NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: Round 1A, levels 5-8 updates (1,000-2,000-200)

napt-thumb.jpg5:15pm: Flight A complete, Flight B to commence at 7 p.m.
With the completion of Flight A, five of the nine final table spots have been filled. Michael Mizrachi, Justin Young, Tom Marchese, Eric Baldwin and Clint Coffee have all secured seats and earned $20,000 for winning their first-round tables. In about ninety minutes' time, Flight B will take off with four more nine-handed tables in play. Stick around, we'll be here all night!

For the results thus far, head over to the NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout Round 1 results page.

5:10pm: Coffee scalds Bonomo
Although Clint Coffee had a massive heads-up chip lead over Justin Bonomo, the final hand was a bit of a cooler. Bonomo moved all-in with 8♥8♣ only to run into Coffee's T♦T♣. Bonomo got no help on the Q♠4♦2♠5♦3♣ board and Coffee notched the Round 1 win.


4:55pm: Eric Baldwin defeats Antonio Esfandiari
With the board reading K♥8♠5♣6♣A♣, Eric Baldwin check-raised Antonio Esfandiari all-in on the river and Esfandiari made the call. Baldwin showed 4♠7♥ for an eight-high straight and Esfandiari mucked, saying "I liked that river."

Baldwin collects $22,000 for his Round 1 win and his two bounties.


4:50pm: Justin Young KOs Scott Montgomery, wins his table
Scott Montgomery opened for 4,000, Justin Young three-bet to 11,600, Montgomery shoved and Young called. It was king-ten for Montgomery and pocket eights for Young. Montgomery had a straight draw on the Q-Q-9 flop and picked up some more outs when an ace hit the turn, but the river blanked out with a seven, giving Young the win, as well as Montgomery's bounty.

4:44pm: Deuces prove to be Clements' kryptonite
Scott Clements was cruising with the chip lead at his table until Justin Young dealt him a brutal beat, rivering a two-outer to make him a set of nines against Clements' flopped set of deuces. Left on the short stack, it was deuces again that proved to be Clements' downfall, as his K♣9♠ failed to improve against Young's ducks. Clements was eliminated and Young is now heads-up with Scott Montgomery.


BLINDS UP: 1,000-2,000-200

4:33pm: Tom Marchese wins his table
Ronnie Bardah got the last of his chips in pre-flop with K♦Q♠ and was racing with Tom Marchese's pocket nines. There was a nine in the door on the K♣9♠5♦ flop, giving Marchese middle set. Bardah was drawing dead after the 4♠ hit the turn and Marchese filled up on the river with the 4♣, eliminating Bardah and punching his ticket to the final table.


On the outer tables, Clint Coffee is heads-up with Justin Bonomo, Antonio Esfandiari is heads-up with Eric Baldwin, and Table 1 is three-handed with Scott Montgomery, Justin Young and Scott Clements, who is now the table short-stack after taking a brutal set-over-set beat against Young.


Basebaldy goes heads-up with the Magician

4:20pm: Faraz Jaka eliminated by Clint Coffee
Faraz Jaka moved all-in with A♣7♠ and Clint Coffee made the call with A♠J♥. The always-stylish Jaka did not improve on the 9♥8♥5♥K♦3♦ board, leaving Coffee heads-up with Justin Bonomo on Table 2.


No mas Jaka

4:15pm: Stein succumbs
Sam Stein was crippled on the last hand before the break, leaving him on only 1,300 in chips. Although he managed to take his stack back up to 4,800, the last of his chips went in the middle with 2♠9♥ when the big blind came around to him, gobbling up more than a third of his stack. Unfortunately, his hand was dominated by Justin Young's A♣2♦, the board running out Q♣Q♦3♥J♠3♦ to send Stein packing. Table 1 is down to four.

