BREAKING: NAPT Los Angeles to host Bounty Shootout on ESPN2

napt-thumb.jpgThis just in from the North American Poker Tour Headquarters (which this week is set up in the City of Angels):

In addition to what is sure to be a packed $5,000 Main Event at NAPT Los Angeles, the NAPT will now be hosting a $5,250 Bounty Shootout.

Known within the NAPT simply as the BSO, the shootout event will happen at the Crystal Casino in LA on November 16 and 18. The NAPT is expecting ESPN2 cameras on scene for both days. The show should air in December of this year.


If you're not familiar with the BSO format, it's simple: The event will host up to 81 players, each of which has a bounty on his or her head. Eliminate a player, and you'll get his bounty. Win your table and you'll be on to the final table.

With the cap sitting at 81, you'd best get registered early. You can learn all about it by emailing or

For up-to-date information on the events, registration process and schedules, check out posted on the NAPT LA information page.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in North American Poker Tour