NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: Levels 3&4 updates (600-1,200-200)

napt-thumb.jpg6:46pm: Break time
The players are now on an hour-long dinner break.

6:43pm: Jaka-Jaka on the button
The players have now chosen to put the Faraz Jaka bounty button in play.

6.30pm: Pat Pezzin out in seventh; Mohsin Charania claims bounty
And just like that, another one is down. Mohsin Charania raised to 3,300 and Pat Pezzin shoved from the button, simply tossing his bounty chip into the middle to represent the shove. It was for 21,600 total and Charania called without too much ado.

Charania: 6♦6♥
Pezzin: A♣J♥

Pezzin had lost with a pocket pair to Mizrachi's ace-jack a few hands before, but this time it was the pair that flopped great. The first three cards out the deck were 6♠8♥8♣ and Pezzin's chances were looking grim.

The 2♥ on the turn ended it. And the 7♥ river was irrelevant. Pezzin leaves with his $20,000 for winning his first round table, plus $2,000 for knocking out Phil Laak and Brett Richey.

Charania, on the other hand, now has five bounty chips and is leading the race for the PCA Bounty Shootout seat, which will go to the player who collects the most.


So long, Pat

6.25pm: Michael Mizrachi out in eighth, Justin Young claims bounty scalp
Well, the grind is over. Justin Young has just picked off Michael Mizrachi to claim his fourth bounty chip and tie the lead in the bounty race.

Tom Marchese again started things, raising to 3,400 from early positon. Young re-raised to 10,100 and Mizrachi shoved from the small blind. Marchese folded, but Young seemed interested and asked for a count.

He was told it was an additional 35,400, "plus a bounty" added Mizrachi. That swung it; Young called - and was ahead.

Mizrachi: 5♥5♠
Young: [10h][10c]

The larger pair held all the way through a board of 7♣3♠K♦6♣9♥. And with that, Mizrachi is gone. "Well, you can't win them all," said Lily Mizrachi watching from the stands.

True. But Justin Young now has four bounties and a big stack and is looking very accomplished indeed.

The new dealer button is, of course, the one bearing the face of Mizrachi.


6.10pm: Mizrachi doubles, leaves Pezzin short
They don't call him the Grinder for nothing. Michael Mizrachi has doubled himself up to about 50,000 after winning a race against Pat Pezzin. Tom Marchese got this one started, raising to 3,600. Mizrachi shoved from the button and Mohsin Charania asked for a count from the small blind. He was told it was 22,200, which was too rich for him. But Pezzin, in the big blind, moved all in over the top. Marchese folded.

"Goodbye Grinder," said David Williams, expecting to see either aces or kings from Pezzin. But the pair wasn't that big. Pezzin tabled [10d][10s] and Mizrachi's A♠J♦ was live.

The flop swung it to Mizrachi - it came 6♣7♣J♣ - and the 7♦3♣ changed nothing. Mizrachi is back and it's Pezzin who is short, with less than 20,000.


The Grinder on the grind


Pezzin, ground down

6:07pm: Bounty button update
It was the Grinder's turn to pick the bounty button. It was a battle between Vanessa Rousso and Shannon Shorr. Shorr got the nod.

6:05pm: "Board" "Boat"
Michael Mizrachi limped in from the small blind and Mohsin Charania checked his option. Both players checked down the entire board: 4♠7♦9♣ A♦ 4♣. Charania announced he was playing the board (he had a deuce and three in his hand). Mizrachi just smiled and showed fours full of sevens.

5:30pm: Kevin MacPhee eliminated in ninth place
Kevin MacPhee opened for 2,700, Justin Young flat-called and Clint Coffee tossed in a three-bet to 10,100. With the action back on MacPhee, he four-bet to 24,700, getting a fold from Young. Coffee moved all-in for 79,000 and MacPhee called all-in, Coffee having him slightly covered.

MacPhee had Coffee dominated with A♠K♥ to his opponent's K♣7♣, but Coffee hit a stroke of luck and paired his kicker on the 9♣8♥7♦ flop. MacPhee got no help from the Q♠ on the turn and the 9♠ on the river and exited the stage in ninth place. He takes home $20,000 for his Round 1 win and an additional $3,000 in bounties, while Coffee is up to 161,600.

As a tribute, the table is now using MacPhee's bounty chip as the dealer button.


Kevin MacPhee on his way out

5:19pm: Pezzin gets saucy with the three-bet
David Williams limped in for 1,200, Moshin Charania limped in behind him and Clint Coffee put in a raise to 5,500. With the action on Pat Pezzin (who has been playing rather snug in this session), he reraised to 16,000, a move that got folds around the table. Ship it to Canada.

5:15pm: Richey v. Laak for the button honors
When the Chad Brown button finished its orbit, it was up to Pat Pezzin to decide which bounty button would take the next trip around the table. He polled the table. It was heads up between Brett Richey and Phil Laak. Laak won in a landslide

5.05pm: Williams gets back at MacPhee
Kevin MacPhee opened to 2,700 from mid-position and David Williams called in the cut off. It was only those two to a flop of [10c]7♥Q♥ and MacPhee stabbed 3,600 at it. Williams calmly called. The turn was 5♦ and MacPhee bet 8,200, which Williams called again. The Q♠ rivered and MacPhee slowed down. His check was greeted with a bet of 16,500 from Williams, and MacPhee got out of it.

On the hand prior to that, Williams had raised his button and Michael Mizrachi shoved from the small blind, showing pocket fives when everyone declined to give him a spin.

4.55pm: Blinds go at it
After Justin Young limped from under-the-gun, it was folded all the way around to Kevin MacPhee in the small blind. He opted to put in the minimum too, completing Tom Marchese's big blind. Marchese checked.

The three of them saw a flop of J♣3♥2♣ and MacPhee checked. Marchese bet 3,000 and Young got out the way. But MacPhee called. The turn was Q♥ and MacPhee checked again. Marchese bet 5,200, which MacPhee called.

The river was K♣ and the pattern went through one more iteration. MacPhee checked, Marchese bet 10,300 and MacPhee called. Marchese tabled 8♦2♠, which was beaten by MacPhee's J♦9♥.


Kevin MacPhee

4:53pm: Welcome to the game, Downtown!
After an orbit or so with the Shaun Deeb bounty button, the players have now opted to put Downtown Chad Brown in play. He'll be making his trip around the sun.

4:50pm: Baldwin picks off Williams
Kevin MacPhee opened for 2,700 and got calls from David Williams and Eric Baldwin. On a 4♥5♠6♥ flop, Baldwin and MacPhee checked to Williams who bet 5,200. Baldwin made the call and MacPhee got out of the way. Baldwin check-called Williams 13,500 bet on the T♥ turn. The 6♦ river drew checks from both players. Baldwin announced, "Five" and turned over 5♥7♣ for the win.


David Williams, annoyed

4.40pm: Back to it
Here we go in level three. We haven't lost any players yet, but Michael Mizrachi is looking a touch short-stacked. Eric Baldwin, who is chiefly responsible for Mizrachi's malaise, is leading the way by some distance.

Here are the full counts:

Seat one: Justin Young - 154,600
Seat two: David Williams - 138,100
Seat three: Michael Mizrachi - 20,300
Seat four: Mohsin Charania - 64,300
Seat five: Clint Coffee - 92,900
Seat six: Pat Pezzin - 48,700
Seat seven: Eric Baldwin - 219,900
Seat eight: Kevin MacPhee - 84,300
Seat nine: Tom Marchese - 76,900

And here's a glimpse of what they're playing for: