NAPT Los Angeles Bounty Shootout: The final final

napt-thumb.jpgGood afternoon all, and for the last time this year, welcome back to Los Angeles.

It's been a remarkable week here in the City of Angels, with a spectacular finale to the Main Event yesterday - congratulations to Joe Tehan - and now the final of the Bounty Shootout event from the Crystal Casino in Compton.

It was a stacked field to begin with, and it's a stacked final table too. Here are your players for this showdown:

Seat one: Justin Young
Seat two: David Williams
Seat three: Michael Mizrachi
Seat four: Moshin Charania
Seat five: Clint Coffee
Seat six: Pat Pezzin
Seat seven: Eric Baldwin
Seat eight: Kevin MacPhee
Seat nine: Tom Marchese

There are Team PokerStars Pros, November Niners, EPT and NAPT champions in that midst, and they're playing for a winner-takes-all prize of $134,280.


Bounty shootout television set

There's also the small matter of the bounties. If you bust a player, you get their bounty chip, worth $1,000 apiece. The player who collects the most bounties wins a seat to the Bounty Shootout at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January.


Bounty chips, representing each of our final nine players

At the moment, Marchese, Mizrachi and Charania have four bounties each. (So does Justin Bonomo, but he did not make the final.)

The full results from the first round are on the results page, and you can read all about the action with a full page of reporting here.

The players will begin with a stack of 100,000 each, with blinds of 400-800 (100 ante). They will then begin the shooting. Stick with us.