LAPT Panama: Radio Free Panama

lapt-promo.gifSo, there is an unwritten rule in the world of sports that when someone streaks naked across the field of play, the television cameras turn away. It's a matter of decency and discretion that keeps events in the good graces of the easily offended. Twitter has changed all the rules.

This year, the LAPT's players and fans have entered a world in which a mere hashtag can serve as their key to the worldwide soapbox known as Twitter. As first derided for its banality and look-at-me pseudo-celebrities, Twitter has become a must-do for events around the world. The Latin American Poker Tour is no exception.

On the far side of the tournament room, a six-foot-high television broadcasts the 140-character thoughts of LAPT Panama players and fans. Known affectionately as the Twitter Wall, it's the portal to the quick-hit thoughts from the players in the field and the people following along at home.


Twitter Wall

There was a time not too long ago when this kind of thing just wouldn't fly with the public relations executives of major events. PR folks' main responsibility is maintaining a tight hold on their messaging day-to-day. Twitter, a relatively new phenomenon in the realm of public outreach, is dangerous and pointy. One slip...literally one little typo...can result in corporate ruination.

But Twitter is here to stay. It's more than pictures of people's dinners or check-ins at the beauty parlor. It's a tool for revolutions. It's the fastest way to get breaking news. It's one of the fastest means of communication available to humans today.

So, for the social media-savvy event organizer, the paradigms of old lay in ruins. To communicate to your people today, you need Twitter.

And, hence, the Twitter Wall.

From now until the end of this event, you can keep up with this tournament on this blog and with our live coverage in Spanish. But if you need a little more, and you need it quickly, you can always search the #LAPTPanama hashtag on Twitter.

Like a live sporting event, you'll see the quickest updates there. And like a live sporting event, there's the chance that somebody will streak naked across your television screen. For that, we apologize in advance.

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Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Panama