NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout: Level 2-3 updates (300-600, 75 ante)

napt-thumb.jpgRound 1 results so far

Level over
It is. Back in 15 minutes.

4:35pm: Stein avoids grossness; William Reynolds gone
On a flop of K♥8♥6♦, Sam Stein flopped two pair with K♣8♣, which was sort of sick for William Reynolds who check-raised with A♥K♠. They got it all in and Reynolds winced. Scott Seiver walked by and said, "What are you so upset about. An ace is going to come on the river."

Reynolds didn't agree. "Jack, jack," he said calling the turn and river.

Turn: J♣.

Stein reeled a bit. "He called it. Don't do it. That would be so gross."

The river turned out to be the 2♣. Not gross for anyone but Reynolds who is now out.

4:30pm: Buchanan fells Paston
Scott Paston just couldn't believe Shawn Buchanan had it on a 2♣7♥A♦ flop. Paston called a check-raise all-in with pocket queens, only to see Buchanan turn over A♣T♥. "It's okay," Paston said. "I'm going to spike a queen."

He did not and he is gone.

4:25pm: Woodward whacks Smith, snaps off aces
On a flop of J♥T♣9♣, Daniel Smith check-raised all-in from the small blind and Matt Woodward made the call from the big blind.

Smith A♦A♠
Woodward T♠8♠

Smith, who has been rather vocal in his table chatter about how bad he has been running today, got another dash of foul luck when the 7♣ hit the turn, making Woodward's straight. Even more excrutiating was the wait he had for the TV cameras before the river was dealt. It was the A♣, and Smith made a hasty retreat.

4.20pm: Keeping up to date
You can keep up with the state of play over at the results page. It's moving mighty swiftly here at the moment and there are only three players left on tables one, two and six and four players left on tables three and four. The featured table, currently available to watch on, is already heads up.

4.10pm: Negreanu runs into the immovable Jaka, Jaka wins
Daniel Negreanu moved all in pre-flop twice in a row. The first time, Faraz Jaka couldn't call with his seven three, but the next time, with Negreanu brandishing the $5,000 bounty chip and with 8,600 of Negreanu's tournament chips up for grabs, Jaka could not resist.


Daniel Negreanu tempts Faraz Jaka with a bounty chip

He called and it was Negreanu's tournament at stake:

Negreanu: A♥9♠
Jaka: J♠6♠

Negreanu has been goading the "lucky" Jaka all day and certainly things weren't going to change here. The flop came J♥2♣6♦ giving Jaka two pair. "How do you do that?" said Negreanu.


Negreanu points out the "lucky" one, Faraz Jaka

The turn was the J♦ and filled Jaka's boat, sending Negreanu to explain it all to the television cameras. "I really hope you win," Negreanu said to Perry Howich, the only other player at the feature table, now faced with the task of taking on Jaka.


Daniel Negreanu and Faraz Jaka: No hard feelings

4:05pm: Made-for-tv hand sends Dyer to the rail
It was an all-in pre-flop confrontation between Greg Dyer and Scott Seiver with the hands looking like this.

Dyer: A♦Q♣
Seiver: J♠J♦

Seiver's banter kept us entertained until the TV cameras got in place, then it Seiver called his shot, "Jack!" he said a quarter-second before the dealer put out the J♥4♦K♥ flop.  

"How do you do that" Dyer asked.

Before Seiver had enough time to explain his witchcraft, the dealer did something naughty. What's that on the turn? Indeed, it was the T♥.  

Seiver mock-whined. "I needed this. I don't like it when I'm not happy."

We neglected to mention that before the turn came, Seiver called for the jack of clubs.

River: J♣.

Dyer is gone and Seiver picked up his bounty.

Seiver chatted to the video blog team ahead of the day's play:

3:58pm: Bingo, Bongo, Barry
Barry Greenstein got his 9,350 remaining chips in before the flop and a mega-stacked Sam Stein made the call. The hands?

J♦T♥ for Greenstein and 3♣6♣ for Stein. Whoa, Nelly.

