around the world.

Here are the top ten stacks as we get ready to begin Day 2.

John Hewitt (Costa Rica) 155400
Martin Diaz (Argentina) 155200
Mathew W. Lapossie (Canada) 150100
Andres Herrera (Chile) 136500
Alex Komaromi (Uruguay) 136300
Zhiwei Zhou (Belize) 135100
Carlos Mauricio Ponce Ligorria (Guatemala) 130100
Leonardo Fernandez (Argentina) PokerStars Team Pro 118300
Carlos Alberto Mejia Mora (Colombia) 109600
Darryll Fish (USA) 108600


"The quicker we start, the quicker we see who is gonna win this thing!" tournament director Mike Ward just yelled. "Lot of people sleeping in today. Too many activities last night."

That's our siren's call to get the cards in the air.

Play is scheduled to get down to 24 players tonight. Let's go see how long it takes.

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Brad Willis
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