NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: Round 1B, levels 5-10 updates (1,500-3,000-500)

napt-thumb.jpg2:44am: Bounty Shootout final table set
Aside from those of us still pecking away at our laptops, Moshin Charania was the last man to exit the room, his ticket stamped to the final table. He will join Michael Mizrachi, Justin Young, Tom Marchese, Clint Coffee, Eric Baldwin, Kevin MacPhee, along with Team PokerStars Pros, David Williams and Pat Pezzin at Thursday's final table where the winner will walk away with an additional $134,280.

For now, we bid you good night and good luck.


Moshin Charania shows off his bounties

2:36am: Pesek pulverized, Charania advances
Michael Pesek put the last of his chips in with Q♣9♣ and Moshin Charnia called with A♠8♠. Given the hour, the population of the room (less than a dozen), and the players involved, it was perhaps the quietest all-in we've ever witnessed on the live tournament circuit.

Pesek stood up from his chair as the flop came down A♦4♠3♦, Charania flopping top pair. The 2♠ on the turn gave Pesek three outs to a chop, but the J♠ landed on the river, making Charania the nut flush and sealing his table win. A thoroughly dejected Pesek slipped out of the room with hardly a word.


Charania advances to the final table with $24,000 already in his pocket.

2:27am: Trading places
Moshin Charania opened for 6,500, Michael Pesek set out a stack of blue 5,000-denomination chips totaling about 60,000, Charania moved all-in and Pesek called.

Pesek T♦8♥
Charania A♦Q♥

The board ran out A♣9♦9♥K♦3♦ and the lead swung from Pesek to Charania. Charnia now holds a 2.5-1 chip advantage.

2:17am: Still waiting...still waiting...
Our last heads-up table remaining is back in action. Michael Pesek has about a 2-1 chip lead over Moshin Charania.

BLINDS UP: 1,500-3,000-500

2:02am: Pezzin defeats Richey
The last of Brett Richey's chips went in pre-flop and Pat Pezzin made the call.

Richey A♥8♥
Pezzin A♠4♥

Although Pezzin was dominated, he paired his kicker on the J♠J♦4♦ flop to take the lead. The turn was the 6♦, the river was the 7♦ and Pezzin at last put Richey away and advanced to the final table.

The Pesek-Charania match is still ongoing, however, we are on our regularly scheduled ten-minute break.


Oh, Canada!

1:49am: David Williams advances
Nacho Barbero moved all-in and David Williams made the call, turning up 4♠4♣ to Barbero's A♦9♥. Although Barbero hit top two pair on the A♣9♣8♣ flop, Williams still had a flush draw to sweat. Williams put his arm around his girlfriend and watched as the 7♥ hit the turn, then finally let out a smile when the J♣ appeared on the river, making his flush.

Along with his bounties for eliminating Barbero and Matt Affleck, Williams picks up $20,000 for his Round 1 win.


David Williams and his girlfriend sweat the river card

1:38am: Richey stays alive
After a few blinds were traded back and forth, Brett Richey moved all-in for 38,000 and Pat Pezzin made the call. Richey's K♦T♣ was dominated by Pezzin's A♠T♠, but Richey hit a king on the flop to double his stack to 80,000.

This could be a long night, folks.

1:30am: Pat Pezzin doubles through Brett Richey
Pat Pezzin opened for 5,500 on the button and Brett Richey called from the big blind. Richey checked the 6♠5♦3♥ flop over to Pezzin, who tossed in one blue 5,000-denomination chip. Richey raised to 15,000, Pezzin re-popped it to 35,000, Richey moved all-in and Pezzin called.

Richey showed 3♦6♦ for two pair, but Pezzin flopped the nut straight with 4♦7♣. Richey started calling for a diamond on the turn to give him a better sweat, but the A♣ fell instead. The river was the 8♦ and Pezzin took a dominant chip lead with 201,000 to Richey's 24,000.

BLINDS UP: 1,200-2,400-400

1:15pm: David Williams doubles
Nacho Barbero moved all-in on a K♠Q♥3♣ flop and David Williams called. Williams tabled K♣3♦ for two pair while Barbero needed some serious help with A♦8♥. The turn was the 6♣ and the river was the 4♥, giving Williams a double-up to 173,600. Barbero is down to 51,400.

Over on Table 2 the Brett Richey-Pat Pezzin match is nearly even while Michael Pesek is leading with 153,000 to Moshin Charania's 72,000.

12:55pm: Bogdan bulldozed
Michael Pesek opened on the button, Aurel Bogdan moved all-in for 42,000 and Pesek made the call. Bogdan turned up K♠T♣ and needed to improve against Pesek's A♦4♦. Bogdan let out a cheer when he paired his ten on the T♦7♦5♠ flop, but his celebration was cut short once he realized Pesek had picked up a flush draw. The turn was the Q♠, but Pesek hit the 2♦ on the river to make his flush and send Bodgan packing.

Pesek is now heads-up with Moshin Charania.


Bogdan busts

12:50pm: Phil Laak eliminated by Pat Pezzin
Pat Pezzin opened from the button for 5,100, Phil Laak shoved from the small blind for his last 20,000 and Pezzin made the call.

Laak A♣3♣
Pezzin K♦9♥

It was all but over on the K♥9♠4♦ flop as Pezzin hit top two pair. The turn was the Q♠ and Pezzin rivered a boat with the 9♦, sending Phil Laak out to the parking lot to figure out where he parked his spaceship.

