NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout: Levels 7 & 8 updates (3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpgMercier defeats Stein for NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout title
Two hands after that last sickening hand, Stein was out. He doubled once to 40,000, and then lost on the next hand when he couldn't make 9♥3♥ beat Mercier's T♠6♣.

Jason Mercier's published winnings including bounties,a $25,000 seat in the next bounty shootout, and championship? $475,000.

A full wrap up is coming in just a few minutes.

10:43pm: Stein nearly drowned on a cruel, cruel river
Every so often while covering a poker tournament, you come across one of those hands that just leaves your mouth hanging open. It draws comments like "so sick!" "just like online!" or our personal favorite "RiverStars!"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we just bore witness to one of those positively dumbfounding hands.

Jason Mercier opened for 14,500 and Sam Stein three-bet to 41,500. Mercier moved all-in for 430,000 and Stein called. Stein's A♦J♦ was racing with Mercier's pocket threes, and the J♥6♠2♠ flop put Stein in a dominating position to win.

Then the 4♥ hit the turn, giving everyone pause. Mercier now had six outs to a win.
And there it was, the 5♥ on the river. A runner-runner straight. Stein looked positivley shattered, left with only 13,000 in chips after a coinflip we imagine he'll never forget.

10:26pm: Well, that was REALLY almost it
Sam Stein made it 21,000 to go, Jason Mercier moved all-in for 150,000 and Stein called.

Mercier K♣T♦
Stein A♣Q♣

The normally stoic Stein couldn't hide his smile as the flop came down A♥J♥2♠, pairing his ace. The 5♣ on the turn left Mercier drawing only to the three remaining queens in the deck, but I think you know where we're going with this post...
Boom. The Q♠ hit the river. Mercier could hardly believe it himself. He's now sitting on 302,000 in chips and our match is evening up once again.

And you wanna know why we love to work our photographer Joe Giron? Here's the "Before the River" and "On the River" shots of Sam Stein.


Oh, please don't let me get three-outered


Poked with the devil's pitchfork

10:17pm: Patch Power
Daniel Negreanu has been around most of the day and recently sat down on the rail to root for Jason Mercier. Sam Stein must have given Negreanu a funny look because Kid Poker responded, "Nothing personal, yo. Fellow Team Pro. Patch power!"


10:15pm: Well, that was almost it
Jason Mercier opened for 15,000, Sam Stein moved all-in for 306,000 and Mercier called, his tournament life on the line.

Stein A♣9♥
Mercier A♦8♣

Mercier breathed a huge sigh of relief as the board ran out A♠2♥6♦2♦K♥, ending the hand in a chop. Not so much for the increasingly weary audience, who let out a collective sigh and retook their seats.

And onward we march...


Stein sees the chop

10:10: Dealer change, blinds up
We've got a new dealer in the box now and blinds up to 3,000/6,000/1,000. That, we predict, will shake some things up around here.

9:52pm: Quack quack
It's still slow-going here with both our finalists playing small-pot, deep-stacked poker (each man has somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 big blinds). However, Stein managed to make a huge hand and extract some chips from his opponent on the last deal.

Stein opened for his standard 12,500 and Mercier called. The flop was 9♣4♥2♥ and Mercier check-called a 17,000 bet from Stein. The T♠ on the turn brought another check from Mercier and a 32,000 bet from Stein. Mercier called and they went to the river. It was the 9♠ and Mercier check-called another 68,000, mucking his hand as soon as Stein revealed his 2♦2♠ for deuces full of nines.


Stein enjoying the chip lead

9:16pm: Stein outkicks Mercier
Jason Mercier put in a pre-flop raise to 12,000 and Sam Stein called from the big blind. Stein checked the 9♣8♦3♠ flop over to Mercier, who bet 16,500. Stein called, and they went to the turn, which fell the K♣. Stein checked again, Mercier bet 29,500 and Stein called. The K♥ on the river brought another check-call from Stein, this time for 68,000. Mercier turned over 7♦9♦ for kings and nines, but Stein had him outkicked with A♠9♠ and he picked up the 194,000-chip pot.

9:12pm: First pot to Stein
Sam Stein opened for 12,500 and Jason Mercier called. The J♣J♥T♠ flop brought a check from Mercier and a 17,000 bet from Stein. Mercier called and the two checked down the 5♣ on the turn and the 7♦ on the river. Stein showed pocket deuces and collected the pot.

9:10pm: Butts in the chairs, cards in the air
We're back to name a champion.

8:58pm: Play about to resume
Here is the state of play:

We ate Bubba's BBQ for dinner. We're full.

It's nearly 9pm.

Oh, and Sam Stein and Jason Mercier are about to sit down to play for the NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout championship.

Here's how they stack up.

Sam Stein: 426,000
Jason Mercier: 449,000