NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: Levels 5-12 updates (5,000-10,000-1,000)

napt-thumb.jpg3:50am: Eric Baldwin wins the NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout ($134,280), Justin Young eliminated in second place
Justin Young opened for 24,000 on the button, and following a three-bet to 60,000 from Eric Baldwin, he tossed his own bounty chip into the pot, declaring himself all-in. Baldwin quickly called, having Young covered.

Young A♦Q♣
Baldwin K♥K♣

Perhaps owing to the mental and physical exhaustion of their 14-hour day at the final table, neither player stood from their chair. However, as the dealer fanned out the 9♥8♠5♦ flop, Baldwin at last let out a smile. The turn was the 5♠ and Young needed to catch an ace on the river to survive. Alas, it was the 2♣ and after a methodical, prolonged heads-up battle, Baldwin finally had all the chips in front of him. Curiously enough, Young's was the only bounty Baldwin claimed at the final table.

For the win, Baldwin pockets $134,280 and although Young missed out on any additional cash beyond the $26,000 he earned for his bounties and Round 1 win, he is freerolling to the next NAPT Bounty Shootout at the PokerStars Carribean Adventure in January.

For those of you who stuck it out with us, we bid you good night and good luck. Stay tuned for a full wrap-up.

3:42am: Blinds up
We'll be at 5,000-10,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante for the next 30 minutes.

3.36am: Baldwin bounces into the lead
Here's a pot of note, and it has gone to Eric Baldwin, giving him the chip lead again. Baldwin raised pre-flop, making it 19,000. Young called. The 6♣9♦K♣ flopped and EB bet 24,000. Young called. The 8♥ turned and Young checked. Baldwin bet 56,000, called by Young.

The 4♣ rivered and Young bet out, for 123,000. Baldwin took a while, but then called. "You're good," said Young. "Ace high." Baldwin showed his A♣K♠ and Young mucked.

Baldwin now has about 600,000 to Young's 300,000.

3:33am: Back to grinding
After an early flurry of activity after the break, the boys have taken to grinding and small-balling again. Of course, by saying this, we're hoping it breaks whatever cosmic hold that's keeping the chips in place. Here's what Justin Young looks like right now.


3:24pm: Baldwin not backing down
Eric Baldwin came in for a raise to 24,000 and Justin Young called. Both players checked the 8♥T♥3♦ flop. On the 5♥ turn, Young led for 34,000 and Baldwin called. The 2♠ drew a check from Young. With the door open, Baldwin walked through with a 108,000 bet. Young didn't take long to fold.

3:21pm: At last a few chips changing hands
Justin Young made it 18,000 to go on the button, Eric Baldwin three-bet to 63,000 and Young called. Both players checked the Q♠Q♣3♦ flop, along with the K♥ on the turn. The river was the 3♥ and Baldwin led out for 78,000. Young quickly called, but discovered he was in kicker trouble when Baldwin revealed K♣J♦ for kings and queens with a jack. Young's king-six was toast and Baldwin dragged the pot.

3:06am: Shaving some time
We've all be here for the last 14 hours or so.The tournament has run through ten full hour-long levels and about three hours worth of breaks. Even the players have decided this is getting a little old. Young and Baldwin have decided to cut the hour-long levels down to 30 minutes.

They're now playing again.

2.55am: Still here
Righto. We're still here. After another half hour of small ball heads up poker, the stacks are almost even as the players disappear for the end of level break. Baldwin is the slight leader, with 478,000 to Young's 422,000. This shows no signs at all of ending.

2:26am: Young's bottom pair for value
It was 16,000 to the 6♠6♥2♣ board. Both men checked to the 9♥ on the turn. Young led out for 21,000 and Baldwin called. The river was the 3♦. Young bet out 46,000. Baldwin tanked and indicated he wasn't sure how he could fold. "I don't want to give you the chip lead back," he laughed. Ultimately, Baldwin made the call to see Young's T♠2♠. It was good.

1:52am: Level up
The blinds and antes are now 3,000-6,000-1,000

1:47am: Baldwin pulls even
Young opened for 12,500 on the button and Baldwin made the call. The flop was 9♣4♣2♦ and Baldwin checked over to Young, who bet 16,000. Baldwin called, then led out for 27,000 when the 9♠ fell on the turn. Young called and they saw the 3♣ hit the river. Baldwin bet 82,500 but Young could not find a call.

With that hand, Baldwin chipped up to 440,000 to make him nearly even in chips with Young.

1:35am: Baldwin battling back
On a board reading 3♣7♠K♠T♣, Justin Young led out, Baldwin raised to 17,000, and Young called. The A♠ came on the river. Baldwin bet 32,500 Young raised to 82,500. Baldwin tanked for several minutes and could be heard speculating whether Young had made his flush. At long last, Baldwin put in the extra 50,000 and was right to do so. Young turned over T♥4♥ for the pair of tens. Baldwin showed ace-four for the rivered ace.