BLINDS UP: 800-1,600-200

3:57pm: End of Level 6 chip counts

Table 1:
Sam Stein 1,300
Scott Montgomery 65,000
Andy Frankenberger 14,700
Justin Young 64,200
Scott Clements 79,800

Table 2:
Clint Coffee 75,500
Faraz Jaka 32,700
Justin Bonomo 125,800

Table 3 (featured):
Tom Marchese 168,800
Ronnie Bardah 56,200

Table 5:
Antonio Esfandiari 109,400
Eric Baldwin 119,600

For a look at all the results so far, check out the NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout Round 1 results page.

3:48pm: Players take a ten-minute break

3:41pm: Dan Shak eliminated
We are down to heads-up play on the TV featured table following the elimination of Dan Shak. Tom Marchese claimed Shak's bounty, his K♠9♣ outrunning Shak's A♣2♠ when a nine hit the flop.


Dan Shak sees the bad news

3:29: Table 1 loses two
Table 1 has been eight-handed since Greg Mueller's early elimination but they are now down to six. Scott Clements scored three knockouts, eliminating Will Reynolds, Pat Walsh and most recently, Eric Froehlich. E-Fro shoved pre-flop holding pocket queens and Clements called him with K♥4♥, but a king hit the flop, sending Froehlich to the rail.


E-Fro's queens snapped off

3:21pm: Olivier Busquet eliminated by Andy Seth
In yet another all-in pre-flop confrontation, Olivier Busquet took his A♦9♣ up against Andy Seth's pocket threes for his tournament life. Busquet got no help on the T♣6♠5♣7♠4♠ board and Seth claimed his bounty. Table 2 is now four-handed with Clint Coffee, Faraz Jaka, Justin Bonomo, and Seth remaining.


3:09pm: Chip leaders
Over on Table 5, Matt Woodward is the dominant chip leader after collecting three bounties. Justin Bonomo is sitting pretty on Table 3 with three bounties of his own and Table 1 is still eight-handed with Greg Mueller the only player eliminated.

BLINDS UP: 600-1,200-200

2:50pm: DeBora down
Greg DeBora is the latest exit from the TV featured table. His 5♥8♦ did not improve against Ronnie Bardah's pocket threes.


Nice hand, good game

2:46pm: Michael Mizrachi wins his table
Michael Mizrachi is our first table winner after eliminating Chance Kornuth. Along with the four $1,000 bounties he collected, he'll take home $20,000 for his Round 1 victory.


Mizrachi eliminates Kornuth...


...then shows off his bounty chips

2:45pm: Marchese scores double KO, eliminates Obrestad and Robl
One hand after doubling up Annette Obrestad, Andrew Robl moved in for his last 1,600 and was called by Tom Marchese, Greg DeBora, and Obrestad, who all continued betting on the side. The flop came down A♥9♦5♠. Marchese bet 2,800, DeBora folded, Obrestad raised to 7,600 and Marchese called. The turn came the 8♥ and Obrestad led out for 13,000. Marchese called and they went to the river, which fell the T♣. Obrestad moved all-in for 33,300 and Marchese looked her up, turning over 8♦9♣ for two pair. Obrestad showed J♠T♠ for a pair of tens and was eliminated, as was Robl, who showed J♦3♦.

2:41pm: Annette Obrestad doubles through Andrew Robl
Annette Obrestad moved all-in pre-flop holding pocket deuces and Andrew Robl made the call with A♣J♠, having Obrestad slightly covered. The ducks held on the T♠9♣5♠K♥3♥ board, giving Obrestad a double-up to 55,000 while Robl was left with only 1,600 in chips.

2:27pm: Vanessa Selbst eliminated by Michael Mizrachi
Four forty-minute levels have passed and about one-third of Flight A has been eliminated. Three tables have six players remaining, one has eight, and the table currently being captained by Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi is three-handed. Mizrachi just collected his third bounty of the tournament, eliminating Vanessa Selbst when he made a flush with A♥Q♥ against her pocket sevens.


Selbst sweats the river

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