NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: Round 1B, levels 1-4 updates (200-400-50)

napt-thumb.jpg10:15pm: Movin' on up
With the players moving into Level 5 with blinds of 500-1,000-100, we'll bring this post to a close and open up a fresh one. Please do follow us over to the Level 5-10 updates.

10:10pm: Alex Keating doubles through Brett Richey
Alex Keating opened for 1,700, Brett Richey three-bet to 4,600, Keating moved all-in for 18,600 and Richey called. Keating's pocket tens held up against Richey's 4♥4♣ and he doubled to 39,100 while Richey fell back to 16,000.

10:02pm: Greenstein gone
In the midst of this flurry of all-ins, Barry Greenstein was spotted walking out of the tournament area. Sure enough, his bounty chip was sitting in front of Brett Richey.

9:53pm: Dan Woodward eliminated
Dan Woodward got his money in before the flop holding pocket nines and Moshin Charania made the call with A♣Q♥. Charania flopped a queen and rivered an ace, sending Woodward to the rail.


9:48: Liv Boeree eliminated in three-way all-in
Both Liv Boeree and Ben Lamb moved all-in before the flop and Nick Binger called, having both players covered.

Lamb A♣J♠
Boeree Q♥5♣
Binger Q♣6♠

Lamb's ace-high held up on the 7♣7♥3♦T♥8♦ board and he tripled up while Boeree bid us goodnight.

9:41pm: End of Level 3 chip counts

Table 1
Matt Affleck 55,300
Adam Junglen 16,600
Nacho Barbero 57,500
David Williams 54,600
Frank Kassela 40,900

Table 2
Bob Lauria 14,000
Daniel Negreanu 24,800
Barry Greenstein 15,000
Phil Laak 70,200
Alex Keating 28,400
Brett Richey 16,700
Pat Pezzin 15,000
Darus Suharto 28,600
Tim Begley 11,300

Table 3
Aurel Bogdan 49,075
Todd Terry 20,825
Dan Suied 14,650
Victor Ramdin 19,150
Hasan Habib 31,175
Michael Pesek 43,250
Dan Woodward 14,475
Chad Batista 20,050
Moshin Charania 20,450

Table 4 (featured)
Nick Binger 52,000
Ben Lamb 16,200
Shaun Deeb 36,700
Chris Moneymaker 44,700
Liv Boeree 2,500
Kevin MacPhee 73,400

BLINDS UP: 400-800-100

9:20pm: Players take a ten-minute break

9:18pm: MacPhee cripples Boeree
Kevin MacPhee three-bet all-in before the flop and Liv Boeree made the call. MacPhee was racing for his tournament life, his A♣T♦ up against Boeree's pocket sevens. The A♥A♠9♥ flop nearly sealed it for MacPhee, leaving him to dodge only the two remaining sevens in the deck. The turn was the 6♠, and the A♦ fell on the river to make MacPhee quad aces, much to the crowd's delight. Boeree was left with only 2,500 in chips.

And now, tale of two reactions, by our photographer Joe Giron:





9:07pm: Kassela KOs Haxton
You could say that was a bad turn card for Isaac Haxton. With the board reading A♥9♣3♥Q♥, all the money went in and the cameras swarmed. Haxton tabled Q♣3♣ for two pair, but Kassela had turned a flush with 2♥5♥. The river was the 7♣ and Haxton departed the table as Kassela collected another bounty.

8:54pm: Jared Jaffee eliminated
We've all seen Matt Affleck take a bad beat, now it was time for him to dish one out. After Jared Jaffee moved all-in pre-flop with ace-king, Affleck tanked for quite a while before deciding to call with 6♣7♣. The 7♣6♥3♥ flop quite literally slapped Jaffee across the face as Affleck hit top two pair. The 7♥ on the turn filled up Affleck and left Jaffee drawing dead. The river was the meaningless T♣ and Affleck collected his second bounty.


Not the flop he was looking for

8:48pm: Lights out for Little
After surviving a slew of all-ins, Jonathan Little has been eliminated. He open-shoved pre-flop, Nick Binger shoved behind him, and the rest of the table folded around. On their backs:

Little A♠K♣
Binger J♠J♣

Little couldn't win another race, however, as the board ran out Q♠8♥4♠T♥7♦ to send him to the rail.

BLINDS UP: 300-600-75

8:36pm: Curtains for the Phil Hellmuth Show
Phil Hellmuth got the last of his chips in pre-flop with K♥T♦ against Liv Boeree's A♠Q♦. The board ran out Q♣5♦2♦T♠3♥, sending the Poker Brat to the rail.

"Can you guys get me a limo? I want to get to the airport immediately," Hellmuth said to a tournament official as he departed the table.


8:29pm: David Williams doubles through Isaac Haxton
A series of pre-flop raises ended up with David Williams all-in and at risk with A♠Q♥ against Isaac Haxton's A♥K♣. Williams caught a queen on the flop and doubled to 72,350, leaving Haxton on only 6,500.

8:24pm: So long, Cheong
The money went in on the turn with the board reading J♦J♣K♣6♦; Joseph Cheong turned over Q♦T♦ for straight and flush draws while Matt Affleck tabled A♦K♥ for two pair. Cheong missed his outs on the river when the 4♥ fell and Affleck took down the pot, collecting his first bounty of the evening.

