NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 1, levels 5 & 6 updates (200-400-50)

napt-thumb.jpg6:36pm: Break
Players are now on their final break of the night. They will come back and play two more levels before breaking for the night.

6:28pm: Eric Levesque, part deux
Montreal's Eric Levesque can't stop smiling. His tablemates are still laughing. All but one anyway. He came in for a raise and then called his opponent's three-bet. On the A♥3♣6♥ flop, Levesque checked and his opponent bet 8,100. Levesque offhandedly said, "I'll put you all-in."

The guy called so fast, most people believed he had a set of aces. In fact, it was Levesque with A♣A♦, up against J♥9♥. He faded the hearts and stacked up his chips again. He's sitting on more than 100,000.

Addendum:We're slightly embarrassed to say we didn't even recognize the opponent in the above post was none other than our buddy David Baker. Everything happened so fast, we hardly had time to say howdy.

6.25pm: Prizes
The payout structure has now been finalised and our winner here will take home $750,000. The full details of how the whole pie will be divided among 104 players is now detailed on the payout structure page.

6.20pm: A vision in red (hats)
We're going to call this series of pictures: "Two black shirts, two red hats, one worn by Dennis Phillips and one signed by Dennis Phillips and worn by Frank Cieri from Yonkers, NY." It's self-explanatory. The things you see, huh.




6.15pm: Tidbits
Chad Brown is missing presumed out. He never got much traction today and his chair is now occupied by someone who is not Chad Brown.

Ty Reiman, second at the PCA this year, has been moved into the main tournament room on the same table as Gavin Griffin and Greg Raymer.

Trivia time I: it was in this casino that Raymer won a seat to the 2003 World Series of Poker in a live satellite. Not much happened for the Fossilman that year, but about 12 months later he won a seat on PokerStars and won the whole shebang.

Trivia time II: Griffin was the first player to complete poker's triple crown of tournament victories on the EPT, WPT and at the WSOP. Now, of course, they're all after the quadruple crown - adding an NAPT title to that. Griffin, of course, is in pole position - and has the distinct advantage over Roland De Wolfe (the only other Triple Crown winner) by being here in Mohegan Sun.

6:04 pm: Barry=Busto
Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Chau Giang are all still in but their "Big Game" buddy Barry Greenstein just played his last hand of the tournament. All-in with Q-Q, Greenstein ran into K-K and, well, that was that.

5:51pm: The Eric Levesque Show
We've seen Canadian Eric Levesque perform his one-man show in several different cities in two different countries. It continues to leave his opponents nonplussed and everybody else laughing so hard they can't wait to see what happens next. All he has to do his put his opponent to a decision and then the show begins.

In this case, he three-bet an opponent and then called the four-bet. When the flop fell 5♣9♣8♣, his opponent checked, opening the door for Levesque to put out 12,000. His opponent looked at his remaining 22,000 chips and looked as if he might push them all-in.

"I think I have to," he said.

And the show began.

"That's good. I think you have to, too!" Levesque said. "I wish you would come. I mean it."

Levesque was asked if he would show his cards.

"Only if you pay me $20," he said. "You gotta stand up like a man! How can you fold now? I know what you have and you can't fold."

There was a pause, then Levesque continued.

"It's $50 now," he said. "I know you have a monster. It's $50."

His opponent struggled, fingered his chips, begged to see one of Levesque's cards. And then folded. Levesque smiled as if that was what he wanted to happen all along.


5.45pm: Weisner carries form forward
Melanie Weisner came to attention of PokerStars Blog at EPT Prague last year where she was a qualifier to the Main Event and ended up taking down the ladies tournament for her first live cash. Since then, Weisner has become a fixture on the EPT and has been deep in numerous tournaments, making another final table at the ladies event in Deauville.

Known online as Callisto 5, Weisner finished second in last weekend's $215 Weekly Turbo, winning for $11,564. She has clearly carried her fine form to the Mohegan Sun this week because she is up to around 115,000 already - turbo indeed.


Melanie Weisner at NAPT Mohegan Sun

Weisner is now sharing a table with Lars Bonding, who has been moved for the second time already today. Bonding still has around 90,000 so there's every chance of a major clash there.

5:36pm: New hour, new blinds
We're up to Level 6 and 200-400-50.

5.10pm: Danish twitter
As mentioned earlier, there's a good place to follow all the voracious Twittering going on from Mohegan Sun. It's on the PokerStars NAPT Twitter page, which is aggregating all those 140-character missives and turning them into, well, a long list of 140-character missives.

My particular favourite contributor today has been @1623poker, aka Lars Bonding, the Danish pro, who is tweeting in his native tongue. Hence the following description of his day so far. The "translations" are rough.

Horrorstart, kan ingenting 17.000. Lockdown nu
("Horror start. Down to 17,000. Lockdown now.")

