NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: Round 1A, levels 1-4 updates (400-800-100)

napt-thumb.jpg2:30pm: To be continued
With four levels in the books, we're going to close out this post and start a fresh one for the next four.

2:13pm: Grinder gets Aguiar
Jon Aguiar, he of the curly coif and witty quips, has played his last hand in the bounty shootout. He raced for his tournament life with pocket eights against Michael Mizrachi's K♥Q♠, but the Grinder hit a queen on the flop and collected Aguiar's bounty.


Aguiar awaits the flop

2:10pm: Obrestad ousts Tilly
"C'mon, I need an ace, get excited!" implored Jennifer Tilly as she tried to elicit a reaction from the audience surrounding the TV table. She was all-in with A♠Q♥ and facing quite the uphill battle against Annette Obrestad's pocket kings.

Alas, Tilly did not get her wish, the board running out Q♠T♥6♣4♠6♠ to eliminate her from the shootout.


BLINDS UP: 400-800-100

1:20pm: Players take a ten-minute break

1:05pm: Kling cut down, triples back up
Things weren't looking too sunny for Lauren Kling-- she lost half her stack after calling Aaron Gustavson's all-in holding pocket nines and found herself up against his Q♣Q♠. Kling did not improve on the king-high board and was left with 4,350.

On the next hand, she open-shoved from early position and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi three-bet to 9,000 in an attempt to isolate her. Chance Kornuth, however, had other plans and moved all-in behind him. Mizrachi tanked for several minutes.

"Don't say I never gamble," he said as he made the call.

Mizrachi turned over A♠7♠, Kling showed A♦6♠ and Kornuth tabled T♥T♦.

"I don't know how I can win this," Kling quietly said to Vanessa Selbst.

The flop, however brought her a lot of hope, coming down 7♥5♠4♥ to give her an open-ended straight draw.

"That's how you can win it!" Selbst said.

The Q♠ on the turn elicited "oooohs" around the table as Mizrachi picked up the nut flush draw.

"Double rainbow ALL THE WAY!" cried Jon Aguiar, aping the popular YouTube video to laughs from his tablemates.

Kling found her run-good when the 8♣ hit the river, making her straight. She tripled up to 13,000, Mizrachi was left with 20,000 and Kornuth assumed the table chip lead with 69,000.

1:00pm: Two down on TV table; Seiver and Rousso eliminated

The featured TV table quickly lost two players. Scott Seiver hit the road when he got it all in with A♦9♥ and got called by Ronnie Bardah's pocket nines. After the flop of 6♥6♣4♣, Seiver accepted his fate and tossed his bounty chip across the table to Bardah. The turn and river didn't help Seiver and he was out. "I'm be at the Bingo Hall, if anyone is looking for me," deadpanned Seiver.


Seiver slides his bounty chip into the pot

Moments after Seiver's exit, Vanessa Rousso became the next player to depart. She was short and got into a battle of the blinds with Jennifer Tilly. Rousso shoved with K♣[10s] and Tilly called with pocket sixes. Rousso turned a gutshot, but couldn't get there on the river. Tilly's sixes held up and she collected the bounty for sending Rousso to the rail. The TV table is down to seven players.


12:53pm: Second scalp for Bonomo, Montgomery mauls Mueller
Over on Table 1, Greg Mueller just departed, Scott Montgomery collecting his bounty while Justin Bonomo earned his second bounty of the day, eliminating Team PokerStars Pro Marcello Del Grosso.


Marcello Del Grosso

12:48pm: Vanessa Rousso doubles through Tom Marchese
Vanessa Rousso just took herself out of the danger zone with a timely double-up through Tom Marchese. After getting her last 5,000 in before the flop, Rousso made a flush with Q♥T♥ against Marchese's 8♥T♠, the board running out A♥J♣6♥J♥8♣

BLINDS UP: 300-600-75

12:44pm: Selbst slays Senti
Jason Senti got his chips in before the flop against Vanessa Selbst, holding Q♠Q♦ to her A♦K♥. Selbst flopped an ace on the A♣3♣2♠T♣7♠ board and eliminated the November Niner, collecting his $1,000 bounty.


12:41pm: First bounty collected
Sorel Mizzi was the first player eliminated from the Bounty Shootout. Justin Bonomo collected his $1,000 bounty.

12:39: Potential collector's item?
An interesting quirk in today's tournament are the personalized bounty chips each player received that are emblazoned with their own photo. Check out ElkY's below:

NAPT LA 2010_BSO_Flight 1_JGP5175.jpg

12:29pm: Ronnie Bardah doubles through Vanessa Rousso
Over on the featured table, Ronnie Bardah and Vanessa Rousso engaged in a pre-flop raising war that ended with Bardah all-in for his last 15,025. He tabled pocket tens and was in a race situation with Rousso's A♠Q♠. Bardah's tens held up on the 7♦5♠4♦J♣J♠ board and he doubled to 32,000. Rousso is down, but not out with about 5,000 in chips.


Happy Ronnie

12:17pm: Esfandiari's wizardry works
Antonio Esfandiari opened from the button, Aaron Jones three-bet from the big blind and Esfandiari called. Jones bet 2,600 on the J♥9♦2♦ flop and Esfandiari called. The turn came the 6♦ and Jones checked over to Esfandiari, who bet 4,550. Jones called. The river was the 5♥ and Jones checked again. Esfandiari moved all-in for about 22,000 and Jones gave it up.

"I thought you said you weren't going to bluff internet wizards!" said Tom Koral with a laugh.

Esfandiari is up to just over 40,000 while Jones is down to 15,000.

BLINDS UP: 200-400-50

12:01pm: Chance Kornuth doubles through Aaron Gustavson
Aaron Gustavson opened for 525, Jon Aguiar flat-called, Chance Kornuth three-bet from the cutoff and Shannon Shorr four-bet to 4,600 on the button. Everyone folded around to Marks, who five-bet to 10,200. Aguiar folded, Kornuth shoved, and the action was on Shorr.

"This might take a minute," he said before making what appeared to be a reluctant fold.

Marks made the call, tabling K♣K♠ to Kornuth's A♣A♠. Shorr confessed to folding two black queens.

The board ran out J♣9♠6♥J♥7♦ and Kornuth doubled to 28,000 while Gustavson fell to 11,700.


Gustavson's agony of defeat

11:45am: Stein clips Clements
With the board reading A♦7♠5♥8♠ on the turn, Scott Clements checked over to Sam Stein, who bet 1,725. Clements raised to 6,000 and Stein called. The river was the 8♥ and Clements checked again. Stein checked behind.

Clements showed a hand some of us call "the hammer," 2♣7♦ while Stein took it down with A♠9♠ for aces up. With that pot, Stein has emerged as his table chip leader with 32,000.

11:35am: About the structure
Today we are playing 40-minute levels and each player receives a starting stack of 25,000 in chips.

11:27am: No repeat champion?
At our last bounty shootout at the NAPT Mohegan Sun, Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier took home the $351,000 first-place prize. However, it looks like Mercier will be unable to defend his title. The man who seems to win every tournament in sight is still sporting a formidable stack in the NAPT Los Angeles Main Event, which goes into Day 4 of play later today.


I'll just have to go for the Main Event win instead

11:25am: Shuffle up and deal
As it usually goes with TV productions, we were a bit delayed in our start this morning. However, everyone is now miked up, in their seats, and Neil Johnson just called "shuffle up and deal." Let the carnage commence!

All photography © Joe Giron.

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