NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout: Levels 4 & 5 updates (500-1,000, 100 ante)


Round 1 results so far

7:39pm: Jetten eliminated; Vazquez advances to finals
Peter Jenn came in for a raise to 2,600, Luis Vazquez raised to 8,200, and Jetten called. On a flop of 2♥Q♦A♣, Vazquez checked, Jetten bet 9,000, and Vazquez called. The turn, 9♠, went check-check. The 3♦ river should've changed nothing, but not Vazquez led for 16,700. Jetten immediately announced all-in, and Vazquez snap-called. Jetten was on a bluff, and showed J♠T♦. Vazquez tabled A♥9♥ for the flopped pair of aces. He had Jetten covered. Jetten is gone.


Vazquez won his entry into today's event in last night's $5,200 satellite. Today, he eliminated every player at his table. Including the $50,000 he earned for winning his table and all the bounties, Vazquez has already earned $70,000.

Tomorrow's Bounty Shootout final table will comprise:

Matt Glantz, USA
Sam Stein, USA
Shawn Buchanan, Canada
Jason Mercier, USA, Team PokerStars Pro
Faraz Jaka, USA
Luiz Vazquez, USA

Stay tuned for a full-wrap up.

7.35pm: No change
There have been no notable pots so far in that last match, so the 35 or so people crowded around the table and somewhat disappointed. Meanwhile, the ESPN crew have turned off all the lights. I'm scared.

7.20pm: Back to it
Messrs Vazquez and Jetten are back to the table and play has resumed.

7.05pm: Dinner break scrapped
That's the end of the level but plans for a dinner break have been put on hold in favour of a 15-minute break. It's only the one table between Luis Vazquez and Peter Jetten still playing, and they have the following counts at the break:

Vazquez: 61,250
Jetten: 63,750

7pm: Jetten isn't threatened, leads last table
Peter Jetten is now in complete control of the last remaining table, having doubled up to around 75,000 in the match against Luis Vazquez. Vazquez raised to 3,000 pre-flop and Jetten made it 8,000. Vazquez moved all in and Jetten called all in, for his last 36,025.

Jetten: T♦T♥
Vazquez: J♦8♦

The board threaten Jetten's pocket pair. It came Q♠K♥3♣K♣4♠ and he doubles up.


Peter Jetten, left, versus Luis Vazquez in the last match

6.55pm: Sung sings no more
Remember that "sick freeroll" between Shawn Buchanan and Steve Sung (see 5.20pm post below)? Well, it just happened again - and this time it hit to send Sung out and Buchanan into the final.

The flop was out: 5♣A♠Q♣ and Buchanan checked. That was the last action in the hand that was anything short of all out aggression. Sung bet 1,500, Buchanan raised to 3,500. Sung three-bet to 6,500; Buchanan four-bet to 18,500 and Sung moved all in. Call.

Sung: A♦2♠
Buchanan: A♣2♣

So they had exactly the same hand at this point, but with the clubs Buchanan had a freeroll to the flush. The turn was all it took, coming K♣ and that ended that one. Buchanan will line up tomorrow; Sung won't.


Steve Sung and Shawn Buchanan

6:45pm: Matt Glantz defeats Scott Seiver
We were looking at a board of 8♠2♣8♥5♣ when all of a sudden Matt Glantz and Scott Seiver all-in. Glantz had Seiver covered,both in chips and hand strength.

Seiver: Q♠Q♥
Glantz 8♦T♦

The 3♠ was no help to Seiver, and he lost his chance to repeat on NAPT Bounty Shootout final tables.


Scott Seiver out of Bounty Shootout


Matt Glantz wins his table at Bounty Shootout

6.30pm: Jetten comeback, Buchanan boost, Debora bust
Peter Jetten has put on quite the comeback to halt Luis Vazquez's charge. Jetten now has close to three quarters of the chips on that table, with the approximate stacks as follows:

Peter Jetten: 75,000
Luis Vazquez: 27,000
Greg Debora: 11,500


Peter Jetten

On the nearby table, Steve Sung is the short stack against Shawn Buchanan. Sung just made a big laydown to leave himself with only 36,000 and the rest with his opponent. Buchanan limped the small blind, adding 500 to call, and Sung bet another 2,000 on top from the big. Buchanan called. The flop came 9♥9♠5♠ and Sung bet 3,300. Buchanan raised to 8,500 and Sung called.

The turn was the 6♥ and after Sung checked, Buchanan bet 13,000 and Sung folded. "Was that a good fold?" he asked. Buchanan didn't tell him.

