LAPT Peru: Sunday driving

The breakneck speed that dominated the first three days of the tournament has slowed down a bit.

We're not sure if everything slows down on Sundays in Peru, but we do know the tournament slowdown is partly due to the low speed limits. We got to the final eight so quickly that stacks are relatively large compared to the blinds.

There are also dangerous curves ahead. A spill here means you're missing out on the $187,300 prize for first. Even taking it slow while other players careen off the tournament road will show a profit.

The final table payout is as follows:

1st - $187,000
2nd - $119,120
3rd - $81,370
4th - $60,400
5th - $46,140
6th - $36,070
7th - $26,840
8th - $20,130

We've already seen one player take a dive off the deep end. But it took more than a whole level. One whole level without an elimination, what madness! It's been the first level of the tournament to see such an oddity.

There were a few all-ins though. One of them saw Jordan Scott taking a large chunk out of Oscar Barriga's stack. Jorge Luis Gonzales Pirela limped from under-the-gun and Jordan Scott raised to 65,000 from the hijack. Barriga called from the big blind and Pirela let his hand go, bringing a 6♠J♦[10d] flop.

Barriga checked and Scott led out for 95,000. Barriga raised to 200,000 and Scott almost moved all in. Scott 3-bet to 487,000, leaving himself with one, T1,000 chip.

Scott has been using the same move all tournament, including in the last hand of Day 2. If he'd gone for the fold, he would've had a massive bag with a lonely chip to start Day 3.


Jordan Scott,noone chip left behind

"I usually put it in after," Scott said. "It's pretty funny if I tank for a bit with just one chip. It's weird too, no one has re-raised me all-in this tournament."

When the 4♦ came on the turn, Scott threw in his last chip and showed J♥[10h] for top-two pair. Barriga showed Q♠K♦ for a flush and straight draw.

But the 4♣ on the river flushed Barriga's draw hopes straight down the gutter. Barriga was down to about 360,000 while Scott doubled up to about 1.6 million.

Then we hit Level 24 and got our first elimination.

Maxence Debar raised to 66,000 and action folded around to Roberto Vahlis. Vahlis moved all-in for 341,000 and Debar called.

Vahlis: A♠Q♥
Debar: A♦K♥

Debar was in the lead, but Vahlis had a louder cheering section.

The crowd chanted for a queen, but the board brought a 3♦7♣2♠ flop instead. The turn was a 5♥ and the crowd chanted for a 4, giving the players a split pot. The river was a 2♦ and Vahlis became our first elimination of the day.


Roberto Vahlis, post bust out, mid handshake

Vahlis shook Debar's hand and went to collect his 8th place prize of $20,130.

"Allez," said Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero, eliciting a smile from Debar.

Debar is now at 1.65 million and our remaining seven players are guaranteed $26,840. We'll see if the speed picks up a bit.



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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in Peru