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2013scoop-98-H-finaltable.jpg MicroMillions 5 Event #98 final table ($22 NLHE Main Event)

MicroMillions 5: stygher strikes it rich, wins Main Event #98, $160K ($22 NLHE)

What a wild week-and-a-half! The fifth installment of PokerStars' popular MicroMillions series has come to a conclusion, once again offering players 100 different opportunities to make a lot out of a little via small buy-in tourneys promising big rewards for the winners. The $22 buy-in Main Event (Event #98) provided the most dramatic example of such on Sunday, with stygher of Lithuania managing to top an enormous field to turn that small investment into a $160,726.14 first prize! Small buy-in, big field... enormous prizes The MicroMillions 5 Main Event needed...more

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MicroMillions 5: vander9279 vanquishes the storm in Event #97 ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm Special Edition)


The weekly storm drew in a big haul today. vander9279 bested a field of 44,465 players in under seven hours and took $35,600.66 for the achievement. While vander9279 took a large chunk out of the $444,650.00 prize pool, there was still plenty to go around. Making the final table guaranteed...more

MicroMillions 5: Canard12 beats final table in 11 minutes in Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo)


Lightning, Bugattis, poker agents, all are incredibly quick and potentially dangerous, but none compare to the speed in Event #100. Blinds last only three-minutes and a field of 10,453 players played down to a champion in just 156 minutes. That included a 30-minute re-buy period where players re-bought 38,722 times...more

MicroMillions 5: 96teruyaloco runs hot to win Event #99 ($3.30 NLH Turbo)


MicroMillions Event #99 was the penultimate tournament on a day which provided over $1,000,000 in guarantees for very small buy-ins. There were two events left to run after the Main Event was underway and #99 was quick $3.30 No Limit Hold'em Turbo which doubled its $30,000 guarantee. The tournament attracted...more

MicroMillions 5: joeisi wins Event 96, $3.30+R NL Courchevel Hi/Lo (6-max, 3x-Turbo)

mm5-094 ft hu.jpg

If you're the type of person who likes both to save the best for last and to play poker variants that give you lots of options on every hand, today was the perfect day for you. Event 96 fit the bill in both cases, as it was the only Courchevel...more

MicroMillions 5: wawryn1410 big winner in Event #94 ($5.50 NLHE, 1R1A)


Just as has been the case for the last week-and-a-half, Event #94 of MicroMillions 5 -- a $5.50 no-limit hold'em affair with options for one re-buy and one add-on -- attracted a huge field, this one 14,424 players strong. In the end it would take just over 10 hours for...more

MicroMillions 5: masi1951 comes back big to win Event #93 ($2.20 NLH)


After all the unique and interesting twists added to the MicroMillions schedule sheet, it was nice to see a standard No Limit Hold'em event show it's head on a busy Sunday. A nice crowd of 14,714 players entered the third tournament on the final day of MicroMillions. They created a...more

MicroMillions 5: Good timing helps kersepit win Event 92, $1+R NLHE (3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition)

mm5-092 ft.jpg

The final day of MicroMillions 5 is finally upon us, which means there's a whole lot of money on the line for micro-stakes players today. Most of that will come from the Main Event and a special edition of the Sunday Storm later in the day, but the day got...more

MicroMillions 5: All business for arcmonkey in Event 91 ($5.50 Limit Razz)

MM5 Event 91 final table.png

PokerStars Head of Blogging Brad Willis and I have known each other for close to 10 years. We share some interests, we've shared some poker, and we share some poker interests. We both have an unhealthy fixation with limit razz, the result of which means that Brad often asks me...more

MicroMillions 5: Bokito23 last standing in Event #95, ($2.22 NL Hold'em, Hyper-Turbo, HU)

Just don't look at the lobby -- that's the best advice one could give any of the 16,384 runners who were vying for top prize in the $20,000 guaranteed for Event #95, a HU Hyper-Turbo shootout. A massive 2,048 players got paid, which is to say players who made the...more

MicroMillions 5: Nothing random about ROMDOM82, winner of Event #90 ($1 + R NLHE 3x Turbo)

