NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout: Level 5 & 6 updates (2,000-4,000-500)

napt-thumb.jpg7:42pm: Dinner break
Players are now on dinner break until 9pm ET. Here are the heads-up chip counts

Sam Stein: 426,000
Jason Mercier: 449,000

7:36pm: Stein folds to the four-bet
Jason Mercier raised to 10,000 from the button and Sam Stein called from the big blind. All hell broke loose (well, kind of) on the A♦K♥J♦ flop. Stein checked, Mercier made a 12,500 continuation bet and Stein raised to 32,000. Mercier wasn't going to give this one up easily and came back over the top for 59,500. That appeared to be the magic number, as Stein mucked his hand.

7:37pm: Part of being a winner...
is not getting impatient.

While there are a few dozen people in a hundred-yard radius who would like nothing more than to see these guys spew like a kid who shotgunned a glass of a ipecac, we're actually being treated to a pretty good and reasonable game of heads-up poker.


Jason Mercier: A picture of concentration

7:24pm: Break discussions
If this match doesn't finish up in the next 16 minutes, we're all scheduled to go on a an hour and 15-minute dinner break. With the players heads-up and everyone's night hanging in the balance, it's tempting to just play right through or take a shorter break.

That is, in fact, what Jason Mercier and Sam Stein are talking about now.

Our bet is we're going to dinner (we're thinking BBQ)...unless these boys can find a way to put this thing to bed.

7:11pm: Mercier extracts maximum value
Sam Stein raised it up to 10,000 and Jason Mercier made the call. Both players checked the 9♦8♠2♦ flop. Mercier checked again on the turn, which fell the T♠. Stein bet 14,000 and Mercier came in with ye olde check-raise to 36,500. Stein looked him up and they went to the river. It was the T♥ and Mercier led out for a hefty 68,000. Stein looked a little distressed at the size of the bet but made the call anyway, only to watch Mercier roll over 6♥7♥ for the rivered straight.

These two are still about even in chips.

6:53pm: Sam Stein doubles through Jason Mercier
Jason Mercier had ground out a nice lead over Sam Stein, but after this hand, they are essentially back where they started their heads-up match.

Mercier raised to 10,000 from the button and Stein called. On the 8♣6♦5♣ flop, Stein checked, Mercier led out for 12,500, Stein raised to 34,000 and Mercier called. The turn brought the 8♠ and Mercier checked. Stein bet 57,000 and Mercier moved all-in, Stein making the call for his entire 216,500 stack.

Stein made a nine-high straight on the turn with 9♥7♠ while Mercier was drawing to the same straight with 7♣3♠. Mercier could only hope for a chop but didn't get one, the 3♣ falling to give Stein a double-up to nearly 500,000.

We could be here for a while.


Send the chips to Sam

6:43pm: Level up
Jason Mercier and Sam Stein are now playing at (2,000-4,000-500).

6:34pm: Stein can't call the river
Mercier made a standard pre-flop raise to 7,500 and Sam Stein called. Stein check-called a 9,000 bet from Mercier on the Q♣J♠9♣ flop, then check-called another 21,500 when the J♣ hit the turn. The river was the 2♠ and Stein checked a third time. Mercier made it 50,500 to go, enough of a bet to chase Stein away.

6:21pm: Stein recovers lost chips
Jason Mercier made it 7,500 to go and Sam Stein three-bet to 21,000. Mercier called, then led out for 25,500 on the T♦4♥4♣ flop. Stein made the call. Both players checked the 6♠ on the turn. Mercier checked again on the river, which fell the 7♣. Stein bet 37,000 and it was enough to induce a fold from his opponent.

6:17pm: A word from Jason Mercier
Jason Mercier, as you might have heard, knows how to win things. It's just what he does. We can't explain it. We'd have an easier time lecturing on string theory, we think.

So, instead of trying to deconstruct the dude, we'll just let him speak for himself.

Here's what he had to say before we started play this afternoon.

6:08pm: Mercier's soul-read nets huge pot
Jason Mercier opened for 7,500 and Sam Stein made the call from the big blind. Stein checked the 9♦4♥2♦ flop over to Mercier, who bet 9,500. Stein raised to 25,500 and Mercier calls. The turn was the 8♥ and Stein took the lead with a 38,000 bet. Mercier called and they went to the river which fell the K♣. Stein took one more shot with a 63,500 bet and after a short dwell, Mercier looked him up.

Stein had nothing but air with J♠T♣, meaning Mercier's 3♣4♠ for fourth pair was good. Mercier is now up over the 600,000 mark.

6:00pm: Heads-up play resumes
We're back in action.


5:54pm: Updated bounty count
With that last elimination, Jason Mercier has locked up the free seat in the next NAPT Bounty Shootout, whenever that may be.

Sam Stein: 3
Jason Mercier: 6
Matt Glantz: 2
Shawn Buchanan: 4
Faraz Jaka: 4
Luis Vazquez; 4

5:47pm: Heads-up chip counts

Sam Stein: 406,700
Jason Mercier: 468,300

5:38pm: Faraz Jaka eliminated in 3rd place
On the very next hand, Jason Mercier opened for a 6,900 raise. Faraz Jaka moved all-in for 71,400 and Mercier quickly called.

Unfortunately for Mercier, his A♠7♦ was dominated by Jaka's A♦K♣, but Mercier's kicker was in the door as the dealer fanned out the J♣T♦7♣ flop. Jaka got a major sweat on the turn when the 9♣ fell-- he could now win with a queen, a king or a club-- but the river didn't cooperate. It was the J♥ and the man known online as "the-toilet" exited the stage in third place.

With that, we're on an unscheduled 20-minute break.


Faraz Jaka eliminated

5:32pm: Stein puts the pressure on Jaka
Sam Stein opened for 7,000 and Faraz Jaka three-bet to 25,000. Stein leaned over to take a look at Jaka's stack and assess what he had behind (about 120,000) and decided to flat-call. The flop was K♦Q♥7♦. Jaka led out for 38,000 and Stein put out enough large-denomination chips to set him in. Jaka decided not to pull the trigger and released his hand, conceding the pot to Stein.

5:25pm: Updated bounty count

Sam Stein: 3
Jason Mercier: 5
Matt Glantz: 2
Shawn Buchanan: 4
Faraz Jaka: 4

5:21pm: Level up
Players are now on 1,500/3,000/500 blinds.