NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 2, level 13 updates (1,200-2,400, 200 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg7:31pm: Break time
Players are now on break.

7:18pm: Right call, wrong result
Paul Zito came in for a raise from the small blind to 7,000 and Melanie Weisner called in the big blind. The flop came out J♠2♣T♠. Zito bet 9,000 and Weisner called. When the 6♠ fell on the turn, Zito pushed all-in for a little more than 57,000. Weisner agonized. She asked Zito of he wanted the call. She buried her face in her hands and then emerged with a stern-faced call. It was the right one. She held a red jack and the 8♠ pair with a little flush draw. Zito tabled A♠[9♦ with nothing more than the ace-high flush draw. The table and the rail quietly celebrated Weisner's call. It lasted all of five seconds. The dealer put out the 3♠ on the river. Weisner shrank into her seat and looked as if she might be sick. Zito raked in his chips. Meanwhile Weisner is down 45,000. Later, a friend came to visit and Weisner pointed to Zitos stack. "See all those chips?" she said. "They're supposed to be mine."


7:12pm: Another double for Bonding

Canadian qualifier Clayton Mozdzen opened and everyone's favorite Danish Twitter wordsmith Lars Bonding three-bet to 16,000. Mozdzen called, then checked the T♦6♥3♦ flop over to Bonding, who bet 20,000. Mozdzen called and the J♠ hit the turn. Mozdzen checked again, Bonding moved all-in for 81,800 and Mozdzen made a quick call.

Although Bonding's J♣8♣ missed the flop, he made top pair on the turn, rendering Mozdzen's A♥T♥ second-best. Bonding made trips on the river with the J♥ and doubled up once again, this time to 240,000.

Bonding, of course Twittered the hand in a way only he can: "3-better bigstack light med J8, han caller. Flop T63, ch, mig 20k, call. Turn J, ch, shove 80k ind i 80k, call med AT. Dbl up, 240.000"

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day2_JoeGiron_IJ71037.jpg

Happy Lars

7.10pm: suckoutqueen strikes
Vanessa Selbst is known online as suckoutqueen and this hand isn't exactly going to send her racing for a name change.

Selbst opened to 6,200 from under-the-gun and Lars Bonding called in the hijack. Another player - who is going to have to remain anonymous to protect all sensitivities - squeezed from the button to 30,000. Selbst took a moment but then announced she was all in. And with close to 400,000, that meant that the other two players were the ones with their lives on the line.

Bonding snap-folded but the third man snap called almost as quickly. Selbst showed Q♥Q♣ and was in big trouble against K♦K♣.

But poker is a mighty cruel/exhilerating game and after the flop came [10d]K♠J♠ giving top set but also a straight draw, the rivered 9♠ was decisive (the turn was the unimportant 5♥). Selbst was humble in victory, offering her hand and turning to reporters to utter, with a fitting degree of irony: "I play really good."

Selbst now has more than 500,000 - and there's at least one player cursing a run in with suckoutqueen.

7:00pm: Ivey's personal television
Today was meant for Phil Ivey to watch Tiger Woods play at Augusta. Though Ivey started in the back room, his table was quickly broken such that he had a perfect view of the giant ESPN display on the wall. Just now, he got involved in a hand that went to the river, in the end, his K♠Q♣ out-kicking a Q♠T♦ on the Q♦ river. It almost seemed inconsequential in the grand scheme, as Ivey was already turned back to Woods' final few shots.

6.45pm: Bonding sticks around
Lars Bonding, one of yesterday's dominant forces, has certainly not been having it all his own way today. He was down to around 60,000 - his lowest point since about level two - and all in moments ago, but his paltry stack size meant he got a call. He was loving it, with A♣A♦ against K♠Q♦. There were no miracles and so Bonding moved back into the game with about 130,000.

6.40pm: How to get a big chip stack, with Firas Massouh
There were big stacks and big reputations involved in this pot. No matter that they didn't have massive hands.

Michael Martin, Firas Massouh and Jonathan "Fatal_Error" Aguiar were those involved, three of them to a flop of J♥2♠5♥. Martin, in the small blind seat, checked, as did Massouh to his immediate left, and Aguiar bet 11,000. Both players called.

The turn was 5♦ and they all slowed up, checking to a 2♥ river. Martin, a former EPT London champion, bet 25,000 and Massouh, who has one of the top five biggest stacks here, sitting on around 450,000, took a tiny nibble out of his towers to call.


Firas Massouh

"I wish there were more hands I could represent," said Aguiar, as he folded.

Martin tabled J♠Q♠ for the flopped top pair. But he was looking skyward when Massouh tabled Q♦2♦ for the rivered trips. That's how you do it.

6.35: D'Angelo whacks Fernandez
Ryan D'Angelo's already-towering chip castle just added a few floors.

Jacobo Fernandez opened for 5,600 from early position and D'Angelo smooth-called in the big blind. D'Angelo checked the Q♥J♠5♥ flop over to Fernandez, who bet 11,000. D'Angelo raised to 28,500 and after a long think, Fernandez called. The turn brought the 5♠ and this time D'Angelo took the lead, making it 32,500 to go. Fernandez moved all-in and D'Angelo snap-called, turning up A♦A♠ to Fernandez's A♥7♥. No heart for Fernandez on the river, it was the T♦ and D'Angelo took his stack up to 475,000 while Fernandez made a quiet exit.


By happy coincidence, Ryan D'Angelo was featured at length in the video of the Mohegan Sun welcome party, which we now have in our possession. What's ours is yours, etc.:

6:23pm: Goodbye, he tweeted
We'll let Jason Mercier's Twitter account tell the story: "NAPT Mohegan Sun. Was up to 80k and lost KQ vs A9 for 80 bb pot. Sigh."

And that was that.

6.15pm: Others with chips
These are wealthy days. In addition to the dominant Jordan Morgan (567,000), Stephen Reynolds has 465,000, Firas Massouh has 450,000, Cliff Josephy has 390,000, David Tuttle has 380,000 and David Williams has 330,000.

All these counts, and more, are available on the chip count page and are the product of the hard work of Alex Villegas, whose family will be delighted to know is pulling his weight for once. (Hello Mel and Thomas).

6:09pm: And away we go...
The penultimate level of the day is now under way. 188 players remain in the field, with Jordan Morgan sitting atop the field with 567,000 in chips. His mega-stacked brethren include Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy with 390,000 and David Williams with 325,000

Blinds are up to 1,200-2,400 with a 200 ante. The average stack is 119,000.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day2_JoeGiron_IJ70979.jpg

PokerStars blog reporting team at Mohegan Sun: Brad Willis (Saggitarius), Howard Swains (Taurus), Change100 (Cancer), Joe Giron (Aries), Alex Villegas (Aquarius)