NAPT Los Angeles: Day 5 levels 28-30 live updates (60k-120k-15k)

napt-thumb.jpg10.05pm: Joe Tehan is NAPT Los Angeles champion, winning $725,000
Chris DeMaci out in second, winning $440,000
Just like that, it's all over. Joe Tehan, who has eliminated every single player on the final table, completes the job and sends Chris DeMaci to the rail.

The final hand started innocuously enough, with a raise to 240,000 from Tehan and a call from DeMaci. The flop came 3♠5♥K♠ and Tehan bet 375,000. DeMaci announced that he was all in, for what would have been about 3 million, but Tehan didn't waste any time in calling.

Tehan: K♣[10h]
DeMaci: K♦4♥

They both had top pair, but Tehan's kicker was bigger. When the 5♠ turned, DeMaci was now drawing to a chopped pot with any picture card. But the 4♠ was now a blank and Tehan's two pair, ten kicker, won the day.

Stand by for a full wrap of the final table.

10pm: New bet sizing
With blinds now up to 60,000-120,000, the new opening raise is 240,000 - a min raise, but still eight times the starting stack of the players in this tournament. Chris DeMaci has taken the first couple of pots without showdown.

9.55pm: Back
They. Are. Back.

9:40pm: Break
Tehan may have DeMaci on the ropes, but that sound you hear is the bell marking a 15-minute break. When they come back, the chip counts will look like this:

Tehan: 18,405,000
DeMaci: 2,540,000

9:32pm: DeMaci wants his Day 4 stack back
It's worth noting here that the last time DeMaci's stack was this small was some time on Day 3. He's working hard to get back to where he ended yesterday, but even that will only be 1/3 of the way to victory.


9.25pm: All in again. Fold again.
This one started in standard fashion, a raise from Chris DeMaci to 200,000, which was called by Joe Tehan. They went to a flop of 4♥[10d]6♦, which they both checked, for a 6♣ turn. DeMaci bet 200,000 and Tehan called. The river was another six, the 6♥ and DeMaci moved all in for 2,310,000. "That sucks," Tehan said. "I guess I should fold. I don't really want to." But then he did fold.

9.15pm: Chip, chip, chip, all in
Joe Tehan has been steadily chipping away at Chris DeMaci, to the point that DeMaci just moved all in for the first time. Tehan opened to 200,000 and Chris DeMaci announced that he was all in. "How much?" said Tehan and was told it was 2.28 million. "All right," he said, and folded. DeMaci is now reduced to that all in move only, and we could see a big showdown any minute now.

9:00pm: Tehan sniffs out DeMaci's bluff
It was a raise and re-raise to 500,000 that led our men to a 3♥Q♥2♣ flop. DeMaci led for 450,000 and Tehan called. The Q♠ came on the turn. Both players checked. On the Q♣ river, DeMaci bet out 1,125,000. Tehan sighed and said, "I hope you're not bluffing with a better hand." Finally, he called. "You got it," DeMaci said and showed jack-ten. Tehan proudly showed his K♣J♥ for the win and the only significant pot for the first hour of play.


Tehan smells a rat

8.45pm: Small-ball, but intriguing
Although there still haven't been any major confrontations, the two of them are at least playing a bit of poker here. Chris DeMaci just took down a small-ish pot, but they all count at this stage.

DeMaci opened to 200,000 and Tehan called. That took them to a 5♥4♦9♥ flop. DeMaci bet 225,000 and Tehan called. The turn was 9♦ and Tehan bet 375,000. DeMaci checked his cards and seemed very interested in progressing, eventually calling to see a 5♣ river. But then they slowed down and both checked.

"King high," said Tehan. DeMaci's A♥2♦ won it.