"I didn't think you could call there," Young said.

"I know you're sick enough to bet for value without the flush," Baldwin replied.


1:26am: Basebaldy hits a double
Eric Baldwin opened for 12,500, Justin Young three-bet to 36,000, Baldwin shoved for his remaining 134,500 and Young made the call.

"Do you have two tens?" asked Baldwin as he displayed his 7♥7♦ (it has been quite the popular all-in hand today). Young didn't this time as he turned over A♣Q♦.

The board ran out 9♠6♠5♦3♥5♥ and Baldwin doubled up to 269,000, his supporters standing up from their seats to cheer him on. It's the most activity this room has enjoyed since we heard an inebriated lady start warbling Top 40 hits from the adjacent bar.

1:17am: First heads-up pot to Young
Justin Young had the button and raised to 12,500. Eric Baldwin called and they saw a A♥Q♠7♦ flop. Baldwin check-called Young's 16,000 bet. The turn was the T♥ and Baldwin checked a second time. Young bet 35,500 and Baldwin called. Baldwin checked the 4♣ on the river and Young, after some deliberation, decided to check behind. Young turned over J♥T♦ and his pair of tens was good.

1:05pm: Williams eliminated, Young locks up bounty prize
Justin Young came in for a raise to 14,000 and was faced with an immediate re-raise to 45,000 from David Williams. Young considered his play, then decided to go all-in. Williams called quickly for his last 229,000.

Young: T♥[T♣
Williams: A♣Q♦

The board ran out 4♣9♣K♥3♠7♠ and Williams was eliminated.


After securing Williams' bounty, Young officially secured the prize for most bounties collected. He'll get a free seat in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Bounty Shootout.


Justin Young learns he won the bounty prize

Here are the chip counts as we go into heads-up play.

Eric Baldwin: 210,500
Justin Young: 689,500

12:50am: Williams can't call the shove
Things are still proceeding at a painfully slow pace, but Justin Young just livened things up a little by making a sizable dent in David Williams' stack.

Justn Young opened for 14,000 from the small blind and David Williams made the call. Young led out for 19,000 on the Q♣J♣9♠ flop and Williams called. Young made it 46,000 to go when the 5♠ came on the turn and Williams looked him up. However, Williams folded to Young's river shove when the 6♠ fell. Young picked up 79,000 worth of Williams' chips on the hand.

12:47pm: All-in! (Fold)
Justin Young made it 12,000 to play. Both Williams and Baldwin called. On a flop of T♠4♣4♦, everybody check. When the 5♣ came on the turn, play checked to Baldwin. He bet 18,000. Young folded, but Williams called. The 7♥ fell on the river. Action on Baldwin and he seemed to tank for a bout one minute before declaring he was all-in. Williams insta-mucked.

12:30am: End of level
So, that's the end of that level. It's now been close to four hours since we lost our last player, and there's not much sign of things changing soon.

The news for Justin Young's fans is that he's now the chip leader, having had the better of the past level or so. He's up beyond 400,000 and... ah, hell, here are the counts and you can see for yourself:

Justin Young: 409,500
David Williams: 313,500
Eric Baldwin: 177,000


Justin Young, chip leader at the three-handed stage

12:18am: Young picks up a small one
David Williams limped in on the button, Eric Baldwin completed the small blind and Justin Young checked his option. Both blinds checked to Williams on the J♠J♣3♥ flop. He bet 8,000, Baldwin folded and Young called. Young check-called Williams' 15,000 bet when the J♦ came on the turn and both player checked the river deuce. Williams showed a three for jacks full of threes, but Young had him one better with pocket fours and took it down.

And with that we're on a 15-minute break.

12:11pm: Williams, Young tangle
In the first major pot in...well, as long as we can remember, Justin Young came in for a raise to 11,000 and David Williams three-bet him to 36,000. Young made the call and they saw a 5♣K♣8♦ flop. Young checked and Williams bet 48,500. After just a moment of thought, Young called. Both players then checked down the turn and river, 9♣ and 8♥. Young turned over Q♣T♣ for the flush and the win.

Midnight jamboree: Ten hands of three handed play
In celebration of today becoming tomorrow, here are ten hands on the spin. You can see why we're already fearing this one might go into the weekend.