STOP PRESS: Greg Debora is out. His 9♠2♣ wasn't good enough to beat Vazquez's 8♥9♦ on a 4♣9♣K♦7♣5♠ board. They're now heads up, too

6:25pm: Berg Busts, Mercier advances
"Don't worry, when I call I'll do it quick," Jason Mercier said to one of ESPN's cameramen only a few moments ago as he folded a hand. He'd end up making good on his promise.
Elijah Berg limped in on the button, Jason Mercier made it 2,300 to go and Berg called. Mercier fired 3,300 on the T♣9♠4♣ flop. Berg moved all-in and Mercier called in a flash, turning up A♦A♠. Berg held the 7♥9♦.


Bullets for Mercier


Elijah Berg

The turn gave Mercier a bit of a sweat as Berg picked up four more outs, the 6♥ falling to give him a gutshot straight draw. However, the K♦ hit the river and it was all over on Table 4, Mercier picking up $60,000 and advancing to the final table.

6.10pm: Jaka ejects Horwich
Faraz Jaka has broken the resistance of Perry Horwich and sealed his spot in the final. He'll return to the television table tomorrow, where he began today in fact.

The final 11,000 of Horwich went in the middle after a flop of Q♠3♣4♦. It was a big overbet to a small pot, and Jaka had noticed. "Why are you going all in?" Jaka said. "That's a big all in. Tired?"

"You know it," said Horwich.

"Huh? That's why you went all in?"

"Double me up," said Horwich.

"All right," said Jaka as he tossed in three light blue chips to cover the 11,000 bet.

"You have a pair?" asked Horwich.

"Yeah," said Jaka.

"Well, you're ahead of me."

Horwich showed A♠J♥; Jaka showed J♠3♠. Neither the turn nor the river brought the ace Horwich needed, and so that was the end of that.


Perry Horwich

Jaka takes $60,000 for winning that table, plus $15,000 for the bounties he's picked up along the way. He'll be back tomorrow for a shot at further riches.

6:08pm: Seiver evens it up
Scott Seiver just got his last 35,050 in the middle on a board of J♥4♠8♦2♠. He was way ahead of Matt Glantz.

Glantz: K♦8♠
Seiver: J♠3♠

The 2♦ on the river chnaged nothing and Seiver has brought his stack up to even with Glantz.

6:00pm: Perry Horwich doubles through Faraz Jaka
Faraz Jaka has been putting the pressure on Perry Horwich in nearly every hand they've played in their heads-up match, but Horwich finally channelled a bit of Jaka's run-good.
Jaka held 141,500 to Horwich's 8,500 to start the hand and moved all-in from the button. Horwich decided to gamble and made the call, his 5♦6♣ trailing Jaka's K♠4♥.

"If I do make it, we have to do this ten more times," Horwich laughed good-naturedly.
Jaka paired his four on the T♣T♥4♦ flop, but Horwich picked up a open-ended straight draw when the 7♦ fell on the turn. He made it on the river with the 8♥ and doubled his stack to 17,000.

"Hey, if you don't cheer, I'm gonna cheer for you," said Jaka, giving Horwich a round of applause as he quietly stacked his chips.


Faraz Jaka

6pm: Va-va Vazquez
Table six was the first to lose a player and the first to get down to three handed, but now it is the only table remaining that isn't either playing heads up or is completed. Luis Vazquez, Greg Debora and Petter Jetten are all still there.

That said, I'd still not be surprised to see it end before all the other encounters, largely because Vazquez is still wielding that mighty stack with impunity and there's not much anyone else can do about it.

Just recently, he was at a flop with Debora and they both checked the [10h]K♣4♥ board. Vazquez check-called Debora's 3,000 tickle on the 8♠ turn, and then he did it again when Debora fired 6,500 on the 4♦ river.

"Good call," said Debora and mucked after Vazquez showed [10c]5♣.

On the next hand, Jetten raised from the button to 2,000 and Vazquez three bet his small blind, making it 6,400. The other two swiftly got out the way, both now nursing short stacks.

5.45pm: Woodward does it to himself
Matt Woodward has just been knocked out by Jason Mercier - and is angry with his own play. He had lost a couple of pots in succession, one to Mercier and then another to Elijah Berg, who rivered a pair of fours to take it down, much to Woodward's dismay.

Woodward tried to make something happen on the next hand, when he raised from the button to 2,000 and Mercier called in the big blind. Mercier also asked how much Woodward was playing in this point, and heard that he had 41,000 behind.

The two of them went to a flop of 3♠Q♠5♥ and Mercier check-raised Woodward's bet of 2,800, making it 8,650. Woodward called. The turn came 8♣ and Mercier announced that he was all in, sending Woodward staring at the heavens.

