Venezuela wins Americas Cup of Poker

lapt-promo.gifVenezuelan voters will soon decide who they want to lead their nation after one of the most hard-fought presidential elections in that country's recent history. Before that happens however, the entire country can cheer as one for its nation's poker championship.

Late last night, the Venezuelan poker team defeated Team Brazil in the finals of the PokerStars Americas Cup of Poker. Led by the well-known captain Jesus Bertoli, Guillermo Alfonzo Arjona Torres, David Moncada, Orlando Álvarez, and Carlos Luis Pernia won a team prize of $32,500 for their efforts.


Americas Cup champions, Team Venezuela

This was the fourth year for the Americas Cup. After a series of online competitions on PokerStars, six countries advanced to the live finals here in Panama to compete for the $100,000 in prize money. The two day battle pitted the countries against each other in a series of six-max and heads-up games. In the end, Brazil put up a strong fight, but Venezuela emerged with the victory.

Here are the final results for the 2012 Americas Cup of Poker. Congratulations to Team Venezuela.

2012 Americas Cup of Poker final results

1st place: Venezuela ($32,500 -- $6,500 per player)
2nd place: Brasil ($25,000 -- $5,000 per player)
3rd place: Chile ($17,500 -- $3,500 per player)
4th place Peru ($12,500 -- $2,500 per player)
5th place: Mexico ($7,500 -- $1,500 per player)
6th place: Colombia ($5,000 -- $1,000 per player)

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