NAPT Los Angeles: Day 2, levels 12-13 updates (1,000-2,000-200)

napt-thumb.jpg6:42pm: Players take a ten-minute break
And with that, this post will come to a close and a new one will be opened for Levels 14 and 15.

6:40pm: Aguiar ousted
Jon Aguiar got the rest of his chips in the middle before the flop with K♣Q♠ and Nicholas Verkaik made the call with A♦T♦. Aguiar didn't feel too good about his chances, telling his opponent "You got it" before the flop came down.

Aguiar's prediction was correct, the board running out 5♣4♥9♥J♣J♦ to end his tournament. Verkaik, meanwhile, is up to 215,000.

6:37pm: Casement closes in on Reynolds
Will Reynolds opened for 5,200 from UTG, the cutoff called, Anh Van Nguyen called on the button and Jim Casement called in the big blind. Casement checked the J♦6♦5♥ flop over to Reynolds, who bet 15,500. Everyone folded around to Casement, who raised to 36,000. Reynolds made the call. The turn came the J♠ and Casement checked again. Reynolds settled on a small bet of 18,000 and Casement called. The river was the A♦ and Casement checked to Reynolds who thought for over a minute before moving all-in. Casement quickly called, tabling J♥8♠ for trips. Reynolds mucked and was left with only 35,000 while Casement crossed the 300,000 mark.

6:36pm: Kenney bounces Bonomo
Shane Schleger opened the pot for 6,000 and Justin Bonomo called. When play folded over to Bryn Kenney in the big blind, he made it 20,400 to play. Schleger didn't take long before folding. Bonomo put both thumbs behind his 130,000 in chips and pushed them forward. Kenney didn't look necessarily pleased, but announced, "Okay, I call," and flipped over A♣Q♦. Bonomo silently revealed A♠J♣. The board ran out A♦4♣5♠Q♥3♣ and Bonomo was gone. Kenney, meanwhile, moved up to 385,000.

6.25pm: Pearson caught by the Gill
Travis Pearson has been raising a lot - something like five hands per orbit, from all positions by the looks of it, which goes some way to explaining his mighty stack.

Just recently he did it twice in succession and although the second time was a routine and successful blind steal, he ran into Carter Gill on the first attempt and lost what could have turned into a huge pot.

Pearson's opening raise, from UTG+1, was to 6,500 and Gill called in the cut off. The flop came 5♣K♦J♦ and Gill called Pearson's 10,000 continuation bet. They both checked the 7♦ turn, and the A♥ rivered.

Pearson bet 23,000 and Gill took a long time before calling. "Sorry, nit roll," Gill said, turning over 9♦8♦ for the turned flush. Pearson tabled Q♣[10c] for the rivered straight, and Gill explained that he didn't really want to raise the river lest Pearson shove and put him to an extremely tough decision for his tournament life.

Either way, Gill took it down and now has more than 200,000 for the first time in the tournament.

5:59pm: Lindley thinks it through
With the board reading 7♦8♣A♦J♥T♠, Christina Lindley faced a 14,000 bet from the big blind. She tanked for several minutes before her expression suddenly changed and she verbally declared a call.

The big blind turned over jack-ten for the rivered two pair, Lindley sighing with relief as she showed her ace-ten for aces up.

"I really thought you had king-queen of diamonds," she said as she stacked up the pot. She's up to 134,000 in chips.


Christina Lindley

5:56 pm: Brett Richey busto

Micah Raskin claimed the last of Brett Richey's chips, the money going in on the river with the board reading 6♠K♥J♠J♦3♦. Raskin's pocket queens were good and Richey could only show T♠8♠ for a busted flush draw.

5.55pm: Profiteers
How do you make 300,000 chips in three levels? I don't know, but the men you should ask are Anh Van Nguyen and Travis Pearson, who have each done precisely that today.

Van Nguyen started the day with 65,800 but now has closer to 350,000. Pearson started with 85,500 and now has 385,000. They're in the top five of all counts in the room.

5.45pm: Silent and deadly Lind
For the first couple of levels today, media row - and the players on table 19 - were "treated" to the Minneapolis Jim Meehan show, which meant a lot of shouting, a lot of shoving of a short stack, a few cautions from the tournament staff, and a lot of breaks outside for cigarettes. And then he bust.

The character who has taken his place - in seat one, sandwiched between the dealer and Justin Smith - couldn't be more different. It's Team PokerStars Online's George Lind III who is sat their now, a silent and focused individual if ever there was one, who also has taken his stack in completely the opposite direction to Meehan's.


George Lind on day two of NAPT Los Angeles

Lind started today with 79,700 but is now stacking close to 300,000, having most recently eliminated Hafiz Khan. The got it all in pre-flop and although Lind's A♠K♥ didn't connect with a dry board, it was still better than Khan, who mucked and walked.

5:38pm: Photo finish
Phil Laak put Mike Lazar to the test, reraising him all-in before the flop. Lazar made the call, his two nines in a race against Laak's A♠K♦. The jack-high flop and the six on the turn kept Lazar smiling, but a king spiked on the river to send all but 8,000 of Lazar's chips over to Laak.

