NAPT Los Angeles: DeMaci survives rough day for chip leaders

napt-thumb.jpgDay 3 of NAPT Los Angeles was not a great day to have "chip leader" attached to your name. If at any point a scribbling blogger counted down your stack and decided you now had more chips than anybody else, it seemed certain you would lose half if not all of those chips within a matter of minutes. To be sure, there were good players who looked to go to Day 4 with millions of chips who have now left with mere thousands in dollars.

The only thing that could save a chip leader on Day 3 was getting hold of the lead at the same time the tournament directors said it was time to bag the chips. That safe spot at the top was assigned to Christopher DeMaci who finished the day with 3,783,000. He put a bow on the day by busting Mike Leah on one of the last hands of the night with aces versus queens. He could only remark, "I run decent." Pulling up at a safe distance behind him is Micah Raskin who holds 2,310,000.


DeMaci, chip leader heading into Day 4

While there were many stories to be told on Day 3, the one that several people will be telling at whatever busto bar they're in tonight is that of the hot-running Jason Mercier who finished the day in third place. The Kid Who Can't Be Beaten came into today and privately said he didn't feel like messing around. He had another tournament he wanted to play on Tuesday, so if he was going to finish the NAPT main event on Monday, it was going to be with some serious chips.

Mercier made good on his promise. He was was willing to flip for millions at just about every opportunity. Pocket fours versus Mark Ader's ace-king. Sure thing. Pocket fives versus Cary Katz's ace-queen. No problem. It was to the point that Katz could only be heard to mutter, "Damn it" when he saw that Mercier had another small pair. Why? Because it was bound to win.

Mercier finished with 2,150,000, a number his fellow PokerStars-loyalists can follow into day 4. Team Online's George Lind III bagged up 538,000. Canadian Team Pro Anh Van Nguyen goes to bed with 834,000.


Mercier, leading the PokerStars charge

For a look at those who didn't survive the day, check out the NAPT Los Angeles main event prizes and winners page. For a complete look at how the remaining 19 players are stacked going into day 4, feel free to peruse the NAPT Los Angeles chip counts page.

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