NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout: Level 1 updates

napt-thumb.jpg2:01pm: Break time
Players are now on a 15-minute break.

2.05pm: The Vasquez charge
Luis Vasquez is our first $10,000 man as he has just picked up his second bounty of this tournament and eliminated Curt Kohlberg.

This is one of those hands that was fairly standard pre-flop but then went nuts after three community cards were exposed. There were three players: Kohlberg in the small blind seat, Vazquez in the large and Petter Jetten on the button. Those three cards were: K♦3♥[10d].

Kohlberg and Vasquez checked but then Jetten bet 1,300. Kohlberg announced "Twenty-six hundred more," and threw out the necessary chips, to which Vasquez re-re-raised, making it 15,000 to play.

Jetten was done and he folded, but Kohlberg moved all in. Vasquez called.

Vasquez: A♦2♦ for nut flush draw
Kohlberg: 3♣3♦ for bottom set

After the requisite delay for the camera vultures to descend, the dealer turned the Q♦, filling Vasquez' flush. Kohlberg still had outs to the full house, but the 6♣ was not one of them.

Kohlberg takes his leave and Vasquez now has about triple his starting stack, as well as three bounty chips. The table only started with five players and they're already down to two

2:02pm: Brian Powell doubles through Barry Greenstein
Down to 5,175, Brian Powell open-shoved and Barry Greenstein made the call.

Powell: A♦K♥
Greenstein: A♣Q♦

There was little hope for a Greenstein suckout, especially after William Reynolds confessed to folding a queen. The board complied, running out K♠8♦7♣Q♠3♠ and Powell earned the double-up. Greenstein is still well-stacked, however, with more than 25,000.

2:00pm: Sung scoops a big one
Steve Sung limped in from under-the-gun, Hoyt Corkins followed suit from the button, as did Scott Paston in the small blind. Joe Cassidy raised the price to 1,100 from the big blind all three of his opponents making the call.

Paston checked the Q♣7♠2♣ flop over to Cassidy, who made a 2,600 continuation bet. Sung called and both Corkins and Paston folded. Heads-up to the turn, which fell the 6♣. Cassidy checked and Sung checked behind. The river was the 9♥ and Cassidy checked to Sung, who bet 4,200. Cassidy gave up his hand and Sung took down the sizable pot, sending his chip count up to 32,000.

1:53pm: Keep up with the bustouts
We've posted a list of everybody who is playing, their table number, bustouts, and bounties on our Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout Round 1 results page.

1:45pm: Stein staying alive
Brian Powell will be cursing Sam Stein and the K♦ after that particular card landed on the river - one of only four outs in the deck - to keep Stein alive. It was already a huge pot and four cards were out: Q♥4♥6♣2♥ when Stein moved all in for his last 11,975. Powell insta-called and tabled A♦A♥ for an overpair and the nut flush draw. Stein was in big trouble with his K♣Q♦.

As Stein prepared for an early exit, the cameras descended in time to see the dealer burn and then turn that K♦. Bink, Stein was back in it and Powell calmly asked how much it was to count out the double up. Powell is now the short stack.

1:41pm: Chau Giang eliminated
Another all-in during the first level? Say what?

We happened upon the hand on the turn with the board reading 6♦4♦2♠7♠. Chau Giang led out for 5,200 and Matt Glantz moved all-in for 16,475. Giang tanked for well over five minutes, sitting up on his knees.

"I don't care. I call," Giang said defiantly, turning over A♠5♠ for straight and flush draws.

Much to his surprise, Glantz revealed Q♦J♦.

"Oh my God!" exclaimed Giang.

The dealer burned and turned the river, the 9♦ making Glantz's flush.

"Oh come on! He hit it!" spat a disgusted Giang.

"But you're still my friend," said Glantz with a warm smile as he extended his hand. Giang shook it with a laugh.

"Come on guys, hug it out," offered Scott Seiver.

A few hands later, Giang moved all-in for 1,875 from the cutoff and Pat Pezzin called from the button. Giang's A♠7♦ was dominated by Pezzin's A♥K♥ and a king hit the flop, spelling Giang's elimination. Pezzin also claimed Giang's $5,000 bounty.