8:20pm: Kassela caps Keikoan
While Shaun Deeb was busy doubling up, WSOP Player of the Year Frank Kassela collected his first bounty, eliminating a short-stacked Matt Keikoan.


No-go fo' Kei-Ko

8:19pm: Deeb doubles through Hellmuth
Over on the TV table, Shaun Deeb moved all-in for 18,900 on a Q♣6♥5♥ flop and Phil Hellmuth called. Deeb turned over A♣Q♠ for top pair, top kicker while Hellmuth showed A♥4♥ for the nut flush draw. Hellmuth couldn't find a heart, the turn and river falling the 6♣ and the A♦. Deeb doubled to 39,000 while Hellmuth was left on the short stack.

8:07pm: Little stays alive
Jonathan Little just doubled his short stack courtesy of Shaun Deeb. Little's A♥9♥ hit second pair against Deeb's K♥J♥ on a T♠9♦2♥3♠6♠ board to take him out of the danger zone.



8:00pm: Williams cripples Keikoan
Matt Keikoan's K♦K♠ was looking good against David Williams' T♣T♠, but the J♦T♦6♦ flop changed all that, as Williams flopped middle set. Keikoan was looking for a diamond but the turn and river did not comply, the 4♣ and the J♥ falling to give Williams a double-up. Keikoan was left with only 2,900 in chips.


BLINDS UP: 200-400-50

7:55pm: Little boosts Boeree
Liv Boeree opened for 600, Jonathan Little three-bet to 1,725 and Boeree called. The flop came down J♦8♥5♥ and Boeree checked to Little, who bet 2,600. She made the call and they went to the turn, which fell the 3♣. Boeree check-called another 5,000. Boeree checked again when the 8♣ hit the river, Little moved all-in and Boeree snap-called. Little had nothing but a busted flush draw with 9♥6♥ while Boeree turned over J♣J♦ for a full house. Boeree doubled up, while Little was left with only 2,000 in chips.

Right there with the back-handed compliment was her tablemate Phil Hellmuth.

"Wow! She played that like a girl!" he said.


7:42pm: Kevin MacPhee doubles through Jonathan Little
For Jonathan Little, pocket kings giveth, and pocket kings taketh away.

On a J♠3♠3♥ flop, Kevin MacPhee check-raised all-in for 24,600 and Little made the call, tabling K♥K♣ for the second time in the last half-hour. MacPhee was well ahead with 3♦6♦ for trips. The turn and river fell the 4♦ and the 7♥, giving MacPhee a double-up to 49,700. Little is back down near his starting stack of 25,000.

7:29pm: Jean-Robert Bellande the first one off the island
In a bit of a head-scratcher, Jean-Robert Bellande was the first player eliminated from the TV featured table. With the board reading K♥Q♣3♣3♥5♦, Jonathan Little moved all-in on the river and after a long tank, Bellande decided to call with A♣Q♠. Little turned over K♠K♣ for the nut boat and scored a first-orbit KO, claiming Bellande's $1,000 bounty.


This shot says it all

7:15pm: Ladies and gentlemen, draw your guns
Up on the TV stage, Neil Johnson just finished his opening remarks and cards are now in the air. Players start with 25,000 chips and blinds of 100-200 with a 25 ante. Levels are 40 minutes each and we'll take a ten-minute break every three levels.


6:37pm: Flight B takes off at 7 pm
Five down, four to go. Flight A is in the books, the quintet of Michael Mizrachi, Justin Young, Tom Marchese, Eric Baldwin and Clint Coffee surviving the first round of what many of our players have nicknamed the "Shootout in Compton." It's true, we are inside Compton city limits, although with a freeway flowing behind the casino and a shopping center cluttered with chain restaurants and big-box stores next to it, from our vantage point we really could be anywhere.

Each of the four remaining nine-handed tables will play down a winner tonight. Round 1 survivors each earn $20,000 on top of any $1,000 bounties they collect and will return on Thursday for a shot at the $134,280 winner-take-all first place prize. Here's a look at the lineup:

Table 1
Seat 1: Joseph Cheong
Seat 2: Matt Keikoan
Seat 3: Matt Affleck
Seat 4: Jared Jaffee
Seat 5: Adam Junglen
Seat 6: Nacho Barbero
Seat 7: David Williams
Seat 8: Isaac Haxton
Seat 9: Frank Kassela

Table 2
Seat 1: Bob Lauria
Seat 2: Daniel Negreanu
Seat 3: Barry Greenstein
Seat 4: Phil Laak
Seat 5: Alex Keating
Seat 6: Brett Richey
Seat 7: Pat Pezzin
Seat 8: Darus Suharto
Seat 9: Tim Begley

Table 3
Seat 1: Aurel Bogdan
Seat 2: Todd Terry
Seat 3: Dan Suied
Seat 4: Victor Ramdin
Seat 5: Hasan Habib
Seat 6: Michael Pesek
Seat 7: Dan Woodward
Seat 8: Chad Batista
Seat 9: Moshin Charania

Table 4 (featured)
Seat 1: Jonathan Little
Seat 2: Nick Binger
Seat 3: Ben Lamb
Seat 4: Shaun Deeb
Seat 5: Jean-Robert Bellande
Seat 6: Chris Moneymaker
Seat 7: Phil Hellmuth
Seat 8: Liv Boeree
Seat 9: Kevin MacPhee


All photography © Joe Giron

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