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Watch TheManM win $126,000 as Brazil stakes its claim to the MicroMillions

This month's MicroMillions festival was another huge success with 1,420,306 entrants getting a shot at $8,823,501 in prizes. That's no surprise, but something that did raise an eyebrow at PokerStars Blog HQ was quite how well the Brazilians performed. The FIFA World Cup is coming up next summer and perhaps inspired by that Brazilians showed great creativity and flair to notch up eight MicroMillions titles. Only Russia, which by far and away puts forward the most players for this micro stakes series, managed to score more titles (12). Brazil's haul...more

MicroMillions III

MicroMillions Main Event winner Aleksandr 'axel397' Malgin on turning arguments into $140,062


On Sunday night 61,072 players entered the MicroMillions Main Event with hopes of turning a modest $22 buy-in into a six-figure score. Some had bought in direct, others had satellited in. In the North-West of Russia, nestled next to where the mouth of Northern Dvina River spills into the White...more

MicroMillions III smashes records in a double frenzy


The MicroMillions III series has come to an end after 11 days of guarantee-busting and ROI-exploding action. An incredible 100 low buy-in events with $5,000,000 in guaranteed action always looked likely to pull in big fields but you really came in your droves. A record-breaking 1,308,994 entries - making it...more

MicroMillions III: axel397 wins the MicroMillions III Main Event


This was it! The big one! After 99 incredible events, the MicroMillions III series today culminated with the $1 million guaranteed Main Event. The chance to win life-changing money. All you needed was $22 and a dream. That dream was realised today by axel397. Hailing from Russia, axel397 started the...more

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MicroMillions II

MicroMillions II: Putting Andre Coimbra to bed


Warm up the milk. Grab the teddy bear. Find a nice Paddington book. It's time to put Team PokerStars Online's Andre Coimbra to bed. He's earned a nice rest. After playing 100 straight tournaments in the PokerStars MicroMillions II festival, Coimbra is putting down his mouse and backing slowly away...more

MicroMillions II: SoyDelGlobo wins Main Event!


This was it. The culmination of ten days of micro-limit madness on the PokerStars tables. We'd already seen 99 players turn pocket change into significant chunks of money. Four and five-figure stacks of cash had been given away to players every day. They were great prizes but we couldn't exactly...more

MicroMillions II: djeepy speeds to victory in Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo)


PokerStars knows how to throw one helluva party. If you've played in a live event on one of Stars' global poker tours, you know what I'm talking about. While the wrap party for the MicroMillions II didn't exactly come with an open bar and all-you-can eat empanadas, there were plenty...more

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MicroMillions I

How I become the MicroMillions Player of Series winner


I am a big fan of all the tournament series on PokerStars. WCOOP, SCOOP and TCOOP have always been big successes and I try my best to get as good results as possible. When I first heard of MicroMillions my first thought was its another great idea but I assumed...more

Marcin Horecki snags MicroMillions Player of Series


I can imagine the scene inside the Abacus Bunker at PokerStars HQ. A frustrated employee stands in front of Abacus Prime counting the colored balls over and over again. "This can't be right!" he exclaims. "No one will believe us!" But again and again, the numbers come out the same....more

MicroMillions: Zabaleta1 wins the Main Event!


Ten days, 100 events, thousands of prize winners, millions of dollars in cash. The PokerStars MicroMillions offered something for everyone and lived up to the hype in every way possible. Could the Main Event possibly match the previous 99 events and cap off a series to remember? You bet it...more

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MicroMillions 6

Huge weekend of action capped off with TheManM's $126k MicroMillions win


The weekend has been a busy one for poker players around the world. The MicroMillions 6 completed its 11-day online festival while both LAPT Uruguay and ANZPT Auckland were crowning new champs, including bad boy Carter Gill who won LAPT Uruguay for $218,692. Carter Gill, LAPT champ The MicroMillions 6...more

MicroMillions 6: TheManM is the comeback kid, scoring $126K in MM6 Main (Event #98: $22 NLHE Main Event)


After 11 days, 100 events, and more than $8 million in prize money awarded, the MicroMillions 6's grand finale took center stage today with the promise of a $1 million guaranteed prize pool and a $150,000 first-place prize. It's remarkable enough that such riches are contested every weekend in the...more

MicroMillions 6: mark_999 rallies to win Sunday Storm Special Edition and Event #97 $11 NL


It was a revolutionary type of day for mark_999. The Canadian advanced to the final table of MicroMillions 6 Event #97, yet he found himself near the back of the pack. mark_999 waited for the perfect moment to peak at the right time. Along the way, he snapped off pocket...more

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MicroMillions 5

MicroMillions 5: stygher strikes it rich, wins Main Event #98, $160K ($22 NLHE)


What a wild week-and-a-half! The fifth installment of PokerStars' popular MicroMillions series has come to a conclusion, once again offering players 100 different opportunities to make a lot out of a little via small buy-in tourneys promising big rewards for the winners. The $22 buy-in Main Event (Event #98) provided...more

MicroMillions 5: vander9279 vanquishes the storm in Event #97 ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm Special Edition)


The weekly storm drew in a big haul today. vander9279 bested a field of 44,465 players in under seven hours and took $35,600.66 for the achievement. While vander9279 took a large chunk out of the $444,650.00 prize pool, there was still plenty to go around. Making the final table guaranteed...more

MicroMillions 5: Canard12 beats final table in 11 minutes in Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo)


Lightning, Bugattis, poker agents, all are incredibly quick and potentially dangerous, but none compare to the speed in Event #100. Blinds last only three-minutes and a field of 10,453 players played down to a champion in just 156 minutes. That included a 30-minute re-buy period where players re-bought 38,722 times...more

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MicroMillions 4

Watch the MicroMillions Main Event final table


The MicroMillions Main Event played out on Sunday capping off the largest ever online poker series with a gargantuan 1,572,760 entries playing. As you can find out here the amount paid out throughout the festival was close to double that guaranteed with $9,588,892.60 paid out across 100 low buy-in tournaments....more

The MicroMillions breaks records (again)


The MicroMillions online series keeps getting bigger and better. This fourth incarnation of the 100-event festival close to doubled its overall guarantee by paying out $9,588,892.60. A total - and astonishing - number of tournament entries clocked in at 1,572,760 making the MicroMillions 4 the most played tournament series ever....more

MicroMillions 4: Ges26 crowned MicroMillions 4 Main Event champion!


This was it. The big one! After 99 incredible events where we've seen countless stories of players turning their tiny investments into four and five figure returns, this was the ultimate rags-to-riches opportunity. This was truly life-changing. This was the MicroMillions 4 Main Event. Tens upon tens of thousands would...more

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