LAPT Peru: Need for speed

After Level six, players took their ceremonial dinner break.

In a country like Peru, dinner isn't just a break, it's an experience. But despite all the delectable edibles, a few Team PokerStars Pros decided to spend their dinner break indulging their need for speed.

Team PokerStars Pros Christian de Leon and Chris Moneymaker challenged each other to a remote control car race. Initially, the pair was set to race a mini Ferrari against a mini truck. But when the race was about to start, the small truck fell victim to some unknown mechanical failure.


The sweet remote-controlled ride

With only one car, de Leon and Moneymaker took turns racing the same car. The timed course started at the casino entrance, went through the lobby, up the elevator and ended at the final table. Christian de Leon won the flip and went first.

He had a hard time getting started.

de Leon's car was all over the place. If the little car had a little man driving it, the little police would've pulled it over instantly. The charge would be driving while blindfolded, and intoxicated, and steering with your feet. He also didn't use his blinkers.

After a few grueling minutes through the tournament area and finally reaching the final table, de Leon's ordeal was over.

"It's not even going to be close," said Moneymaker. "I got this."

The car was put back at the starting point and Moneymaker took over the remote control. After a smooth start, Moneymaker made his way into the elevator easily. On the second floor, Moneymaker continued to drive with ease while de Leon protested.

Moneymaker car start.jpg

Moneymaker at the starting line

"It's not fair, my elevator stopped on every floor," de Leon said. "His went straight up. Rematch!"

When Moneymaker made it to the tournament area, de Leon jokingly tried to step in front of the car.

"I'll still win," Moneymaker smiled.

Moneymaker finished with ease and both players met with their host.

"I'll take the fact that you're elevator stopped into account," the host said to de Leon. "With that in mind, Moneymaker still wins by a longshot."

"Not fair," de Leon said. "I heard about some side betting going on downstairs. It was rigged."

"I don't mean to gloat," Moneymaker laughed. "But it was never even a challenge. I have kids, I play with toys all the time.

de Leon and money.jpg

Moneymaker's victory speech

"It's a good thing you can play poker though," Moneymaker added. "Because you can't drive to save your life."

Both players hugged and their friendly bout ended.

The car rested peacefully on the tournament floor while de Leon took a picture of it. He'll study its ways, its shape and smells.

Then, next time, he'll give the Moneymaker a run for his money.

Players have now returned from their dinner break for another four levels of play.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in Peru