E90 final.jpg

Sometimes players simply stand out. Something about their game flags up a bag full of talent. They win chips with ease and play as if it means nothing. It's no surprise when they politely turn down a deal and even less of a surprise when they go on to win....more

MicroMillions: chrisifer62 comes back to win Event #88 ($4.40 NLH 6-Max, Action Hour)


MicroMillions 5 Event #88 was another twist to the game brought to by the brilliant behind the scenes. 6-Max Action Hour is a rebuy tournament designed to provide exactly what the name suggests, action. The tournament begins with elevated blind levels during the 60 minute rebuy period to induce players...more

MicroMillions 5: BastiKiefer bests the field in Event #89 ($5.50 NL 5-Card Omaha Hi/Lo)


Event #89 brought some spice to the MicroMillions. For $5.50 a piece, 2,664 players got a shot at a tournament unlike any other in the MicroMillions. It was standard Omaha Hi/Lo rules except that players got five hole cards instead of four. This new variant increases the number of hands...more

MicroMillions 5: kokkie1975 can't lose in Event #86 ($1 NLHE)


The fifth installment of the MicroMillions is in its final stretch. Things are about to peak with the $22 buy-in, $1 million guarantee main event tomorrow, but today was a bit more simple. One dollar, one shot, no-limit hold'em, Event #86. The $1 buy-in event drew 24,239 players, creating a...more

MicroMillions 5: p_soosmar pulls through for the win in Event 84, $8.80 NL Hold'em

mm5-084 ft.jpg

The end of MicroMillions 5 is looming. Tomorrow's $22 MicroMillions Main Event and $11 Sunday Storm Special Edition will have $1.3 million in guaranteed prize money between them, wrapping this series up on a high note. Both are hold'em tournaments, which made today a good day to practice since the...more

MicroMillions 5: Woe to those who crossed paths with blackcat6688 in Event 85 ($2.22+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)

MM5 Event 85 final table.png

Turbo tournaments - wildly popular but damn hard to win. They require a unique strategy, flawless poker, and a healthy dose of that special sauce known as "run-good". It's a mystical combination that blackcat6688 put together today in 2013 MicroMillions 5 Event 85. Go figure, that was unlucky for every...more

MicroMillions: Agent Bear limits damage in Event #87 ($3.30 Limit Hold'em 6-Max Turbo)


It takes a special breed of poker player to enjoy Limit Hold'em and more than 5,000 of them signed up for MicroMillions Event #87 Limit Hold'em 6-Max turbo. While the no limit version is the darling of most players, there are still some out there who possess the skills to...more

MicroMillions 5: Strong finish brings braindeador Event #83 title ($4.40 NLHE, 1R1A)


It's always nice to run hot at a final table, regardless of the tournament. Just ask braindeador who made it all of the way to the end of MicroMillions 5 Event #83 having built a chip lead with nine remaining, then managed to eliminate seven of the last eight opponents...more

MicroMillions 5: It's all EvaggelosB, all the time in Event 82 ($2.20 NLHE)

MM5 Event 82 final table.png

I've been in the poker business for more than five years now. In that time I've seen my small share of dominating final-table performances. It's rare enough to see one player systematically control the other eight and gather all the chips without ever being threatened that when it happens, the...more

MicroMillions 5: YourPrinses takes the crown in Event 81, $5.50 PL Omaha

mm5-081 ft hu.jpg

The next-to-last day of MicroMillions 5 kicked off this morning at 2:00 a.m. ET with Event 81, a $5.50 pot-limit Omaha 6-max tournament. This was the last chance for MicroMillions players to play PLO, as the only other Omaha tournament left on the schedule is Event 89, a no-limit five-card...more

MicroMillions 5: Lhamarion unmoved on way to Event #80 title ($5.50 NLHE)

E80 final.jpg

If there was a blueprint for how a standard MicroMillions event should play out it might look a lot like the final table of Event #80, a $5.50 no-limit hold'em contest. In this blueprint would be an obvious chip leader, short stacks fighting among themselves, a couple of massive swings,...more

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