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It's back!
It's back!

BREAKING: PokerStars releases new MicroMillions II schedule

                      Guess what, folks. It's happening again. The PokerStars MicroMillions, the low-buy-in big-payoff series, is back. It's only been a few months since Zabaleta1 won the first MicroMillions main event for $140,000.00. Now PokerStars wants to do it all over again. Just a few minutes ago, this landed in my inbox: the first draft of the next MicroMillions series. While it's subject to change between now and the kickoff on July 12, this is a very close approximation of the next series. The buy-ins start at 11 cents and go up to a lofty $22. Stay tuned for full Player of ...more

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MicroMillions: netting the max, netzroht earns Event #74 victory ($1+R NLO8 3X-Turbo)

MicroMillions Event 74 Final Table (03-23-12)

Despite playing and reporting here for awhile, the mention of a "3X-Turbo" had me diving into the website for some details. 3X-Turbo. Three strikes and yer out! No. Three times the blinds speed? No. But, I stretched out this morning just in case. Three times the fun? Getting warmer....more

MicroMillions: Wil_PipA shoves through Event #72, $3.30 NLHE

Event #72 final table

When the final table of Event #72 started there was a clear chip leader, made 1n U$$R, who sat with 6,475,427, more than double what anyone else held. On the second hand a raise to 200,000 was put in, a call was made and the action arrived on made 1n...more

MicroMillions: NovayaRus' claims first big win in Event #71 $2.20 NLHE with Rebuys

MicroMillions Event #71 Final Table

The micro-stakes rebuy event is a format created by the Gods of Degen. Made from the purest elements known to man, it was crafted together to provide poker players with the most sensual and soothing relaxation therapy possible. It's the ultimate in stress relief. It's a therapy that cannot be...more

MicroMillions: Stunning reversal lands (((FOX)))017 Event #70 title ($4.40 NLHE 4-Max)

Micromillions Event 70 Ft

Life can turn on a dime, or so goes the saying. And tournament lives are fraught with the same unpredictability. Having aces against kings no more guarantees a win than a chip and a chair spells elimination. For much of this evening, this event was dominated by a single player,...more

MicroMillions: mdv1978 wins for Russia in Event 69, $3.30 Triple Stud

Micromillions Event 69 Final Table

If you've ever played a game of HORSE and wished you could just ditch the silly flop games to show off what a skilled poker player you really are, today's MicroMillions event was tailor-made for you. Triple Stud consists of a rotation of three different variations of Seven Card Stud:...more

MicroMillions: bzik2000 is slick enough in Event #68 victory

MicroMillions Event 68 Final Table (03-22-11)

While in Vegas, a gambler can find some big numbers if they have little regards for the odds staring back at them while at the table games. A $10 bet on snake-eyes (two) or boxcars (twelve) at the craps table will return $300 at some casinos (we will overlook the...more

MicroMillions: KidForum Event #66 champ ($8.80 NLHE); Sne1231 biggest cash after 5-way chop

MicroMillions Event #66 final table ($8.80 No-Limit Hold'em)

We're more than 60 events into the MicroMillions' 100-event schedule and there are no signs of any drop off of players interested in trying to turn a little into a lot. Case in point: Event #66 featured an $8.80 buy-in and a $40K guarantee, and a whopping 7,518 joined the...more

MicroMillions: Anadilia comes from behind in Event 67, $1 NLHE (3x-Turbo, Rebuys)

The final table of 2012 MicroMillions Event 67, $1 NLHE (3x-Turbo, Rebuys)

Rabbi, ribeye, rebuy! Those were the calls you used to hear when rebuy tournaments were more popular on the live tournament circuit. Those days are largely over, but rebuy tournaments remain alive and well on PokerStars. 2012 MicroMillions Event 67, $1 NLHE (3x-Turbo, Rebuys) was on tap today to give...more

MicroMillions Event 65: 8csvb8 is great, wins $5,300

2012 Micromillions Event 65 Final Table

Time to go through the MicroMillions checklist before reporting the final table: 1. Small buy-in - $5.50 CHECK 2. Large field - 8,781 entries CHECK 3. Guarantee easily met - $43,905 prize pool, compared to the $25,000 guarantee CHECK 4. Big first place prize compared to buy-in - $6,591.07 CHECK...more

MicroMillions: Moe4379 mows down Event #64 ($2.20 NL Omaha 2R1A)

2012micromillions64-Final Hand

Doing a search for Moe4379 showed that before today his largest cash was for $496. After today it will show a cash for $3,110.35 thanks to a win in Event 64 of the MicroMillions. That addition to his bankroll should help him take some more shots at turning a little...more

MicroMillions: zzzzephyr16 breezes to victory in Event #63, $3.30 NLHE (2x Chance)

MicroMillions event #63 final table

As the final nine players of Event #63 sat down at the final table few seemed to notice the mild breeze blowing from the Czech Republic. zzzzephyr16 started the final table as the shortest stack with little more than 2,000,000 chips, just 12.5 big blinds, but having made it this...more

MicroMillions: Take note of the Russians


Let's first accept a few givens. Russia is big. Russia has a lot of people inside its borders. Russia turns out a lot of good poker players. We know all of that. With those givens stated, it must be said: Wow, Russia is killing the MicroMillions. We're now more than...more

MicroMillions: jagur1 mauls massive field in Event #61 $4.40 NL

MicroMillions Event #61 $4.40 NL Final Table

How many of you woke up with sublime thoughts about winning a poker tournament? Today, 14,587 courageous souls took a plunge into the heart of darkness knowing almost 90% of them would perish before they had a crack at the money. A few thousand would be annihilated in the first...more

MicroMillions: blackmoore lights up Event #62 ($2.20 FL Hold'em 6-Max Turbo)

Micromillions Event 62 Ft

Sometime after 2 am in Bosnia-Herzegovina, blackmoore arrived home after busting out of a live tournament. But rather than fall in to bed with visions of cards flying behind his eyes, he fired up PokerStars to watch them fly across the screen. Blackmoore late registered for Event #62, the MicroMillions'...more

MicroMillions: Viktor4ik777 victorious in Event #59 ($11 NLHE)

MicroMillions Event 59 Final Table

It can be a disadvantage to be unable to understand the chat of other players at the poker table, but the advantage is that there are few distractions. Viktor4ik777 of the Ukraine was undeterred in the late stages of this event's final table by insistences of deal talks or the...more

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