NAPT heads east to Mohegan Sun

napt-thumb.jpgIt's easy to get lost driving around the back roads of southeast Connecticut. The country lanes along the Thames River are spotted with enough bucolic little towns and pastoral prints that the eyes generally stop looking for road signs. It seems every little cottage and every pasture is surrounded by four-foot rock walls. It can all start to look the same in a very beautiful and peaceful way.

While it's easy to get lost, you can't stray too far here without falling into the Long Island Sound, or, as happened to me today, Mystic Pizza (come on, I'm going to come all this way and not have a slice of heaven?). No matter how full or turned around I got, there was no real way to truly blind myself with the brilliance of a little New England movie set.

Why? Because on the horizon rose one of the biggest testaments to casino gaming built in this part of the world: Mohegan Sun.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_Venue Images_JoeGiron_IJ79997.jpg

We are here for the third stop on the North American Poker Tour. After successful runs at the PCA and Las Vegas' Venetian, the NAPT has moved east to the beautiful countryside of Uncasville, Connecticut, home to the Mohegan Tribe and the Mohegan Sun casino.

When poker players travel to a tournament, it's usually to destination locations like the Bahamas, Las Vegas, or Atlantic City. When a poker player travels to the NAPT Mohegan Sun, the hotel and casino are the destination, and there is no question why.

The Mohegan Tribe is a sovereign, federally recognized Indian nation. Among the earlier clans of the Delaware Tribe was a group known as the Wolf clan. That group migrated from upstate New York to Connecticut where it became known as the Mohegan Tribe. In 1994, the Tribe received formal federal recognition. It now boasts more than 1,800 members. Moreover, the Tribe owns the Mohegan Sun.

The Mohegan Sun has more than 300,000 square feet of gaming space, a 20,000 square-foot spa, and 130,000 square feet of some of the best shopping around. This place has already been hosting a ton of preliminary events and is now set to play home to the $5,000 NAPT Mohegan Sun Main Event and the $25,000 High Roller Bounty Shootout.

The PokerStars Blog team has come from all corners to bring you live coverage over the next eight days of poker. Howard Swains, Change100, Joe Giron, Alex Villegas, and I will all be here live blogging the action until our fingers fall off or the last river falls (whichever comes first, of course).

Join us here starting at noon ET for all the action that's fit to blog (and maybe some really naughty behind-the-scenes stuff if we can slip it past the editors).

Good luck to all the players. We're just going to assume whoever wins will get us a slice of pie from Mystic Pizza* when it's all said and done.

*Note: There will be some people playing in this week's event who were not yet born when the late 80s romantic dramedy "Mystic Pizza" hit the screens. Hence, as it shows our age and proclivity toward Julia Roberts references, this will probably be the last time we bring it up. We'd hate to embarrass ourselves (further).