Hand one: Eric Baldwin raised the button and David Williams called in the big blind. The flop came 3♣Q♠K♣ and a Baldwin bet (after a Williams check) took it down.
Hand two: Justin Young raised to 10,000 from the button and both his opponents folded.
Hand three: David Williams raised to 10,000 from the button and both his opponents folded.
Hand four: Eric Baldwin raised the button to 10,000 and both his opponents folded. He showed 7♣6♣ just to give us something to look at.
Hand five: Justin Young folded his button, but David Williams completed from the small blind. Eric Baldwin raised another 7,000 and Williams called. The flop - J♣4♣9♦ - was checked but then Baldwin bet 11,500 on the turn of A♦. Williams called. The 9♠ rivered and both players checked. Williams showed [10c]7♣ for ten high, but it was good as Baldwin mucked.
Hand six: Baldwin completed from the small blind, but Young raised to 11,000 from the big. Baldwin folded.
Hand seven: Baldwin raised to 10,000 from the button and David Williams called from the big blind. The flop cam 9♥8♦7♠. Williams bet 17,000 and Baldwin folded.
Hand eight: Young raised to 9,000 from the button and both blinds called Q♣9♦Q♦. They went check, check, check. The J♥ turned and a bet of 15,000 from Williams was good enough.
Hand nine: Justin Young got a walk in the big blind.
Hand ten: Baldwin limped from the button and they went three way once Young completed from the small blind and Williams checked his option. "Wouldn't raise by buddies," said Williams. The flop came J♠J♣2♥ and Baldwin's bet won it.


11:21pm: Williams still leading
As the level goes up to 2,000-4,000-500, here are the approximate chip counts.

Justin Young: 325,000
David Williams: 375,000
Eric Baldwin: 200,000


11:13pm: Trading punches
David Williams led off the hand with a raise to 7,000 and Eric Baldwin three-bet to 21,000. Justin Young folded his big blind, putting the action back on Williams who four-bet to 50,000. Baldwin surrendered and Williams picked up the pot.

On the next hand, Baldwin opened for 7,000 and Williams defended his big blind. Both players checked the T♠4♥2♦ flop. Williams made it 9,000 to go when the 9♣ hit the turn and Baldwin called. The river was the 9♥ and Williams took another swing, betting 33,000. Baldwin stared at the board for a bit and talked the action out loud, trying to work out the hand. Finally he settled on a call. Williams acknowledged defeat by knocking the table, Baldwin collecting the pot with pocket threes.

10:59pm: Fourth pair works for Williams
David Williams opened to 7,000 on the button, Eric Baldwin passed and Justin Young called. The T♣9♣2♥ flop was met with checks from both players. The turn was the 7♠ and Young took a stab at the pot for 9,000. Williams called. Young fired a second bullet for 18,500 when the K♦ fell on the river and Williams made the call. Williams' 7-4 was good to take it down.

10.55pm: A representative hand
It's the end of a long week, but don't think we've dropped off. Rather, the pots have been kept remarkably small of late with no major swings. By way of illustration, here's a hand that just played out. It's no thriller, I must warn you.

Baldwin called the 3,000 big blind, which encouraged Justin Young to complete from the small. David Williams checked his option. theflop was 6♠9♣A♥ and after Young and Williams both checked, Baldwin bet 5,000, which only Young called. They checked the 3♦ turn, and when Young led for 10,500 on the Q♥ river, Baldwin folded.

There. That's why we haven't been writing much.

10:41pm: Williams' hero call doesn't fly
Justin Young made it 7,000 to go from the button and Eric Baldwin called from the big blind. Both players checked the Q♥T♣7♣ flop. Baldwin led out for 8,500 when the T♥ came on the turn and Williams came along. The river was the 3♠ and Baldwin fired out another 13,500. Williams tanked for about a minute before making the call. Baldwin turned over 2♣2♥ for the smallest two pair possible and Williams mucked.

10:31pm: Williams and Baldwin clashing
Three-handed play as taken on a more heads-up feel and David Williams and Eric Baldwin take shots at each other. A few minutes ago, Williams opened to 8,000 and Baldwin called. On a T♦5♦3♣ flop, Williams led for 11,500 and Baldwin called. The turn brought the 6♥and a 18,5000 from Williams. Baldwin called again. When the river fell with the 9♣, Williams and Baldwin both checked. Neither wanted to show his hand. "Wanna chop it?" Williams joked. Baldwin waited. Finally, Williams announced he had eight-high. Baldwin turned over A♠J♦ for ace-high and the win.


Ace high good!

10:22pm: Back in action
After a short break, David Williams, Eric Baldwin, and Justin Young are back and fighting for the winner-take-all $130,000 first prize.

10pm: Chip counts
Here's how they line up at this stage:

David Williams: 406,000
Eric Baldwin: 250,500
Justin Young: 243,500

9:58pm: Break time
The three remaining players are on break for 15 minutes.

