NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: Levels 1&2 updates (500-1,000-100)

napt-thumb.jpg4.25pm: Break time
That's the end of the level and we'll now take a 15-minute break. Back with full counts soon.

4.20pm: Young bluffs through three
Mohsin Charania got things started, raising to 2,300 from under-the-gun. Kevin MacPhee called from the hijack and Justin Young called on the button. Michael Mizrachi also took a peek from the big blind, and so it was four of them to the flop of 7♣9♦7♦. They all checked. The 9♠ turned, and they all checked that too, then the 8♣ rivered.

It was checked to MacPhee, who bet 4,200. Young clearly didn't believe that, and raised to 11,700, which earned snap-folds from all, including MacPhee. Young tabled Q♣[10s] for queen high.


Bluffing's Justin Young

4.15pm: Deeb follows Obrestad
Action is still pretty muted here as Mizrachi looks to bounce back from his big loss against Baldwin, and no one else seems to want to get involved. Still, there's always the bounty dealer button game to keep us engaged. After an orbit in the company of Annette Obrestad's face, Shaun Deeb is now in play.

4pm: Young gets some from Baldwin
Eric Baldwin is now sitting with the monster stack, and peeled off 2,500 to raise from the hijack. Kevin MacPhee, one seat to his left, called and that also persuaded Justin Young in from the small blind. The flop came A♠K♥A♥, which they all checked, and then Young led 4,000 at the 9♣ turn. Only Baldwin called. The river was the 3♥ and YOung checked. Baldwin thought for a while, before checking back. Young said: "King." He tabled K♣[10c]. "You were never folding that?" said Baldwin, questioning whether he could have stolen the pot with a bet on the end. Young made it clear he would not have folded.

3:55pm: Line drive for Basebaldy, Mizrachi ground down
Michael Mizrachi opened the pot for 2,700, Eric Baldwin reraised to 8,000 and the Grinder made the call. Mizrachi check-called Baldwin's bet on the A♠J♠9♣ flop, then checked again when the 2♥ hit the turn. Baldwin bet 22,000 and Mizrachi pulled the trigger, moving all-in for 95,500. Baldwin made the call, turning over two red aces for top set to Mizrachi's K♠7♠ for the nut flush draw. Mizrachi needed a spade that did not pair the board but missed when the 4♥ fell on the river. He was left with about 25,000 in chips while Baldwin scored a huge double-up.


A delighted Eric Baldwin doubles up

3.45pm: Mizrachi loses small pot, wins bigger one
Kevin MacPhee opened to 2,500 and Michael Mizrachi called from the big blind. The flop was A♣9♥4♠, which they both checked, and then they also checked the 4♦ turn. The 5♠ came on the river and Mizrachi check-folded to MacPhee's 3,000 bet.

The very next hand, Tom Marchese opened to 2,500 and Mizrachi called in the small blind. The two of them saw a K♠4♦9♦ flop and after Mizrachi checked, Marchese bet 4,000. Call. The turn was 6♥ and after Mizrachi checked, Marchese bet 11,600.

Mizrachi was having none of that, making it an additional 25,000 to go. Marchese folded.


Tom Marchese at final table of Bounty Shootout in Los Angeles

3:37pm: Just a friendly game
These days, it's almost impossible to find a player drinking a beer at a major final table (unless that table is inhabited by a guy with a name that rhymes with Dotty Spin). Today is different. Two players at today's final table have decided to imbibe a little while playing for more than $100,000. Tom Marchese is drinking a Blue Moon. Kevin MacPhee is about halfway through a bottle of Corona.

3:37pm: When I'm called off, I got a sawed off
Eric Baldwin opened for 2,500 and got a single caller in Kevin MacPhee from the cutoff. Baldwin checked the K♥7♦6♣ flop, MacPhee bet 3,500, and Baldwin called. The 2♠ on the turn brought checks from both players. The river fell the J♠ and Baldwin checked a third time. MacPhee put out 11,000 in chips and Baldwin made the call.

MacPhee tabled K♣J♦ for top two pair and raked in the 36,400 pot as Baldwin mucked.

3.30pm: Scott Montgomery in play
The bounty chip bearing the visage of Scott Montgomery is now making its way around the table as the stand-in dealer button.

3.25pm: Approximate counts
We've now moved into level two of the final table, with blinds of 500-1,000 (100 ante). We've got some approximate counts here, but they're very approximate so don't get too excited. A full and official count will come at the break at the end of level two.

Justin Young 130,000
David Williams 140,000
Michael Mizrachi 112,000
Mohsin Charania 80,000
Clint Coffee 86,000
Pat Pezzin 82,000
Eric Baldwin 141,000
Kevin MacPhee 47,000


3:22pm: In memory of Nacho
One of the most popular changes to the Bounty Shootout format was 441 Production's ideas to add the concept of "scalps." That is, when one player busts another, he also earns that player's bounty chip (which is, in fact, a large PokerStars dealer button with his face stuck on the front). A few minutes ago, we noticed that the dealer had started using a button with Nacho Barbero's face on the front. When queried, the players admitted making the change. They're picking out their favorite players and putting them back in action for a trip around the table.

3.25pm: Filth comes good for Williams
David Williams has just taken a big-ish pot from Pat Pezzin with a mighty 9♦6♠ starting hand. Williams opened to 2,200 with that and Pezzin raised to 6,400 from the small blind. Williams called. The flop was 8♦9♥5♠ and Pezzin led for 8,000. Williams, who had now flopped top pair, called.

The turn was 5♣ and Pezzin bet 16,000. Williams called. And after they both checked the 3♣ river, Pezzin said: "Ace high." Williams tabled that monster and won.

