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andre_coimbra_in_ned.jpg Beddy-bye time!

MicroMillions II: Putting Andre Coimbra to bed

Warm up the milk. Grab the teddy bear. Find a nice Paddington book. It's time to put Team PokerStars Online's Andre Coimbra to bed. He's earned a nice rest. After playing 100 straight tournaments in the PokerStars MicroMillions II festival, Coimbra is putting down his mouse and backing slowly away form the computer. He's desperately short on sleep. He's mildly disappointed with his lack of a big win. The guy could ready use a rest. Now the question must be asked: will Coimbra ever attempt something so crazy again? Well,...more

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MicroMillions II: SoyDelGlobo wins Main Event!


This was it. The culmination of ten days of micro-limit madness on the PokerStars tables. We'd already seen 99 players turn pocket change into significant chunks of money. Four and five-figure stacks of cash had been given away to players every day. They were great prizes but we couldn't exactly...more

MicroMillions II: djeepy speeds to victory in Event #100 ($1+R NLHE Hyper-Turbo)


PokerStars knows how to throw one helluva party. If you've played in a live event on one of Stars' global poker tours, you know what I'm talking about. While the wrap party for the MicroMillions II didn't exactly come with an open bar and all-you-can eat empanadas, there were plenty...more

MicroMillions II: javy28 extinguishes field in Event #99 $3.30 NL Turbo


The word "turbo" has its origins in Latin that roughly means "whirlwind." I couldn't think of a better word to explain the rapid-fire pace of Event #99 $3.30 NL Turbo. The eliminations happened so fast that it was hard to keep track. The money bubble broke in two hours, which...more

MicroMillions II: Jumbo win for jeffezaa in Event #97 ($11 NLHE Sunday Storm Special)

MMII - Event 97.JPG

From the start of the final table, players like Umek3000 and jeffezaa took control and pushed toward the chip lead. Umek3000 got there first, but jeffezaa never took eyes off the prize. By the time the two were heads-up, jeffezaa had a solid lead and finished the job only a...more

MicroMillions II: Zharas deals a win in Event #96 ($3.30+R NLO H/L, 3x-Turbo)


If at first you don't succeed then try, try, try, try again. That is just what the players of Event #96 did as they tried to make a deal four times before finally being able to strike gold after getting down to only two players. With a deal struck it...more

MicroMillions II: phara12 is absolutely fabulous in fantastic Event #94 victory


Poker is a game that offers you up a unique philosophy on life... you never know fate until you see the final card dealt. In MicroMillions Event #94 $5.50 NL 1R1A, Russia's instigator85 appeared to be sailing on a clear path toward winning the tournament. Everything was falling into place,...more

MicroMillions II: Coimbra cooks


This is the final day of MicroMillions II series, and there is probably isn't a soul on earth who is happier about that than Team PokerStars Online's Ande Coimbra. He's literally played every single one of the tournaments so far. That's ninety of them over the past eleven days. And...more

MicroMillions II: Gold medal for Olympia25 in Event #95 ($2.22 NL Hold'em, Heads-Up, Hyper-Turbo)


MicroMillions II was 95% complete before the lone heads-up event finally came up on the calendar. Event #95 was spread as a $2.22 HU Hyper-Turbo, and it attracted a whopping 16,384 players. The prize pool swelled past $35,000, and a player needed to win their first three matches to squeak...more

MicroMillions II: lapochka136 earns quick victory in Event #93 ($2.20 NLHE)


At almost one-tenth of the cost, over sixty thousand players are currently lined up at the $1,000,000 guaranteed MicroMillions II Main Event as of press time the $1.2 million prize pool will award two lucky players with over $100K! Looking at the two big Sunday Majors, the $215 buy-in Sunday...more

MicroMillions II: cuore2010 cuts them down wins event #92 ($1+R NL Hold'em [3x-Turbo, Sunday Spark Special Edition])

micromillions II_event #92_final table screenshot.jpg

With four players left cuore2010 was down to just 8.75 big blinds, despite being dwarfed by the other three players the Romanian staged a remarkable rags to riches victory to take down event #92 for $8,708.44. A mammoth 15,245 players entered this event, 61,304 re-buys and 6,479 add-ons swelled the...more

Micro Millions II: quarltje gets the broker's commission in Event 91

MM2 Event 91 final table.jpg

Nobody can argue that there aren't a lot of NLHE events on the MicroMillions II schedule. Yet every day, there are one or two events that players can enter for less than $5 that aren't NLHE. It's a way to get a taste for some of the other variants of...more

MicroMillions II: yoyo149906 races to victory in marathon-like Event #88


Every once in a while, an online poker tournament mirrors a marathon because you never know when it's going to end. In this instance, Event #88 was a 16-hour slugout. The final table lasted so long that when the tournament reached its fifteenth hour, the final four players instantly agreed...more

MicroMillions II: carlinhos61 goes all the way in Event #90 ($1+R NLHE 3xTurbo)


MicroMillions II Event #90 was the $1 No Limit Holdem Rebuy 3xTurbo Event which attracted a massive 9,326 entries. Throw in an incredible 49,582 rebuys and 4,779 add-ons and we had ourselves a staggering prize pool of $57,855.17 to exceed the guarantee. For a $1 entry fee, players had the...more

MicroMillions II: Bigmath14 wins big in Event #89 ($5.50 FL Omaha H/L)

MMII - Event 89.JPG

Sometimes, the underdog waits for his moment and grabs glory at the last minute. Bigmath14 was that player, competing on a fairly low stack during much of the final table action and saving momentum for the final levels of the night. Climbing during three-handed play, bigmath14 then did the same...more

MicroMillions II: 2aces55 diffuses Bombjacker, wins Event #86 ($1 NLHE)


Buy the ticket, take the ride. Turn $1 into $2,200. The MicroMillions II is in its home stretch and 25,016 players flocked to the virtual felt this afternoon hoping to do just that. Together, they created a $22,764.56 prize pool and 3,150 players earned a share of it, with first...more

MicroMillions II: Germany goes one-two; egoner1 claims Event #85 ($2.22+R, 3x-Turbo)


Germany has been doing some good work in the last 10 days. The MicroMillions II has had its fair share of winners from the land of Albert Einsten and knackwurst -- among other things, of course. We're too pressed for time to click back through 85 event lobbies right now,...more

MicroMillions II: valirar888 roars to victory in Event #84 ($8.80 NLHE)


Under one hour someone tonight went from being assured $616.59 to $8,612.40 after tonight's MicroMillions II Event #84 $8.80 buy-in NLHE tournament got through the final nine before most cubical workers start glancing at the clock for quitting time. An eight thousand dollar differences between ninth place and the chopped...more

MicroMillions II: Lights out for Nighty180 in Event #87 ($3.30 FL Hold'em 6-Max, Turbo)


This could have been a very different headline. Rather than a story about an average stack working his way up to the chip lead and closing out a victory, it could have been one about how the winner ended up taking home less than third-place money. When it comes to...more

MicroMillions II: satrailes3 wins one for the UK in Event #83 ($4.40 1R1A NLHE)


Two bullets, that is what you have. Do you take both shots at once, or do you hold on to one just in case you need it? That is what the players had to decide when registering for Event No. 83. Wether satriales3 fired both shots to start the tourney...more

MicroMillions II: Coimbra's girlfriend gets to vent


Oh, boy. It had to happen eventually didn't it? Andre Coimbra's girlfriend is just about to snap. And, heck, why wouldn't she? You try living with a guy who is barely sleeping, playing poker all day and night, and making huge messes at 5am. Seriously, try it, and see if...more

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