King high no good

8.30pm: And the next ten
And here's what happened from hands 11-20. Bet you won't read it all:

Hand 11: DeMaci folded.
Hand 12: Tehan raised to 200,000 and DeMaci re-raised to 550,000 total. Tehan folded.
Hand 13: DeMaci folded.
Hand 14: Tehan raised to 200,000 and DeMaci called. That took them to a 3♦3♥5♦ flop, which DeMaci checked. Tehan bet 250,000 and that was the end of that.
Hand 15: DeMaci raised to 200,000 and Tehan called. They saw a J♠8♥8♦ flop, and both checked it, taking them to a 2♠ turn. Tehan bet 225,000 and won.
Hand 16: Tehan raised to 200,000 and DeMaci called. This was the third hand in a row we saw a flop, and this one came 2♥3♣5♦. Check, check. The 7♦ turned and DeMaci bet 225,000, which was good enough again.
Hand 17: DeMaci folded.
Hand 18: Tehan raised to 200,000 and DeMaci called again. Anyone see a pattern here? The flop came 4♣3♥2♦, which was checked, and the turn came J♠. DeMaci bet 215,000 and that won it for him.
Hand 19: DeMaci folded.
Hand 20: Tehan raised to 200,000 and DeMaci bumped it to 500,000.

There, that was boring wasn't it. That's why we don't go hand-for-hand. But rest-assured we'll report anything major with renewed vigour.


A Joe's eye view of Chris DeMaci...


...and a Chris's eye view of Joe Tehan

8:23pm: The first ten hands of heads-up play

Hand 1: DeMaci raised to 160,000. Tehan folded.
Hand 2: Tehan raised to 160,000. DeMaci folded.
Hand 3: DeMaci raised to 160,000. DeMaci folded.
Hand 4: Tehan raised to 160,000. DeMaci called. The flop came Q♦3♠K♥. DeMaci checked. Tehan made it 200,000 and DeMaci folded.
Hand 5: DeMaci completed from the small blind. Tehan raised to 250,000. DeMaci folded. Tehan asked, "Did they tell you to play small ball against me?"
Hand 6: Tehan raised to 160,000 and DeMaci folded.
Hand 7: DeMaci completed from the small blind. Tehan raised to 175,000. DeMaci folded.
Hand 8: Tehan raised to 160,000. DeMaci called. The flop came out 9♠Q♦J♦. Both players checked to the J♠ on the turn. DeMaci bet 210,000 and Tehan called immediately. The river was the K♣. DeMaci bet 360,000 and Tehan folded.
Hand 9: Blinds moved up to 50,000-100,000-10,000. DeMaci raised to 225,000 and Tehan folded.
Hand 10: Tehan raised to 200, 000 and DeMaci folded.


Joe Tehan and Chris DeMaci heads up in Los Angeles

8.15pm: Off again
Here we go again. There are seven minutes of level 28 remaining.

While we wait...
While everyone scarfs down some food, here's a look at what Joe Tehan or Chris DeMaci will get (in addition to the $725,000 first prize).


7.05pm: Heads up chip counts

Joe Tehan: 14,595,000
Chris DeMaci: 6,350,000

Play resumes at 8pm.

7pm: Al Grimes out in third, winning $250,000
We are very quickly down to two players here in Los Angeles as Al Grimes is out in third. He'll be delighted with that. He came to the table in eighth place, played disciplined short-stack poker and wound up with $250,000.

Joe Tehan opened from the button to 165,000. Grimes moved all in from the small blind for a total of just more than 500,000. Chris DeMaci folded but Tehan called - and was ahead.

Tehan: J♥9♣
Grimes: 7♠8♠

The flop brought hopes of an outdraw for Grimes. It came [10h]7♣3♦ to put him ahead. But Tehan had loads of outs, and the 9♥ was one of them. The K♦ on the end was a blank.

We're now taking a one-hour dinner break before returning for the heads up battle.


Al Grimes accepts his third place fate

6:53pm: Tehan scores double KO; Ray Henson eliminated in fifth place ($145,000), Anh Van Nguyen departs in fourth ($195,000)

Chris DeMaci folded from under-the-gun, and Joe Tehan shoved, effectively setting any of the three men to act behind him all-in. Although we've seen plenty of folds all around in this same situation, Anh Van Nguyen called from the button and Ray Henson called from the big blind. Nguyen had Henson outchipped, but Tehan had them both covered.