No suckouts to report here, as the board ran out A♥2♥Q♦J♠8♥, doubling Greenstein to 19,000.

"I'd call that any day for $5K!" laughed Stein, explaining away the odd call. That's the beauty of this format.

3.50pm: Howich sends Lemke out
Brian Lemke was left looking for a miracle after he moved all in pre-flop with A♣Q♠ and was picked off by Perry Howich with A♥A♦. There was a glimmer of hope on the 6♣6♠2♣ board as Lemke had the only club. But the 2♦ on the turn left him drawing stone dead and Lemke left.

Howich has now picked up two bounties on the featured table - $10,000 already - and he is also the big stack there.

3:48pm: Anh Van Nguyen eliminated
It wasn't pretty for Anh Van Nguyen's pocket kings. He got them in against Jason Mercier's A♥J♠. Because Jason Mercier is Jason Mercier and he is destined to win everything (including my wife's affection someday, I'm sure), he spiked the A♠ on the flop. Anh Van Nguyen couldn't find a king. As it happened, Mercier had 25,500 and Van Nguyen held 25,400. That means Mercier picked up his fellow Team Pro's bounty as well as the chips.

3.45pm: Jaka accounts for Gibbons
Joe Gibbons is the latest player to bite the dust, the victim of the resurgent Faraz Jaka on the featured table. All the money went in on the flop of 7♥J♥3♠ with Gibbons showing K♥Q♥ for overcards and a flush draw. He was, however, behind Jaka's J♦3♥, who had flopped two pair.

The turn brought more outs for Gibbons: K♠ but the [10d] was a blank river and Jaka takes the $5,000 chip from Gibbons, who is now looking for alternative entertainment.


Joe Gibbons eliminated from bounty shootout

3:43pm: Ashton Griffin eliminated
There will be no back-to-back NAPT Bounty Shootout titles for Ashton Griffin, as our Venetian champion just fell to Greg Dyer.

Griffin opened for a minimum raise to 1,200 from the cutoff, Greg Dyer moved all-in from the big blind and Griffin made the call. It was A♣8♠ for Dyer and the K♠9♥ for Griffin, the flop coming down A♦J♦8♦ to give Dyer top two pair. Griffin was drawing dead when the 4♠ hit the turn and he turned and walked a way from the table to chat with Daniel Smith before the river card could be dealt (it was the 2♦).


Ashton Griffin as his back-to-back dreams die

Dyer collected Griffin's bounty and presently sits with 22,200 in chips.

3:41pm: Mercier staying alive
Jason Mercier just got it in preflop with pocket sevens againt Matt Woodward's K♣J♠. On the 2♣T♦3♣A♥4♥ board, Mercier survived and is back in the game.


Jason Mercier doubles up

3:39pm: Brett Richey eliminated
William Reynolds has just used 9♣J♣ (because clubs always get there) to make a flush against Brett Richey's A♣K♠. The details of the action are unknown, but the outcome is clear: Brett Richey is out.

3:28pm: Greg Raymer eliminated
We were caught up in the very long Steve Sung/Hoyt Corkins hand, but a clear cooler just sent Greg Raymer to the rail, courtesy of Sam Stein. Both players floppd two pair on a Q♦5♣K♦ board. Raymer's Q♥5♥ was no good against Stein's K♥5♦. Raymer signed a fossil for Stein, passed across chips, and his tossed him the $5,000.

3:27pm: Suck re-suck cripples Corkins; cowboy now out
It was a tough flop for Cowboy Hoyt Corkins. There was no way he wasn't getting it in with K♥J♣ on a Q♣5♣T♣ flop. Unfortunately for him, he was up agaist Steve Sung's A♣A♦. Corkins caught the A♠ on the turn, but Sung caught the 3♣ on the river for the re-suck.


Hoyt Corkins eliminated

Corkins was crippled and went out with A♠7♥ to Scott Paston's pocket kings a few hands later.