"What am I doing to myself?" Woodward lamented. "I'm playing so bad here." Woodward seemed to have priced himself in, but had also got a little bit of the board now, a fact revealed when he called and tabled [10h]8♥. Mercier had Q♦J♥.

Woodward needed another eight or a ten, but the river came 9♥ to put him out of his misery.

Mercier now has the big stack going into a heads up battle with Berg.


Jason Mercier

5:42pm: Shawn makes Sung sweat
Steve Sung is a guy who hardly gives off any emotion at the tables, but he sure didn't look thrilled about making this fold.

Sung opened for 2,000 on the button and Shawn Buchanan called. The flop was 9♠9♦4♥ and Buchanan checked to Sung, who bet 3,000. Buchanan put in a check-raise to 6,600 and Sung called. The turn was the 7♣ and this time Sung took the lead, betting 7,000. Buchanan made a quick call. However, when the 6♥ hit the river, Sung slowed down and checked, opening the door for Buchanan to put in a hefty 24,000. Sung tanked for so long it's a miracle there wasn't a clock called, although with only 44,500 behind, the call would have been for more than half his stack. He eventually found a fold and Buchanan raked in the pot, increasing his stack to 105,500.


Steve Sung

5.20pm: Sick freeroll doesn't get there
After typical pre-flop tomfoolery, Shawn Buchanan and Steve Sung saw a flop of 5♠3♥3♣. Buchanan bet 3,100 and Sung called, taking them to a turn of J♠. Buchanan bet 7,000, Sung raised to 18,000 and Buchanan moved all in. Sung called instantly.

Their cards, well, they looked pretty similar:

Sung: A♣3♦
Buchanan: A♠3♠

Buchanan couldn't lose but in his own words, he had a "sick freeroll" with the spades. The ESPN producers weren't interested in the 25% chance though and so Sung didn't have to sweat the delay for the cameras to descend. The dealer sent down the 6♣ and that was that.

5:29pm: Glantz sends Pezzin packin'
Matt Glantz and Pat Pezzin were in for Pezzin's final 13,425 and Pezzin was dominating.

Pezzin: 4♠4♥
Glantz: 2♥2♠

That is, Pezzin was dominating until the 2♦6♦A♦ flop.

While Pezzin picked up a draw on the 5♣ turn, he missed when the river fell 5♦. Pezzin is gone, Glantz picks up the $5,000 bounty, and the feature table is now heads up.


Pezzin sees the deuce

5:12pm: Greenstein eliminated; Stein advances to final
Barry Greenstein's stack was at a pretty severe disadvantage to start the heads-up match against Sam Stein. Ever since Stein cracked Brian Powell's aces in the early going, he's been steamrolling everything. So, perhaps it's appropriate that Stein's final punch was with A♣A♥. Greenstein's 5♦5♥ was no match and Stein advances to the finals. He also wins $50,000 for winning his table and an autographed copy of Greenstien's book "Ace on the River."


Greenstein signs his book for Sam Stein

Greenstein chatted to the video blog team earlier today:

5:11pm: Elijah Berg doubles through Jason Mercier
Elijah Berg got his remaining 19,850 chips in the middle before the flop and Jason Mercier made the call from the small blind. Berg turned up J♦T♥ while Mercier showed 9♥9♦.

"I'm pretty sure I folded a ten," offered Matt Woodward.

The A♠6♠2♥ flop favored Mercier, as did the 2♠ on the turn. The J♠, however, hit the river, eliciting a frustrated frown from Mercier as he shipped about a third of his chips across the table.

Berg is now up to 40,000 while Mercier is on 37,800.

5:06pm: Back in action
After an extended break, we're backin action.

4.55pm: Level four under way
Welcome back for level four. There are only 15 players who have made it this far - the others paid $25,000 for less than three hours play. Must be nice.

Anyhow, these are the remaining players and their counts. Table one has been switched to the television table, with the Jaka v Howich heads up battle relegated to the outer areas. Sorry for them, but with Scott Seiver, Matt Glantz and Pat Perrin still pretty even on table one, there should be a lot of excitement there.

Off we go then on level four.

Table one
Pat Pezzin - 31,325
Matt Glantz - 70,050
Scott Seiver - 47,125

Table two
Barry Greenstein - 23,225
Sam Stein - 126,775


Table three
Shawn Buchanan - 78,575
Steve Sung - 71,425

Table four

Jason Mercier - 65,600
Matt Woodward - 63,425
Elijah Berg - 20,450

Table five
Perry Howich - 88,100
Faraz Jaka - 61,400

Table six
Luis Vazquez - 34,950
Greg Debora - 44,925
Peter Jetten - 46,125


Scott Seiver feels the pressure