LAPT Panama: Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez leads final 23

lapt-promo.gifSomeday--mark my words--there will be a Cirque du Soleil built around the face of Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez. It's simultaneously clownish, contorted, and artful. It's all I can do to not imagine it painted in clown-face-white as he rakes pot after pot. The rakish grin, the mussed hair, the shifting ease with which he stacks his chips. It's hilarious, smooth art, and the method by which he amassed a massive chip-leading stack to end the Day 2.

When play began this afternoon, 111 players had a shot at making it to this point. Minutes ago, only 23 remained. Fernandez was responsible for a lot of the carnage. At the end of the night Thursday he looked almost confused--somewhat disturbed, even--at the size of his stack. Though he never said a word, in pure Marcel Marceau fashion, he made it clear that he knew the stack was big, but it should've been bigger.

So, today, he set about making it just that. When play ended moments ago, the man from Argentina bagged up 856,000 in chips, a staggering 190,000 more than his nearest competitor.


Leo Fernandez leads final 23 in LAPT Panama main event

Fernandez has his work cut out for him tomorrow. Sitting two to his left at Table 2 on Saturday will be Patrick Mahoney and his 614,000 third place stack. One table away is Joel Fermin and his 666,000 stack ("I hate that number" he said as he bagged his chips).

Play will resume tomorrow at noon local time, at which point the remaining 23 players will fight down to the final table.

Join us at lunchtime Saturday. Until then, felices sueños.

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