Table 2 is now heads-up between Pezzin and Brett Richey.


12:33pm: Nacho Barbero doubles through David Williams
Nacho Barbero's tournament life was at risk after moving all-in with pocket eights and getting a call from David Williams with pocket tens. Williams hit bottom set on the Q♦J♠T♣ flop and Barbero picked up a gutshot straight draw. The turn was the 6♦ but the 9♣ spiked on the river, making Barbero a queen-high straight. He doubled to 120,000, putting him nearly square with Williams.

"Back to the grind," he said as he stacked up the pot.

BLINDS UP: 1,000-2,000-300

12:20pm: Ramdin, Habib KOed
Moshin Charania is now the proud owner of three bounty chips after eliminating short stacks Victor Ramdin and Hasan Habib. Table 3 is now three-handed with Michael Pesek, Aurel Bogdan and Charania.

12:11am: Kevin MacPhee wins his table
Nick Binger committed the last of his chips with pocket fives but he ran into Kevin MacPhee's pocket kings. MacPhee hit top set on the K♠J♠8♦ flop, but the turn gave Binger a flush draw with the 3♠. The river, however safely came the A♦ and MacPhee advanced to the final table, collecting $20,000 and three bounties.


Binger frowns at the flop


MacPhee poses with his bounty chips

BLINDS UP: 800-1,600-200

11:49pm: End of Level 6 chip counts

Table 1
Nacho Barbero 134,000
David Williams 91,000

Table 2
Phil Laak 121,200
Brett Richey 85,400
Pat Pezzin 18,400

Table 3
Aurel Bogdan 79,600
Victor Ramdin 28,800
Hasan Habib 20,000
Michael Pesek 54,600
Moshin Charania 46,900

Table 4 (featured)
Kevin MacPhee 160,100
Nick Binger 64,900

11:38pm: Players take a ten-minute break

11:27pm: Williams wamboozles Affleck, Kassela crushed
Matt Affleck put the rest of his chips in before the flop with K♦J♣ only to run straight into David Williams' A♣A♥. Although Affleck hit top pair on the K♣6♥3♥ flop, the turn and river blanked to send Affleck to the rail.


And... just as we were writing this hand up, Frank Kassela headed out the door, leaving Williams heads-up with fellow Team PokerStars pro Nacho Barbero.


11:19pm: Canadian down!
Table 2 looked like Little Canada with Team Pros Daniel Negreanu, Pat Pezzin and Darus Suharto all seated together. Now Pezzin is the last Canuck standing with the elimination of his countryman Darus Suharto.

Suharto open-shoved for his last 17,600 and Brett Richey made the call from the big blind. Suharto turned over 6♣6♥ while Richey showed A♥K♦. There was a king in the door for Richey on the K♠5♠3♣ flop, the turn and river falling the 3♦ and the T♥ to end Suharto's day.


11:07pm: Bogdan sends Ramdin reeling
In a cooler of a hand, Aurel Bogdan moved all-in on the Q♥J♥9♠ flop and Victor Ramdin snap-called. Ramdin turned over Q♣J♦ for top two pair, but Bogdan had flopped the joint with K♣T♠. The turn and river blanked out with the 7♦ and the 8♥, and the momentum at the table shifted to Bogdan as he scored a double-up. Ramdin was left with about 40,000 in chips.

As this hand was playing out, Phil Laak eliminated Bob Lauria, claiming his second bounty.

BLINDS UP: 600-1,200-200

10:56pm: Chris Moneymaker eliminated
Chris Moneymaker moved all-in pre-flop with 4♦4♥ but could not improve against Nick Binger's pocket eights. With his elimination, the featured table is now heads-up between Binger and Kevin MacPhee.


10:48pm: Laak lassos Negreanu
A short-stacked Negreanu put his last chips in the pot holding 9-7 and Phil Laak made the call with A♠J♣. The flop came down J♥4♠T♦ giving Laak top pair and Negreanu a gutshot. The 6♥ on the turn was no help to Kid Poker and the 4♥ on the river sent him packing.


10:42pm: Recent eliminations
Victor Ramdin is picking up bounties left and right at his table. After eliminating Todd Terry, Ramdin knocked out Chad Batista with A♣K♥ against A♦Q♣, then went on to bust Dan Suied. His bounty count is up to three.

Over on Table 1, Matt Affleck claimed his third bounty when he eliminated Adam Junglen. Affleck took his A♦T♦ up against Junglen's K♦Q♣, the board running out J♠8♥8♦K♥Q♦ to make Affleck a Broadway straight.

10:35pm: Ben Lamb eliminated
With the board reading T♠8♣5♣7♣A♦, Ben Lamb moved all-in for 41,100 on the river and Kevin MacPhee made the call. Lamb showed 6♦8♦ for a pair of eights, but MacPhee rivered a pair of aces with A♠6♣.


Lamb tosses his bounty chip across the table

10:26pm: Deeb done and dusted
Shaun Deeb three-bet all-in before the flop and table big-stack Kevin MacPhee quickly called. Deeb's A♥J♠ was dominated by MacPhee's A♣Q♥, the board running out 9♦7♦6♣4♦7♥ to send Deeb to the rail.

10:23pm: Eight, eight, five and five
It's fair to say that Flight B is proceeding a bit slower than this morning's Flight A. Two of our four tables are still eight-handed, and the other two are five-handed.


The TV featured table

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