Free things, education and fame.

Last LAPT stop gave players a chance at momentary stardom on the Twitter Wall. This LAPT is focusing more on the free things and education side of the trio.

First, free things.

PokerStars has set up a futuristic-looking mobile lounge, complete with white sitting cubes. While on the white sitting cubes, you can reach over and grab a flier from the white, rectangular prism flier holders.


The PokerStars Mobile Lounge

While the fliers are in Spanish, a few words transcend most language barriers. PokerStars, Zoom and iPad are all words that most languages can understand. But some knowledge of the Spanish language is necessary to find the link between the three.

Further investigation (reading the flier) reveals that the Mobile Lounge will be hosting a Zoom Challenge from Thursday to Sunday. Each day will feature nine flights of five players.

Each flight will last 12 minutes and, during that time, players will try to accumulate as many chips as they can at the Zoom Fun NLHE 5/10 tables. The player with the most chips out of the nine flights will win a fancy, shiny, curved corner TM iPad. All you have to do is go sign up for the very affordable price of nothing.

Gratis. Totalmente gratis.

Players who miss out on the iPad won't go home empty handed either. Second and third place will receive official LAPT merchandise.

But physical objects are fleeting. Clothing wears away and by this time next year, there may already be five new iterations of the iPad.

Experience, knowledge, education, that lasts forever. Sort of. Well, no one can steal it from you.

I think.

IntelliPoker has set up a booth of its own by the tournament area.

This booth is being manned by Argentinian Pro Emanuel Marso. Here, Marso will be giving a full spectrum of classes aimed at those who've never played online poker to virtual felt veterans.

Tomorrow, at 2:30 pm, Marso will be giving an introductory course to online poker. He'll introduce students to basic poker concepts and all the different types of tournaments players will encounter online.


Emanuel Marso at the IntelliPoker booth

The day after, Marso will give a more advanced class that focuses on strategy. Then, on Saturday and Sunday, Team PokerStars Pros will join Marso and give classes on everything from cash games to MTTs to Sit&Gos.

With PokerStars Team Pro powerhouses like Jose "Nacho" Barbero and Vanessa Selbst around, the classes are worth attending.

After winning an iPad and attending seminars from some of the best players in the world, players might see a return on their $2,500 buy-in even without cashing.

Now that's a deal.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in Peru