NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout: Level 3 & 4 updates (1,200-2,400-400)

napt-thumb.jpg5:18pm: Level done
Players are moving up in blinds. You'll find us HERE now.

5:15pm: And sometimes they have it
Our final three players are known for their ruthless aggression and ability to run without the ball, but sometimes they actually have a hand.

Samm Stein came in for a raise to 7,900 and Jason Mercier called. The 4♥[Q♥A♣ flop drew a 9,300 bet from Stein. Mercier called and they saw the 4♠ turn. Stein led again for 17,100. Mercier again called. The 2♠ river drew a 36,700 bet from Stein. Mercier didn't think for too long before calling. Stein flipped up A♥A♦ for the flopped set and turned boat.

5:08pm: Matt Glantz eliminated in 4th place
Jason Mercier raised to 5,500, Matt Glantz reraised to 16,200 and Mercier came back with a 35,300 four-bet. Glantz moved all-in and Mercier snap-called.

Glantz T♠T♠
Mercier Q♣Q♠

Mercier's queens held up on the A♣5♣8♦9♦5♦ board, sending Glantz to the rail in fourth place. He earned $70,000 from his Round 1 win and the two bounties he collected.

With this KO, Mercier now holds more than half the chips in play and is up to five bounties.


Matt Glantz realizes he is behind

4:54pm: That's enough of that, sir
Matt Glantz opened the pot for 5,500 and faced a reraise from three-betting machine Faraz Jaka. Glantz gave him a taste of his own medicine, four-betting to 40,500. It was too rich for Jaka, who made the fold.

4:37pm: Jaka rebuilding
It was three players to a 9♦3♣6♦ flop. Sam Stein checked, Matt Glantz bet 9,200 and Faraz Jaka called. On the J♥ turn, Glantz checked, Jaka bet 26,000, and Matt called. The 6♣ turn brought another check from Glantz, a 60,000 bet from Jaka, and a fold from Glantz.

4:35pm: Updated bounty count

Sam Stein: 3
Jason Mercier: 4
Matt Glantz: 2
Shawn Buchanan: 4
Faraz Jaka: 4

4:28pm: Shawn Buchanan eliminated in 5th place
Jason Mercier raised to 5,500 on the button and Shawn Buchanan called from the big blind. Buchanan checked theQ♣T♥4♣ flop, leading Mercier to bet 7,600. Buchanan came in with a raise to 20,000 and Mercier shoved. Buchanan called off the rest of his stack, his tournament life at risk.

Buchanan Q♥T♣
Mercier K♣3♣

Buchanan flopped top two pair while Mercier was on a flush draw. The turn gave Mercier four more outs, the 9♠ falling to give him a gutshot straight draw. He made his flush on the river, however, the 9♣ spiking to give him the pot.

Buchanan departed in fifth place his four bounties and Round 1 table win earning him $80,000.


Shawn Buchanan accepts his fate

Mercier now has a stranglehold on the chip lead, with approximately 375,000

4:21pm: Cards in the air
We're back in action with 1,200/2,400/400 blinds.

4:01pm: Chip counts at break

Sam Stein: 237,400
Jason Mercier: 264,300
Matt Glantz: 143,800
Shawn Buchanan: 103,800
Faraz Jaka: 125,700

3:57pm: Players are on a 15-minute break
Break time. Back soon.

Sam Stein came in for a raise to 4,600 and Shawn Buchahan called. On a flop of 9♥[9♦J♠, Buchanan led for 4,500 and Stein called. On the 4♥ turn, Buchanan led again, this time for 11,100. Again, Stein called. The A♦, however, slowed Buchanan down. He checked, and Stein put out 22,600. Buchanan folded.

3:48pm: Stein puts the hurt on Glantz
Sam Stein raised to 4,600 from the button and Matt Glantz came along with a call from the big blind. Glantz checked the A♥K♥6♥ flop over to Stein, who bet 5,300. Glantz raised to 17,300 and after a bit of a think, Stein made the call. The turn came the 3♣ and Glantz led out for 28,600. Stein called. Glantz slowed down on the river, checking when the K♠ fell. Stein made it 57,800 to go, a bet that was too rich for Glantz. He folded and Stein raked in the pot, easily his largest one of the day.

3:34pm: Bounty count
As we've mentioned, whoever collects the most bounties in this event will get a free entry into the new NAPT Bounty Shootout tourney. Here are the people who are still in contention for that prize.

Sam Stein: 3
Jason Mercier: 3
Matt Glantz: 2
Shawn Buchanan: 4
Faraz Jaka: 4

3:21pm: Bachy Vazquez eliminated in 6th place
We were looking for a bit of action and our two most active players obliged.
Bachy Vazquez got the rest of his chips, 25,700 in all, in the middle on the T♠7♠4♣ flop and Faraz Jaka made the call.

Vazquez: 5♣T♣
Jaka: K♥T♥

Although Vazquez picked up a flush draw on the turn with the 9♣, giving both him and his railbirds a good sweat, the A♠ fell on the river, spelling Vazquez's elimination. With his table win yesterday and the four bounties he collected, Vazquez will take home $70,000.

Down to five.


Luis "Bachy" Vazquez eliminated

3:14pm: The last five hands
While we're waiting for some significant action to unfold, we'll give you a taste of how things are going right now. Here are the last five hands played.

1. Faraz Jaka limped on the button, Bachy Vazquez completed the small blind and Sam Stein checked his option. The action was checked to Jaka on the 8♣4♥4♠ flop. He bet 3,500 and only Vazquez called. Both players checked the 3♠ on the turn and the 7♣ on the river. Jaka took down the pot with A♥9♣ for ace-high.

2. Shawn Buchanan opened for 4,500. Jaka called and Jason Mercier three-bet to 13,800, a move that got both of his opponents to fold.

3. Shawn Buchanan raised to 4,600, winning the blinds and antes.

4. Matt Glantz raised to 6,500, winning the blinds and antes.

5. Sam Stein opened for 4,600, Matt Glantz three-bet to 13,700 and Stein released his hand.

3:08pm: Your final table in moving pictures
So, we'd like to think you'd stick around here and read what we have to write, but if you'e one of those people who like to watch this new-fangled live webcast thing, our buddies on the other side of the curtain have you covered.

For the live streaming webcast, just click HERE.

And while we're talking about the moving pictures, feel free to check out the video introduction for our final table.

2:56pm: Level up
We've moved on to the 1,000/2,000/300 level with all six players still remaining.

A few notes from last level.

Faraz Jaka was by far the most active player. We didn't count, but we wouldn't be surprised to see a stat that showed he played 50% of the pots. Meanwhile, with the exception of a couple hands, we haven't seen Shawn Buchahan giving much action.

The winner-take-all format of this final table makes for a different kind of strategy. Whetehr Jaka or Buchahan's strategy is the right one remains to be seen.