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axel_winner.jpg Aleksandr 'axel397' Malgin, winner of the MicroMillions Main Event

MicroMillions Main Event winner Aleksandr 'axel397' Malgin on turning arguments into $140,062

On Sunday night 61,072 players entered the MicroMillions Main Event with hopes of turning a modest $22 buy-in into a six-figure score. Some had bought in direct, others had satellited in. In the North-West of Russia, nestled next to where the mouth of Northern Dvina River spills into the White Sea, sits Arkhangelsk. Among its 350,000 residents - little more than five times the number of people that were playing the Main Event - one player, 28-year-old Aleksandr 'axel397' Malgin, had decided to buy-in direct. A former casino dealer and...more

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MicroMillions III smashes records in a double frenzy


The MicroMillions III series has come to an end after 11 days of guarantee-busting and ROI-exploding action. An incredible 100 low buy-in events with $5,000,000 in guaranteed action always looked likely to pull in big fields but you really came in your droves. A record-breaking 1,308,994 entries - making it...more

MicroMillions III: axel397 wins the MicroMillions III Main Event


This was it! The big one! After 99 incredible events, the MicroMillions III series today culminated with the $1 million guaranteed Main Event. The chance to win life-changing money. All you needed was $22 and a dream. That dream was realised today by axel397. Hailing from Russia, axel397 started the...more

MicroMillions III: xenayaro77 ships Event #97 ($11 NLHE, Sunday Storm Special Edition)


With the MicroMillions III running Event #97 became a special edition of the Sunday Storm. With 45,928 players shelling out $11 to enter this event it had the third largest field of the series, behind only Event #1 and the Main Event. After taking on the initial chip leader and...more

MicroMillions III: It's flashdisastr in a flash, Event #100 champ ($1+R NLHE hyper-turbo)


While Event #98 -- the $22 buy-in Main Event -- was grabbing headlines on this final day of MicroMillions III, many players were especially looking forward to the real finale, Event #100, the $1 buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney with re-buys played in a "hyper-turbo" format (i.e. 3-minute levels). Among that...more

MicroMillions III: A win for finnster123 in Event #99 ($3.30 NLHE Turbo)


Ninenty-nine tournaments of poker are done, ninety-nine tournaments are done. Event #99 has just ended and the third MicroMillions is soon to be concluded. While the Main Event was going on, 21,151 players were playing in a $3.30 NLHE turbo with a $63,453 prize pool. While 2,700 players would get...more

MicroMillions III: Second time's the charm for lo-fi dream in Event 94 ($5.50 NLHE, 1R1A)

MM III Event 94 final table.jpg

Nobody has won two events yet during MicroMillions III, but there are a handful who have had two chances to do so. Membership in that club grew by one today when lo-fi dream, who made the final table of Event 37, advanced to the last nine today in Event 94....more

MicroMillions III: Big fun, $14K for woltomierz, Event #96 champ ($3.30+R NLO 6-max. 3x-turbo)


Omaha. Haha. All who've tried the no-limit variety of Omaha know how wacky the game can be. The myriad of possibilities afforded by four hole cards can lead to all sorts of crazy consequences, especially when the chips all go in before the flop. Make the game Hi/Lo, short-handed (6-max.),...more

MicroMillions III: Denman98 dominates Event 95 ($2.22 NLHE HU Hyper-Turbo)

MMIII FT - Event 95.JPG

For a hyper-turbo tournament, aggression is key. Denman98 knew how to use that aggression and dominated the last few matches. The final heads-up battle against Jaxx_is_back was cut short because Denman98 dominated and continued to put Jaxx_is_back to the test. And Denman98 had the cards and the timing to grab...more

MicroMillions III: hairywally1 has won Event #93 ($2.20 NLHE)


We're here, the final day of the madness known as the MicroMillions. One of the events on the final Sunday of the series was Event #93, the $2.20 NLHE. There was a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000 but it -- of course -- was crushed by players. A total of...more