3:18pm: Young catches Mizrachi's bluff
Following an opening raise to 2,000 from Kevin MacPhee, Justin Young flat-called and Michael Mizrachi three-bet to 6,300. MacPhee folded and Young came along to see a J♥6♠5♣ flop. Young check-called Mizrachi's 5,000 bet, then checked again when the K♣ came on the turn. Mizrachi checked behind. The river was the 4♠ and Young checked a third time. Mizrachi bet 15,100 and Young looked him up, his 7♥7♣ enough to take down the nearly 57,000 pot.

3:14pm: Coffee talk
Here at the PokerStars Blog, we aim to provide comprehensive coverage of final tables as they happen. A recent conversation among the members of Team Blog should offer you some insight as to how we work. We first took note of Michael Mizrachi's celebrity earning him the right to order coffee from the local tournament director. The locals fell over themselves to make sure Mizrachi's java was perfect (two cream, two sugar, in case you were wondering). What Howard Swains found perhaps more interesting is that there is actually a man named Coffee at the final table, but he was NOT the man ordering the coffee. "But," Swains exclaimed, "Mizrachi IS The Grinder!" This is what you get from the PokerStars Blog, folks.


Clint Coffee. Without a drink

3:10pm: No diamonds
Pat Pezzin, who has been one of the quieter players so far, opened in early position to 2,000. Justin Young, who has also kept largely out of the early skirmishes, called on the button and Michael Mizrachi, who has been the most active, called from the big blind. The three of them saw an all diamond flop: K♦6♦7♦ and they all checked. The turn was Q♦, which they all checked again, and then the river was 8♣. Mizrachi led for 2,200 and both Pezzin and Young folded what we can assume to be diamond-less hands.

3:04pm: River card boosts Baldwin
Moshin Charania opened for 2,000 and Eric Baldwin made the call from the button. Both players checked the 5♥5♠5♥ flop. The turn came the 7♥ and Charania tested the waters with a 3,000 bet. Baldwin made the call. When the K♣ hit the river, Charania checked, Baldwin bet 9,400 and Charania looked him up. Baldwin showed K♥J♣ for the win and added another 16,500 to his stack.

2:56pm: Mizrachi chaps Charania
Justin Young came in for 2,000 and faced an immediate three-bet from Mizrachi. The only thing quicker was Mohsin Charania's four-bet to 12,000. Young got out of the way, but Mizrachi called. On a flop of K♠4♦8♥, Mizrachi checked, Charania bet 16,5000 an Mizrachi called. Both men checked the J♥ on the turn. When the 9♥ came on the river, Mizrachi paused briefly before betting 30,000. Charania insta-muckd and Mizrachi picked up the biggest pot of the final table so far.


2:48pm: Charania takes two in a row
Moshin Charania raised to 2,000 and got three callers-- Tom Marchese on the button, Justin Young from the small blind and David Williams in the big. The action checked to Charania on the K♠8♥7♥ flop. He made a 5,100 continuation bet and only Williams called. When the A♣ hit the turn, Williams check-folded to Charania's 5,100 bet.

Charania opened the next hand for 2,000 and got three callers again in Young, Williams and Mizrachi. The flop came down K♥9♥2♣ and Charania bet 5,000. Williams and Mizrachi folded and Young looked him up. Both players checked the 9♠ on the turn. The river fell the A♦ and Young folded to Charania's 13,000 bet.

2.30pm: Mizrachi masters MacPhee; Baldwin scalds Coffee
Kevin MacPhee opened to 2,000 from early position and Michael Mizrachi was the lone caller, from the cut off. The flop came 6♠[10d]A♦ and MacPhee continued, betting 2,600. Mizrachi raised, making it 7,600 and MacPhee called. The K♥ turned, which they both checked, going to a river of 4♣. MacPhee check-folded to Mizrachi's small bet on the end.

The next hand started in almost the same fashion, with MacPhee opening to 2,000 from under-the-gun and Mizrachi calling from the hijack. These two would quickly become peripheral figures, though, as Clint Coffee called on the button, which persuaded Eric Baldwin in from the small blind.

So, four to a flop of 2♣6♥K♥, which was checked four times. The K♣ turned and Baldwin led for 5,200. MacPhee and Mizrachi folded, but Coffee, on the button, raised to 17,000. Baldwin called.

The 7♠ rivered and both players checked. Baldwin tabled K♦J♦ and Coffee mucked.

2:25pm: The NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout final table


Back: David Williams, Justin Young, Tom Marchese, Kevin Macphee -- Front: Michael Mizrachi; Mohsin Charania, Clint Coffee, Pat Pezzin, Eric Baldwin

2:20pm: Young strikes first
On the first deal, the action folded around to Justin Young on the button. He made it 2,000 to go and David Williams called from the small blind. Williams check-called Young's 2,800 continuation bet on the J♦8♠5♦ flop. Both players checked the J♣ on the turn. When the A♠ hit the river, Williams check-called another 6,600 from Young, who showed A♦T♦ to take it down with two pair.

2.15pm: Waiting for Williams
Hello again. Play was due to begin here at 2pm, but David Williams is stuck somewhere on the freeway, so it's slightly delayed. Ah, and just as I type that he shows up, so it won't be long now.

We'll be playing one-hour levels, with blinds starting at 400-800 and a 100 ante.

Players are seated and they're getting a lecture from the tournament directors about what they can and can't do. They're paying about as much attention to that as most kids do when a teacher stands at the front of a bus and tells them about rules for a school outing. They couldn't care less.

Anyway, photographs are now done and we'll be off any minute.