"I want to go home. I don't want to play with you no more!" Giang quipped as he made his exit.

1.40pm: The Vasquez freeroll
Luis Vasquez, who knocked out Tom Marchese to collect the first bounty of the day, is putting his big stack to good use. He went to a flop with Curt Kohlberg on what is now a four-handed table, and the two of them saw: J♥9♦2♦. Vasquez checked, Kohlberg bet 1,000 and Vasquez then raised to 2,500. Kohlberg called.

The turn was 3♠ and now Vasquez bet 3,000 at it. That was good enough to persuade Kohlberg to lay it down.

Vasquez was one of five players who won their seat in this tournament in last night's $5,000 super satellite. Having collected Marchese's bounty in the first orbit - worth $5,000 - Vasquez has already earned back his investment. Essentially he's freerolling already.

1:25pm: The Internet v. The Real World
Scott Seiver, fresh from the final table at the Main Event, got involved with the Venetian Bounty Shootout champion, Aston Griffin. Seiver raised to 800 under the gun and Griffin called in the cut off. Matt Glantz, who won the High Roller event at EPT London, also called in the big blind and the three of them saw a 2♠A♦2♥ flop.

Glantz checked, Seiver bet 11,000 and Griffin called. Glantz got out the way. The turn was 7♦, which they both checked, and the river was 9♥, which they also both checked. Griffin flipped black pocket tens, and that was enough to get Seiver to muck.

That particular table pitches some of the leading lights of online poker - Griffin, Seiver and Greg Dyer, against the high stakes live game stalwarts Glantz, Chau Giang and the newly minted Team PokerStars Pro Pat Pezzin.

Which style will win out?>

1:08pm: Vasquez KOs Marchese in the day's first elimination
Only eight minutes had ticked off the tournament clock when our first elimination took place. NAPT Venetian champion Tom Marchese got his entire stack in the middle before the flop against Luis Vasquez, his A♥K♦ up against the Vasquez's A♦A♣.

"How about some hearts or diamonds so I at least get a sweat," Marchese quipped.
He did get two hearts on the T♥4♣2♥ flop and picked up a gutshot straight draw when the J♠ hit the turn, but he couldn't find a miracle queen on the river, the 3♥ falling to send him to the rail in rapid fashion.


Tom Marchese, victim #1


Luis Vasquez scores first bounty

1:10pm: Raymer mixes it on table two
They're all pretty tasty tables here, but some stand out even in this exalted company. The action on table two is feisty already, where the PCA High Roller champion William Reynolds sits next to the Team PokerStars Pro duo of Barry Greenstein and Greg Raymer, with Sam Stein, Brian Powell and Brett Richey closing it out.

Raymer has been involved a lot in the early stages. After Greenstein raised his button, Raymer three bet from the small blind and forced everyone else out, showing pocket jacks. On the next hand, Greenstein raised the cut off and Raymer three-bet the button, again picking it up. This time he showed a bare A♠.

Raymer then raised the hijack, making it 500 to go and Powell called on the button. The flop came 5♣9♠Q♣ and Raymer bet 900, which Powell called. The turn was 4♣ and Raymer slowed down. His check allowed Powell to bet 1,500 and Raymer let it go.

"I can't even beat four deuce," Raymer said.

"That's not four deuce," said Powell as he mucked his hand.

1:05pm: The Negreanu Show
Daniel Negreanu's role today seems to be warming up his table for the TV cameras. Part of the act is playing with his opponent's names. Our favorite so far is his singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with Sorel Mizzi's name inserted.

"The Mizzi Mizzi spider!" sings Negreanu.

This is how the day will go.

And this is how the day will go according to the video blog team:

1:04pm: Cards in the air
The cards are in the air in the $25,000 Bounty Shootout here at Mohegan Sun.

Every player has been given a real $5,000 chip. Bust a player, win their chips. Simple game.


The Bounty Chips

12:58pm: play about to begin
With 35 players in the field and each table more scary than the fanged red-eyed monster that lives under every hotel bed I've ever slept in, we're about to get under way.

We have five six-handed tables and one five-handed table for a total of 35 players.

Here's what the seat draw looked like.


Mike Ward washes the seat draw cards


Daniel Negreanu draws his seat card