NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 2, level 14 updates (1,500-3,000, 300 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg9:00pm: End of Day 3
Play has ended on Day 3. Jordan Morgan has finished with the chip lead at 705,100. We'll have a full wrap-up in just a few minutes.

8.40pm: Lipman levels Weisner
Here's another prominent elimination in the last level of the day: Melanie Weisner has gone. She got her last chips in the pot with a suited king-nine but ran into Larry Lipman's pocket jacks. The board of [10d]5♦2♣A♣A♠ didn't help Weisner and she departs.

8.35pm: Reynolds is toast
Stephen Reynolds has been at or around the chip lead for a long time today. And now he's out. He "made a move with pocket threes" according to a table-mate and ran into Peter Jetten's pocket tens. Jetten made a huge call for his tournament life - his stack of 180,000 was still more than the average at this stage. But it turned out to be the right one and double Jetten up past 300,000 and cut Reynolds right down.

Reynolds last chips went to Aaron Lerner soon after.

8:28pm: In for $10
Steve Bordonaro got into this event on a $10 satellite. He finished Day 1 with 6,000 chips. That was 1/5 of his starting stack. Now he's sitting on more than $200,000, good for an above average stack at the end of the day. Here's what he had to say about it.

8.20pm: Bonding v Bambrick
Lars Bonding is only happy when he's putting his chips to work, and now he has some again, they're doing overtime.

Bonding raised to 8,000 from the cut off and Ryan Bambrick made it 22,000 from the button. Bonding called and they went to a flop of 4♦3♣7♠. Bonding checked, Bambrick bet 24,000 and now Bonding found the check-raise.

The Dane made it 40,000, which sent Bambrick into the tank. "You flop a set on me?" he asked, but was greeted only by silence. That seemed to tell him all he needed to know, however, as Bambrick folded.

Bonding now has more than 250,000 again.

8:18pm: The Eric Levesque Show canceled
After a highly-reviewed two-day run, The Eric Levesque show has been taken off the NAPT network line-up. Moments ago, Larry Sharp (the same guy who nailed Levesque with a set of tens earlier in the day), came in for a raise from the small blind. Levesque started one of his patented speeches, and then announced, "All-in." Sharp didn't think long before calling.

"I have a monster!" Levesque declared, and tabled T♥7♥.

It was a bad spot. Sharp held ace-ten. Though Levesque picked up a heart draw on the turn, he missed and walked off into the night. We firmly believe we'll see a the show continue at another event down the road.


8:14pm: Dennis Phillips has not been eliminated
Where did Dennis Phillips go? He had enough chips that he shouldn't have just disappeared! But the red St. Louis Cardinals cap, it's gone! If the cap is gone, so certainly is Phillips. Woe, woe...

Wait. He's just getting a massage. The hat has been put to the side. Cancel the alarm.


Dennis Phillips, with hat in place

8.10pm: Oh yeah, and D'Angelo
When we* said at the beginning of this post that the chip leader was either Vanessa Selbst or Jordan Morgan, that was of course a deliberate mistake. Ryan D'Angelo has close to 600,000 still, so let's not forget about g0lfa.


Ryan D'Angelo

*When I say "we" I mean "I".

8:02pm: Final table bound again?
A quick scan of the remaining 150 players shows we still have two players from the NAPT Venetian final table in our midst. Venetian champ Tom Marchese is sitting on around 180,000. Third place finisher Daniel Clemente has about 150,000.

8pm: Breathe again Vanessa
Vanessa Rousso was down to 34,700 but picked the right spot to get it all in. It was folded to the player on the button, who raised to 8,000. Rousso shoved from the small blind and the original raiser made a crying call. Rousso had A♣7♣ and she was up against K♣[10h]. The board of 7♠Q♣Q♦3♦5♦ was dry and Rousso is a little more comfortable with more than 70,000.

7:54pm: Wheels up for Helen Prager
Helen Prager was facing a raise to 7,200 in the small blind and made the call. On a A♥8♥8♣ flop, Prager led for 10,000 and got the call. She led for 15,000 on the 4♦ turn and quickly found herself facing a raise of 50,000 more. The 50,000 accounted for at least 75% of her remaining chips. She simply announced, "All-in." The result? An insta-muck on the other side of the table. Prager was certain she'd gotten a call and tabled big slick. When it was revealed the hand was over, many an eyebrow was raised. In any case, Prager raked the pot and is now flying high with a near-average stack.

7.45pm: You've been Mizzi-ed
Sorel Mizzi is unstoppable and has been since 2010 began. His Mohegan Sun Main Event just got a whole lot better too when he doubled up to more than 320,000 through Justin Pechie.

There was a raise to 7,500 from mid-position and Pechie made it 22,500 from the small blind. Mizzi - who (it bears repeating) will play any two cards, hard, and from any position, made it 62,500 from the big blind.

The original raiser was done, but Pechie announced that he was all in, covering Mizzi. Mizzi snap called for his last 155,600 total.

Mizzi: K♠K♦
Pechie: A♦K♥

The board ran 3♦2♦6♥Q♠8♦ and Mizzi's kings held. He's going to be a real force today and tomorrow. Pechie is down to around 60,000.

7.40pm: Last level
This is level 14 everybody, the last of the six played today. We have another 75 minutes of action before day is done.

The tournament information board shows 162 players left and although we won't burst the bubble tonight (which will happen when player 105 leaves), we could get mighty close.

Our two leaders are almost certainly these folk:


Jordan Morgan


Vanessa Selbst