Nguyen A♦Q♥
Tehan K♥5♥
Henson A♥J♣

The 9♦9♣4♦ flop put some interesting chop possibilities out there for Nguyen and Henson, but the K♣ fell on the turn, giving Tehan a stranglehold on the hand with top pair. The river blanked with the 2♣ and with a one-two punch, Tehan eliminated both opponents. Henson collects $145,000 for his fifth-place finish while Nguyen's slightly larger stack graduated him to a $195,000 payday.

We're down to three.


Van Nguyen departs


Sad Ray Henson

6.45pm: Tehan wriggles out of DeMaci's trap
Chris DeMaci completed from the small blind and Joe Tehan raised to 225,000 from the big. DeMaci called, and the two big stacks went to a flop of [10h]J♣9♠. They checked. The turn was 3♠, which they also checked, and the river came 7♥. DeMaci checked, and Tehan checked behind declaring "Ace high." DeMaci had A♦8♦ for the rivered straight and has possibly been hoping for a bet from Tehan on the end. It didn't come.

6.40pm: The old routine
See 6.20pm.

6:31pm: DeMaci shoves on Tehan
Joe Tehan has been mercilessly bullying the table and Chris DeMaci decided to put a stop to it, at least temporarily. Following an opening raise to 205,000 from Ray Henson, DeMaci reraised to 500,000. Tehan four-bet to 1,000,000, Henson folded, and DeMaci moved all-in.

"Just gimme a sec, don't count it all," said Tehan as DeMaci began cutting down his 5,250,000 in chips. He folded a moment later and DeMaci picked up a sizeable pot.

6.20pm: The Joe Tehan show
With such a huge chip lead, Joe Tehan is utterly dominating proceedings. He now has the three short stacks all to his left, and once Chris DeMaci has folded, he's simply moving all in and putting them to a decision for their tournament. So far, none has taken him on, perhaps eyeing the money jumps by clinging on a while longer.

6.10pm: Henson doubles short stack
After doubling up Van Nguyen, Ray Henson was left with a critically short stack of 670,000. He didn't take long to get it in: shoving from the small blind, and called by Chris DeMaci in the big.

Henson was in need of some help. He had J♠9♣ to Henson's A♣J♣. But he found that help on the flop, when it came 2♥9♥5♥. The turn and river were blanks and Henson doubled courtesy of that nine.

He now has about 1.3 million.


Ray Henson (left) on the way to doubling up through Chris DeMaci

6:09pm: Mercier's exit interview
How does Jason Mercier feel right now. He's here to tell you.

6:06pm: Anh Van Nguyen doubles through Ray Henson
To use Anh Van Nguyen's own words, it was another coinflip for "all the marbles."

Ray Henson opened for 205,000 and the action folded around to Nguyen in the big blind. He moved all-in for 765,000 and Henson made the call, his K♠Q♠ up against Nguyen's 4♠4♥.

The K♥J♥8♥ flop paired Henson's king, but Nguyen picked up a flush draw. He missed it when the 7♣ fell on the turn but got there with the 2♥ on the river and doubled to 1.62 million. Henson was left with 670,000.


You'd be smiling, too, if you were Van Nguyen

6pm: Setting the tone
After Ray Henson and Chris DeMaci folded, Joe Tehan announced that he was all in from the button. That, of course, was a touch of showboating: he was merely asking the short-stacked Van Nguyen and Al Grimes if they wanted to play for their tournament lives from the blinds. Nguyen didn't. He folded. Grimes chuckled, then flipped over pocket threes as he also folded. Tehan has ten times as much as those two, and it seems likely we'll see that move again.

5:50pm: Play resumes
The five remaining players are taking their seats. At this hour, Joe Tehan has more than half the chips in play and a nearly 2-1 lead on Chris DeMaci's second place stack. The other three players all have less than 1.5 million, way behind Tehan's 11.1 million.

Joe Tehan: 11,105,000
Van Nguyen: 955,000
Al Grimes: 1,270,000
Ray Henson: 1,565,000
Chris DeMaci: 6,600,000


Joe Tehan all smiles

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