NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 2, level 12 updates (1,000-2,000, 200 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg5:58pm: Break time
Players are on break. They'll be back in 15 minutes to play another couple levels.

5:46pm: Levesque redux
Moments after we spoke of Eric Levesque's silence, one of his now-famous monologues began. It happened when somebody bet 21,300 into him on a T♠5♥A♣8♠J♠ board.

Levesque was dying to call. He said, "Your cheek was shaking like that other guy who was here." Then he fingered his chips again. "I know you know what I have. Do you have the balls to do it and try to take me out? I think you do."

Finally, Levesque tossed in the call to see he was up against a set of tens.

"I don't like to fold," he finally a few minutes later.

Said another opponent, "That might be a whole in your game."

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day2_JoeGiron_IJ71000.jpg

5.45pm: Gregg down... Ah, someone typed too soon. Just as the big "Publish" button was being hit on that last Tony Gregg update, news reached that he had been crippled after a run in with Sorel Mizzi.

After one limp, Gregg raised to 6,700 from the hijack. Mizzi, one seat to his left, raised to 22,000 and it was folded back to Gregg. He three-bet to 55,000 and Mizzi four-bet shoved to 132,000.

Mizzi is the kind of player capable of four-bet shoving light, but Gregg didn't seem to think it was the case this time. He took his time - perhaps even pondering a fold - before calling with his Q♠Q♦. They were racing as Mizzi showed an unsuited ace-king. 

This time it was Mizzi who was blessed: an ace flopped and another came on the turn, leaving Gregg with 30,000 and taking Mizzi up close to 300,000.

5.40pm: Gregg up...
The 2009 PCA Main Event final table will likely be remembered as the day on which Benny Spindler met Alex Gomes and all hell broke loose. It's easy to forget that Poorya Nazari actually won that thing, and that Tony Gregg was the runner up. Neither of those two plays as many tournaments as either Spindler or Gomes these days, but they do make the occasional appearance. 

Gregg is here at the Mohegan Sun this week, for instance, and he just took down a decent pot from David Tepperberg. We caught up to the action when it has actually slowed right down and both players were checking the turn, with these cards exposed 2♦3♦7♥3♣. Tepperberg bet 15,000 on the river and Gregg called. Tepperberg showed 9♣9♦ and was beaten by Gregg's Q♠Q♥.

That was the end of that one as Gregg scooped in a pot of about 40,000 to get him to the upper 100,000s.

5:39pm: Smith Baxed out
Gavin Smith has been a short-stack ninja since losing most of his stack with tens to Soctt Sevier's aces. Whatever skills he had in the ninja area just evaporated when his pocket fours ran into Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy's pair of jacks. Smith is gone.

5:32pm: The Eric Levesque Show on hiatus
It's been a much quieter day for PokerStars qualifier Eric Levesque. Yesterday, he was a one-man show that had his table rolling all day long. Today, he's been relatively silent. A few minutes ago, we heard his voice for the fist time in hours. It was a reflective, "An ace would be good. A king would be good." And then silence again. His big slick was beat for about 1/3 of his stack by J♥J♦. He's still alive, though, which means the show could be back before the end of the day.


5:23pm: At least he likes the casino
As we reported just a bit ago, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu fell victim to a river two-outer. Shortly before that happened, he talked with our video team about his roller coaster ride here. One thing is sure, Negreanu likes the Mohegan Sun, even if he doesn't like how the Day 2s are treating him this year.

5.05pm: Three wayIt was all kicking off on table 19 where Mike Beasley, Cylus Watson and Vincent Rubianes were embroiled in some relentless pre-flop action. I'm not sure how it all got there but Watson was all in, Rubianes was all in behind him for about 60,000 more and Beasley was wondering whether to call them both out of his mighty 150,000-plus stack.

Beasley thought better of it, and was then shown 9♥9♦ in Rubianes' hand and A♣K♣ for Watson. Beasley was happy that he had folded what he said were pocket eights.

In fairness, he said that before the flop was dealt - and it explained his yelp as the window card was 8♠. The rest of the board came [10s]4♥Q♠7♦ and that sent Watson to the rail and gave Rubianes about 160,000 to play with and a big smile.


Vincent Rubianes

5:04pm: Williams passes 400k
Put two super-aggressive players at the same table and fireworks are bound to go off. We just didn't think it would happen this quickly. David Williams spent less than half an hour on Vanessa Rousso's left before claiming a nice chunk of her chip stack. We happened upon the hand with the river card already dealt, the board reading A♥4♠3♣Q♣K♣. Williams had a 50,000 bet out in front of him and Rousso was deep in the tank, replaying the action to herself in a barely audible mumble, at least from our vantage point.


Vanessa Rousso and David Williams

Rousso ultimately gave up her hand and Williams' stack is now somewhere in the neighborhood of 420,000. Rousso is down to 145,000.

5:06pm: 300K club has a new member
Hlf an hour ago, we only had five people with stacks greater than 300,000. Now we have six. You might know him as g0lfa. We know his as Ryan D'Angelo, winner of two 2009 WCOOP bracelets.

4:57pm: Cernuto sinking
We picked up the hand on the turn with around 25,000 already in the pot and Mark Salinaro betting 14,800 into Miami John Cernuto on a T♠[9♣5♣J♥ board. Cernuto made the call and they saw the 9♥ river. Salinaro moved all-in, covering Cernuto's 33,000 stack. With a heavy sigh, Cernuto put his hand in the muck. Salinaro is up around 135,00.

4:50pm: Negreanu's Day 2 curse continues
Aaron Lerner came in for a raise to 4,800 and Daniel Negreanu shoved for 25,000 from the big blind. Lerner took his time, but eventually called with 7♣7♥. He was up against Kid Poker's J♠J♣. The board ran out 8♥2♦3♠Q♣..........7♠.  

"I've been cursed on day 2," Negreanu remakred afterward. "It's really weird."

4.45pm: Markholt gets his marching orders
Lee Markholt is out. He was facing a decision for his tournament life on a queen-high rainbow board. He called all in and had pocket aces, but Al Melville had flopped top set with his pocket queens. As Markholt hits the rail, Melville now has about 250,000 - and he's going to need them all. He's on the same table as a chipped up Vanessa Rousso and David Williams, but has position on both of them.


Lee Markholt, right, sees the bad news as Al Melville, seated, remains impassive

4.40pm: Half-way house
The beginning of level 12, the fourth of Thursday, takes us over the hump and into the second half of day two. There are three more levels left.

The tournament information boards shows 267 players remaining, of which these appear to be the leaders:

Jordan Morgan 455,000
Dennis Tuttle 385,000
Vanessa Selbst 365,000
Stephen Reynolds 310,000
Cliff Jospehy 305,000
David Williams 270,000


Vanessa Selbst


Cliff Josephy

PokerStars blog reporting team at Mohegan Sun: Photography: Joe Giron; Wordery: Brad Willis, Change100, Howard Swains; Chip bitchery: Alex Villegas