NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 2, level 10 updates

napt-thumb.jpg2.50pm: Level over
That's that. Two levels done, 10 in total. We're going into level 11.

2:46pm: Front row seat
Looks like I'm in the front row!

The Eric Levesque Show has been moved to the one-seat of the table directly next to Blogger Central. He announced his presence with the siren's call..."Big fish coming! Big fish coming!"

2.45pm: Aurélien out
Paul Aurélien never did make it to the tournament room today, but he almost "occupied" two different seats.

His dwindling and unshepherded chip stack had been reduced to a solitary black chip (worth 100 - or one ante) when tournament officials arrived to break his table. "I'm not moving that $100 chip," said the floor staff, not unreasonably. So it was taken out of play and with that Aurélien's tournament came to a silent end.


Paul Aurelien's one chip and the tournament official who refused to move it

2.40pm: Tittle-Tuttle
Dennis Tuttle is the tournament chip leader. No one is sure how it happened, but he has doubled his overnight stack from 155,000 to around 315,000 as we approach the end of level 10, the second of the day.

2.35pm: Mercier tweets bad beat
Where to go to tell a bad beat story? Well, people tweet any old rubbish, so why not there. Jason Mercier (or @jasonmercier) has just sent this into the tweetosphere: "Napt mohegan sun just lost ak vs kq for 45k pot. Exposed q pre. Window card ace. He flopped the joint down to 40k." Tough one there for the Team PokerStars Pro, but we've seen Mercier with less than 40,000 before and making a massive comeback.


Jason Mercier

2:29pm: Mandy Baker, out-kicked
It was a battle of the kickers for Mandy Baker. She held J♣8♣ on a board with two kings and a jack. She was up against another jack with a ten kicker. The ten played and Baker was eliminated.

2.25pm: Griffin continues to fly
Gavin Griffin was just all in - and survived. James Gallo made it 3,700 and Dennis Park called one seat to his left. Griffin, on the button, bumped it up to 10,800 and both his adversaries called.


Gavin Griffin is all in

The flop came 6♦J♠3♠ and when it was checked back to Griffin, he moved all in for his last 28,400. Gallo got out the way pretty swiftly, but Park was not so hasty. He took some time to let his hand go, but eventually did fold. Griffin stays afloat with more than 50,000.

2.10pm: Baker runs into Rosen
This was a battle of the blinds that went a touch awry for Amanda Baker. She bet 2,300 on a flop of J♣5♦7♣ and the player to her left, Robert Rosen in the big blind, raised to 7,700. Baker took her time to make the call, but eventually she was obliging and they went to a 2♦ turn.

After Baker checked, Rosen shoved out a tower of blue chips, comfortably covering Baker's 20,000-ish stack. Baker folded and it'll be uphill from here.

2:00pm: Farewell, lovely Lana
Lana Maier had her work cut out for her today, arriving for Day 2 with only 9,500 in chips. She managed to chip her way up to 18,500, but went for the gusto when she looked down at A♥K♦. Maier open-shoved from early position and picked up a customer in Daniel Abramson, who made the call with J♦J♣. Maier did not improve, the board running out 9♣T♦Q♥9♥2♥ to send her to the rail.

1:56pm: Negreanu doubles up
Daniel Negreanu sat in the big blind facing a raise. He started, in his words, "yapping" about how he should just get it in. Then he looked down and found a good reason to. He held pocket aces. He did, in fact, get it in versus pocket sevens. His hand held and he doubled up.

1:53pm: Dennis doubles
Short-stacked Dennis Phillips has been a shoving machine since returning from the break and he finally got a customer. An early position player opened for 4,000 and after only looking at one card, Phillips moved all-in for his remaining 8,500. His opponent called, revealing pocket fives.

"I have the ace of spades and a mystery card," Phillips quipped.

He turned up A♠9♠ and won his race, the board running out A♥K♠3♣Q♦K♣ to earn him a double-up to about 20,000.

1.50pm: Akenhead busts Reynolds
Literally seconds after hitting publish on that last post, William Reynolds was seen departing his seat next to James Akenhead. As Reynolds headed for the exit, it was Akenhead left stacking his chips. This has been one-way traffic for the British player so far today.


James Akenhead stares down William Reynolds, foreground

1.45pm: Mixed fortunes for November Niners
James Akenhead and Phil Ivey shared the final table felt of last year's World Series Main Event, and they're both here in the day two field at Mohegan Sun.

After his early double up, Ivey has been sliced back down to around 30,500 now - and has found his attention diverted to the big television screen in the tournament room, where the Phil Ivey of golf, Tiger Woods, is just about to tee off in the Masters at Augusta.


Above and below: Phil Ivey finds his attention grabbed by his waitress ban- golf-playing alter ego, Tiger Woods


Akenhead, however, remains fearsomely focused at his table - and for good reason. He's added about 100,000 to his overnight stack already and sits with around 180,000 in chips. That spells serious trouble for his tablemates.

1:40pm: Level up!
After a short break to shake off the early-day cobwebs, the players are headed back for the second of six levels.

Around 360 players remain, which means we've lost about 100 in the first hour of the day.

We'll now be working with 600-1200-100 blinds.

At the end of the last level, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu lost a big hand with big slick versus ace-six and is now down below 20,00 chips

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day2_JoeGiron_IJ70739.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team: (in the order of age)...Photographer Joe Giron (50 years old today!), Brad Willis (36), Howard Swains (34), Change100 (32), and Alex Villegas (21).