3:25pm: Ashton Griffin doubles through Greg Dyer
Down to 6,125 in chips, Ashton Grififn open-shoved from under-the-gun and Greg Dyer made the call from the small blind. Griffin turned up A♠9♦ while Dyer revealed J♥7♥. The T♦T♠2♥ flop favored Griffin and the A♦ on the turn left Dyer drawing dead. The river was the meaningless 6♣ and Griffin doubled up to 13,200. Dyer was left with 16,500.

3.20pm: Mizzi fried; Perry Horwich takes lead
Here's another pot that went mad on the flop. It was three handed, featuring Perry Horwich, Joe Gibbons and Sorel Mizzi and it ended with Mizzi hitting the rail.

The cards on the flop were: 7♣5♠4♠ and Mizzi moved all in for 10,400. Gibbons called, which tempted Horwich in too. The turn was 4♦ and Gibbons shoved his stack all in, covering Horwich. But Horwich called and it was a three-way showdown:

Mizzi: [10s]6♠
Gibbons: A♦A♥
Horwich: 4♦5♦


Sorel Mizzi doesn't want to look at the bad news

Horwich had flopped two pair and turned a boat and the other two were all but drawing dead on the river. It came 2♣, which was curtains for Mizzi and cut Gibbons down too. Horwich took the whole pot and one bounty and on we go.


Sorel Mizzi first out from television table

3:13pm: Raymer nabs Powell
Greg Raymer and short-stacked Brian Powell just got it all-in preflop. Raymer turned over pocket tens to see Powell's K♦Q♣.  

"I didn't want a race!" Raymer exclaimed. "I wanted you to have nines."

Though Powell was short-stacked, Raymer didn't feel good at all about the hand. "I'm not all-in, but I'm pretty damned close," he said.  

When the flop came A♠4♥7♦, Raymer shook his head. A rare sense of fatalism had fallen over him. "Now it's just going too hurt more on the river," he said.

He needed not worry. The turn 2♦ and river 5♠ did nothing to change the hand. Powell was elminated and Raymer picked up the $5,000 bounty.

3.05pm: Goosen gone
Steven Goosen's day is done, with Daniel Smith picking up his $5,000 bounty. Goosen got his short stack all in with Q♠J♣ and Smith called with A♣5♦. The board was a blank 7♣K♦6♦8♣3♠ and Goosen leaves us.

3:02pm: Marcello Delgrosso eliminated
Shawn Buchanan just claimed his first bounty of the day, taking out short-stacked Marcello Delgrosso.

Joe Cassidy started things off, limping in from under-the-gun. Steve Sung limped in behind him, Delgrosso limped in the cutoff, and Shawn Buchanan raised to 2,300 from the button. Cassdy and Sung folded while Delgrosso moved all-in for 2,550. Buchanan called the small balance, turning up A♥3♠ to Delgrosso's Q♦7♦. No love for the Canadian Team Pro on the T♥6♠5♣T♦K♣ board and he hit the rail as Buchanan stacked up 30,500 in chips.

2:56pm: Brett Richey used to suck
There was a time when Brett Richey was an Amherst College student who traveled to a nearby casino (not this one) to play when he was under age. And, he wasn't very good. As it happened, Richey was playing in the same casino as Greg Raymer lo those many years ago. It's been nostalgia hour at their table for the last little bit.

A little while later, Raymer came in for a raise and Sam Stein re-raised him. When it folded back to Raymer, he mucked immediately.

"I only raised because Brett reminded me how bad he used to play and it was his big blind," Raymer admitted.

2:48pm: Vazquez tortures his table
Luis' Vazquez's table was the one that started with one fewer player than the rest. Since Vasquez has knocked out the first two players there, he is now three-handed with the chip lead and $10,000 in bounties to his credit. Just now, he and Peter Jetten got 1,500 in on a T♥A♣5♥Q♣ board. When the A♥ came on the river, Jetten checked and Vazquez bet 10,000.

"That was the #1 worse card there for my hand," Jetten said.