"Can I get that picture now?" Lazar asked Laak. The Unabomber happily obliged, handing Lazar's camera over to Jennifer Tilly, who snapped the shot.

Lazar busted only a few hands later, but at least he took home an excellent souvenir.

5:35pm: Break time breakdowns
Within ten minutes of coming back from break, we've seen the following people headed back toward the door: Hafiz Khan, Michael Martin, and Chad Brown.

5.30pm: Movers
Players have been flying out the door and the current tournament clock shows 171 people remaining - from a starting field of 701. That's, um, er, 530 lots of $5,000 that has gone up in flames so far.

Here are some folk who might fancy their chances of getting their mitts on a decent payday:

Nicholas Grippo 490,000
Thomas Middleton 365,000
Robert Acton 290,000
Shannon Shorr 197,000
Mike Sowers 205,000
Michael Binger 185,000
Gavin Griffin 260,000
Clint Coffee 225,000
Jason Mercier 180000
Bryn Kenney 230,000
Joe Ebanks 190,000
Adam Junglen 170,000
William Reynolds 185,000

5:15pm: Fischman crippled
Jonathan Gagnon-Villeneuve came in for a raise to 5,000 and Scott Fischman three-bet hi to 12,000. "He'd been three-betting light, so I four-bet him," Gagnon-Villeneuve said. The bet was 26,000. Fischman called and they saw a 3♠4♦Q♣ flop. Gagnon-Villeneuve made it 24,000 and Fischman shoved. Gagnon-Villeneuve snap-called with a set of threes. "He had ace-five offsuit," Gagnon-Villeneuve serif of Fischman's hand. Fischman missed his four outs and is down to 4,000. Gagnon-Villeneuve, meanwhile, is up near 200,000.

5:15pm: Players take a ten-minute break

5:10pm: The departed
Level 12 saw the departures of several notables, including Mark Seif, Chris Moneymaker "Minneapolis" Jim Meehan and Isaac Haxton.


Isaac Haxton

5pm: Griffin grapples with Grippo
Nicholas Grippo has the kind of stack that his opponents can either regard as too intimidating to mess with, or see as a potential source of income. Gavin Griffin, to his immediate right, is certainly trying to persuade some of that stack into his own possession - and pocket aces help.

It was folded to Griffin on the button and he raised to 4,600. Grippo called from the small blind and the flop came 8♣Q♦4♠. Grippo check-called a bet of 6,700 at this point, then check-called 15,800 on the 5♣ turn, and then check-called 26,000 on the 8♥ river. Griffin showed his A♣A♥ and Grippo mucked.


Griffin and Grippo

4:55pm: Mercier moves, shanks Shaniac
When Jason Mercier disappeared from his seat, we got worried we'd missed some obscene elimination. We eventually found him slumped down in a seat and involved in a hand with Shane Schleger. Schleger check-called on every street and for the following amounts.

Flop: J♠6♦[A♦ (5,600)
Turn: 7♦ (16,400)
River: K♣ (25,200)

When Schleger made his final call, Mercier flipped up A♥K♦ for two pair and the win.


Jason Mercier

4:45pm: Due some luck, Affleck doubles
Matt Affleck is probably more famous right now for being unlucky than anything else. Having his aces cracked deep in the WSOP (by eventual champion Jonathan Duhamel, no less) and broadcast to the world, Affleck is now being recognized even by foreigners as "the sad one."

So, perhaps due a bit of good fortune, Affleck just got it all-in for 41,500 pre-flop with A♣T♣. Phil Laak looked him up with A♥8♥. The flop was clean, but the T♠ came on the turn and Affleck is now working with more than 80,000 again.


Matt Affleck

4:40pm: Negreanu departs
Daniel Negreanu was very, very short stacked and finally got his last nine or so big blinds in with king-ten. It wasn't good enough to beat an ace-jack and Kid Poker leaves us.

4:18pm: Storytime with Chad Brown
Out in the eastern time zone, the kids are going down for a night of rest (tomorrow is a school day, kids!). Maybe you'd like to put them down with a bedtime story told by Downtown Chad Brown. (Disclaimer: The PokerStars Blog does not endorse letting men with the nickname "Downtown" into your child's bedroom at night. Parental guidance is advised).

4pm: Leaders lead, leaders lose
While Nicholas Grippo and Tom Middleton, the day 1a chip-leaders, continue to make hay on day 2, the man who filled that role on day 1b, Kim Frederiksen, is OUT. It was a horrible day for Fredericksen, who barely won a pot of note. His 237,000 starting stack is now scattered across the room as he seeks a plane back to Denmark.

3.55pm: They call this level 12
After an action-packed opening two levels today, we are left with 221 players. That means 80 have departed already and we're only slightly more than a quarter of the way through the day. (We play seven levels.)

Nicholas Grippo and Tom Middleton, dominant stacks from day 1A, have enjoyed by far the best of it. Grippo is beyond half a million and Middleton is closing in on something like that.


Nicholas Grippo, our leader


Tom Middleton, not far behind

Players have returned from their second break of the day and we'll now play blinds of 1,000-2,000 (200 ante) in level 12.