9.35pm: Williams nibbles from Baldwin
Eric Baldwin raised to 6,000 and David Williams called from the big blind. It was just those two to a flop of 3♣8♣9♣, which they both checked. The board got even more interesting when the 3♠ turned, and after Williams bet 7,500, Baldwin raised to 18,000 straight. Williams called.

The 9♠ was either an action card or an action killer, and it proved to be the latter. They both checked, Williams showed Q♦8♥ and that eight was decisive as Baldwin folded.

9:24pm: Young's check-raise can't shake Baldwin
Eric Baldwin limped in on the button, Justin Young completed the small blind and David Williams checked his option. Young led out for 5,000 on the 6♥5♣2♥ flop, Williams got out of the way and Baldwin called. Young slowed down and checked when the A♦ hit the turn, opening the door for Baldwin to make a 12,000 bet. Young had other plans, however, and raised to 28,500. Baldwin called and they went to the river, which fell the T♥. Young checked again and Baldwin fired out 42,000. Young couldn't make the call and Baldwin raked in the pot, showing the 8♥.

9.10pm: Williams defends big blind
Justin Young raised from the small blind to 6,700 and David Williams called from the big. The flop brought 4♦A♥K♣ and Young had a stab, but Williams called again. The turn was 5♠ and Young this time bet 17,000, but Williams again proved he was going nowhere.

The river was 9♥ and Young checked this time. That allowed Williams to bet 40,000 and take it down.

9:09pm: Bounty update
At this hour, the now-departed Mohsin Charania and Justin Young both have five bounties. David Williams has four. Eric Baldwin has just two and has been mathematically eliminated from winning the PCA Bounty seat that will be awarded to the player who wins the most bounties.

In the event Williams knocks out Young and Baldwin, he will win outright. Young will need to knock out at least one player to win outright. If Baldwin should managed to run the table and win, Charania and Young will tie.

9:04pm: No mo' Mo; Charania eliminated
Justin Young came in for a raise to 6,000. David Williams called, then Mohsin Charania moved all-in for 43,800. Young got out of the way, but Williams called with pocket tens. Charania turned over A♥7♥. Williams flopped a set and Charania was drawing dead by the turn.


So long, Mo

9pm: Level end
That's the end of level five, and we move into level six with these stacks in front of the players:

Justin Young - 360,000
David Williams - 330,000
Mohsin Charania - 41,200
Eric Baldwin - 175,000

8:32pm: Tom Marchese eliminated in fifth, Williams collects bounty
Tom Marchese opened for 5,000 and David Williams made the call. Williams led out for 5,000 on the K♣7♥4♥ flop, Marchese shoved and Williams made the call.

Williams turned over 3♥9♥ for a flush draw while Marchese was in the lead with Q♣7♣ for middle pair. Williams lost a few outs on the turn when Marchese turned two pair with the Q♦, but the 8♥ on the river made Williams' flush. Marchese exited with $24,000 for his Round 1 victory and four bounties, while Williams boosted his bounty total to three.


Tom Marchese, all-in and all-out

8:23pm: Williams chips away at Baldwin
David Williams made a 4,900 opening raise and Eric Baldwin called from position. Both players checked the J♣T♣T♥ flop. Williams checked again when the 8♠ arrived on the turn, Baldwin bet 6,500 and Williams called. The river fell the 9♠ and Williams led out for 14,000. Baldwin looked him up, only to watch Williams turn over Q♦J♦ for the rivered straight.

8:10pm: Dems quads
While we were still cleaning up after that all in, we saw a three-way pot for 5,000 apiece to a 3♣8♥8♦ fop. David Williams led out for 11,500 and Justin Young called. Williams led again, this time for 17,800, on a T♦ turn. When the 8♠ fell on the river, Williams checked to Young who bet 26,500. Williams gave the matter some consideration, but eventually called to see Young's Q♣8♣. Dems quads, folks.

8:03pm: Clint Coffee eliminated in sixth place
On the second hand after the dinner break, Clint Coffee opened for 4,500 and was met with a reraise to 15,000 from Justin Young. Coffee moved all-in for 97,500 and Young made the call.

Coffee 7♣7♥
Young T♦T♠

Young kept his commanding lead on the 4♠3♦2♥ flop and although Coffee picked up a gutshot straight draw on the turn with the 5♠, the 9♦ on the river sealed his elimination, Young bringing his bounty total to five. Coffee leaves us with $20,000 for his Round 1 win along with three bounties.


Level 5 about to begin
The players are now back from the their dinner break. Here are the chip counts as we enter level 5.

Justin Young: 214,6000
David Williams 233,000
Mohsin Charania: 70,000
Clint Coffee: 98,100
Eric Baldwin: 221,400
Tom Marchese: 62,900


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in North American Poker Tour