MicroMillions III: Blind&Crazy proves to be neither in Event 92 ($1+R Sunday Spark Special Edition)

MM III Event 92 final table.jpg

Just like the MicroMillions has proven to be a huge hit among PokerStars players since its inception, the Sunday Spark has proven to be a popular tournament since it was added to the weekly schedule this summer. With a $1 entry and 90 minutes of unlimited rebuys for another dollar...more

MicroMillions III: PowerfulNutz the Razz master in Event #91 ($4.40 Razz)

Razz is a game that tests everyone's patience. High cards are bad and pairs, well they just suck. There's no all-in button. There's no escape. It's a game that can send you crazy. But sometimes that patience is rewarded, and the cards start to fall your way to make it...more

MicroMillions III: eatyourstac devours Event #90 field ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)


Today's $1 turbo rebuy event ended with a first. Until tonight, the MicroMillions was devoid of Icelandic winners, but eatyourstac changed that, plowing through this final table like a Vegas buffet to top an 8,204-strong field in Event #90. The aforementioned 8,204 players made 39,486 rebuys and 4,009 add-ons to...more

MicroMillions III: brink88 scoops Event #89 ($5.50 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)


The best hand doesn't always win, in some games it scoops. Event #89 deviated from the hold-em madness and gave players a dose of FL Omaha Hi/Lo. With a $5.50 buy-in, PokerStars guaranteed a $10,000 prize pool. The guarantee was beat when 2,626 players signed up to create a pool...more

MicroMillions III: baterflay flays them in Event #88 ($4.40+R NLHE 6-Max)


The MicroMillions III has given away millions of dollars in cash prizes over the last ten days, but only a few events have seen players turn their tiny entry fee into five-figure returns. Sure, four figures is nice, but five figures is starting to get into some serious money that...more

MicroMillions III: dooooooonk is the one dollar dazzler in Event #86 ($1 NLHE)


A dollar doesn't buy you a lot these days. An ice cream? Nope. The newspaper? Nup. How about a bottle of water? Haha no. What it does buy you though, is entry into MicroMillions III Event #86. Unfortunately if you're reading this with your last shiny dollar coin in hand,...more

MicroMillions III: Foxy_Donkey outfoxes herd and wins Event #84 $8.80 NL


The chip lead at the final table was a cursed hot potato; tragedy struck whomever held it. Foxy_Donkey avoided the dreaded curse until it got heads-up against nonii17. At that point someone head to break the haunting vex. Foxy_Donkey picked the perfect time to embark on a heater and won...more

MicroMillions III: X marks the win for xXkRossXx in Event #87 ($3.30 Limit Hold Em' 6-max)


Speed is not usually the first thing that pops into the minds of poker players when the discussion of Limit Hold Em' comes up. Fixed betting and long stacks growing or dying just one bet at a time does not have the same skill set or instant excitement appeal as...more

MicroMillions III: Souler777 crushes Event 85 ($2.22+R NLHE Turbo Saturday Splash)

MMIII FT - Event 85.JPG

Souler777 came to the final table of Event 85 with a medium stack. After taking a hit from Romanov59, Souler777 doubled back to stay in action, and eliminating sergei167 helped increase that stack. Pure aggression after a three-way deal put Souler777 face-to-face with Romanov59 in heads-up play, and the double-up...more

MicroMillions III: Five-figure first prize for Kuzma258 in Event #83 ($4.40+R NLHE 1R1A)


While our not-so-little MicroMillions world looks ahead to tomorrow's big MM III Main Event -- the $22 buy-in, $1 million guaranteed Event #98 for which more than 6,000 players have registered a full 24 hours before it begins -- there's plenty more MicroMillions mania happening between now and then, including...more

MicroMillions III: Kovtun 778 wins Event #82 ($2.20 NLHE)


As the MicroMillions III enters its final weekend, Russia continues to dominate the series in every statistical category, including entrants, money won, and cashes. 117 Russians have made final tables, more than twice that of second-place Germany, and that count was boosted by two tonight. Russians went one-two in Event...more

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