Break. Sluttede lige af med at floppe mit 4. set, nul betaling :) 17.000 ved pausen
("Break. Some slut had a four. Smily face. I've got 17,000.")

Mystisk handske..... 5-better all in for stack mod Shaun Deeb med AJ..... han caller med ATo. Sjov dynamik.... Dobler 38.000
("What a mystic hand this was, played with Tarot cards or something. I five-bet all in with A-J and Shaun Deeb called with A-10. That's some funky dynamic. I've doubled up to 38,000.")

Tablemove. Derpå ACTION!!! Ryger all-in på 874 med 2 ruder, jeg har A6 ruder vs 87o. River J of diamonds, 75.000 nu about
("I've moved tables. ACTION!!! It was too rude. There was an 8-7-4 and I have a rude ace-six against 87o. The river was a jack of diamonds. I've got 75,000 or something like that."

Bagdørsflush under bagdørsflush, slipper billigt, 70.000
("Backdoor flush under backdoor flush. I have 70,000 and a pair of slippers.")

Kender 1 på mit nye bord.....
("I have no idea whatsoever what this means.")

Flopper endnu et set, får lidt betaling denne gang, 82.000
("I flopped a set. I beat the gang. I have 82,000.")

Battler lidt med en pige på bordet, som også er dyb. Vinder en semistor pot med JT på J864 board. Bluffede i praksis turn, runder 90.000
("Oh my. Who on earth would pretend to speak Danish? This is just letters put together close to one another but not real words. The board was J864 and I had JT. I have 90,000.")

Apologies to Mr Bonding if this translation is not precise, but the long and short of it is that he has close to 100,000 after a horror start and is one of the chip leaders here.


Lars Bonding ponders his next tweet

Another contender for that crown is Aaron Lerner, who is also pushing six figures.


Aaron Lerner

5:00pm: Hardy Boys: The mysterious case of the missing card
And then there were

Something was amiss across the room at Joe Cada's table. During a deal, a card simply disappeared like a raindrop in a puddle, beer in front of bloggers, and poker chips in front of, well, bloggers.

In any case, it appeared as though a card dealt to David Levi slipped under the padded rail. Normally, that's no big deal. All you do is lift up the rail and pull out the card. The tables here, however, aren't part of some fly-by-night operatioin. They are solid and don't come apart.

The ensuing panic was not unlike a family looking for a child who has wandered off. The tournament director, the WSOP world champion, and an untold number of floor people went to work in an effort to retrieve the missing card. Their fingers were too fat to fit under the rail. So, they tried a five-inch swizzle stick (in this case manned by the venerable David Levi). Again, failure.


Joe Cada, David Levi and a tournament official investigate "Missing Card"-gate

So, what then? They couldn't just leave the card there. It's not as if Levi couldn't be trusted, but leaving a card floating around in the middle of a tournament is akin to leaving the nation's nuclear codes in the bathroom at McDonald's (or something like that).

Leave it to Levi, though, he did not give up. He folded a piece of paper in two and took to sweeping under the rail like child searching for a ball under his bed.

"There it is!" the tournament director cried.

He pulled the card out and moved it face-down to the dealer.

"Well what is it?" the players begged.

The dealer turned over...the seven of spades, a mysterious and untrustworthy card if there ever was one.

With the case solved, play resumed without further incident.

4:50pm: Deeb doubles
At last, Shaun Deeb's day is turning around. With a bit over 16,000 in his stack, the action folded to him in the cutoff and he put in a 725 opening raise. The big blind called and they saw a Q♦3♠3♥ flop. The big blind checked, Deeb bet 1,125 and his opponent called. The turn came the K♣. The big blind checked again and Deeb tossed out a single 5,000 chip, verbally declaring a 2,600 bet. The big blind tanked for several minutes, not over a call, but over whether or not he was going to set Deeb in for the rest of his stack. Finally he put out a raise to 15,000 and Deeb snap-called all-in, flipping over A♠3♦ for trips. His opponent was drawing dead with A♣4♦ and after the 6♠ hit the river, Deeb raked in the pot, doubling his stack to just over 33,000.

4.35pm: Not that rare
Aaron Lerner is up to about 90,000 after finding aces against Victor Lama's kings right at the end of the last level. According to everyone over there on table 15, it was the second time in as many hands that aces and kings had been dealt. "Ah, it's such a nasty game," said Lama. Few disagreed.

4:27pm: Halfway through
Players are now up to 150-300-25. The keen eye will note we have now started using the first one-chip ante of the tournament.

If you missed it in the last level, the final number of players has settled at 716. Among them is none other than Montel Williams.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day1_JoeGiron_IJ70507.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at the Mohegan Sun: Change100, Howard Swains and Brad Willis.