Jetten muttered to himself for more than five minutes, several times looking as if he was going to call, several times looking as if he was going to muck. Meanwhile, Vazquez twirled $15,000 (real money) in the form of three chips between his fingers, as if he didn't give a diddly damn what Jetten did. The 10,000 accounted for around half of Jetten's remaining chips. Tortured, he finally folded, and Vazquez pushed his cards face-down into the middle of the table.  

"You're not going to show the bluff?" Jetten asked.

Vazquez quickly nudged the cards toward Jetten and said, "Check it out."

Jetten swatted the cards away as if they were a couple of bees. "Now I don't want to know!" he said.

2.40pm: Jaka jumps up again
Faraz Jaka is now, all of a sudden, a real force again at the featured table. He got it all in pre-flop - raised and re-raised - against Brian Lemke and his K♥K♠ held up against Lemke's Q♥Q♣ on a ten-high board.


Brian Lemke

The all in was for 12,600 and so Jaka now has about 26,000, which is more than his starting stack for the first time today.

2.35pm: Negreanu makes play for bounty, misses
Faraz Jaka tossed his bounty chip towards Daniel Negreanu, goading him to make a pre-flop call of Jaka's shove. Negreanu had opened from the button to 1,100 and Jaka's shove was for 6,025 from the small blind.

Negreanu did indeed call and they were on their backs, with Jaka's life on the line.

Negreanu: K♠8♠
Jakka: A♠Q♣


Daniel Negreanu and Faraz Jaka

The flop brought nothing for anyone: 5♠5♦7♣ and the good news for Jaka was that neither did the turn 2♣ or river 4♣. Jaka gets to keep his bounty chip and remains in this one with 12,500-ish.

2:24pm: End of Level 1 chip counts

Table 1
Seat 1: Chau Giang--OUT
Seat 2: Pat Pezzin--22,225
Seat 3: Matt Glantz-- 48,725
Seat 4: Greg Dyer-- 20,575
Seat 5: Scott Seiver-- 26,250
Seat 6: Ashton Griffin-- 28,050

Table 2
Seat 1: Barry Greenstein--25,000
Seat 2: Greg Raymer-- 13,000
Seat 3: Sam Stein-- 52,000
Seat 4: Brian Powell -- 12,500
Seat 5: Brett Richey-- 27,700
Seat 6: William Reynolds-- 27,000

Table 3
Seat 1: Shawn Buchanan-- 26,400
Seat 2: Hoyt Corkins-- 34,450
Seat 3: Scott Paston-- 23,725
Seat 4: Joe Cassidy-- 24,000
Seat 5: Steve Sung-- 32,400
Seat 6: Marcello Del Grosso-- 8,825

Table 4
Seat 1: Jason Mercier-- 16,825
Seat 2: Daniel Smith-- 21,700
Seat 3: Steven Goosen-- 21,100
Seat 4: Anh Van Nguyen-- 33,000
Seat 5: Matt Woodward-- 27,850
Seat 6: Elijah Berg-- 29,150

Table 5 (TV featured table)
Seat 1: Perry Horwich-- 29,075
Seat 2: Brian Lemke-- 29,575
Seat 3: Daniel Negreanu-- 30,850
Seat 4: Faraz Jaka-- 6,525
Seat 5: Sorel Mizzi-- 18,950
Seat 6: Joe Gibbons-- 35,525

Table 6
Seat 1: Luis Vasquez-- 72,175
Seat 2: Greg Debora-- 19,225
Seat 3: Peter Jetten-- 33,600
Seat 4: Curt Kohlberg-- OUT
Seat 5: Tom Marchese-- OUT

2.20pm: The second level
Well that was fun. Despite the monster buy in and the big stacks (25,000) we've already lost three players, two of them from the same table and to the same player (Luis Vasquez).

We return for level two with most of the other tables intact, save for the empty seat where Chau Giang used to sit.

You can follow all the eliminations over on the round one shootout results page and then we'll have the full chip counts here in a moment.