NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 2, level 9 updates

napt-thumb.jpg1.25pm: Level over
That's the end of that. We're now going into level 10.

1:20pm: Ruh-roh, Rory
LAPT Mexico champion Rory Cox has left the building after his opponent called his all-in with A-2 and turned a wheel.

1:19pm: Canuck-on-Canuck violence
Canadian qualifier Joshua Biedak open-shoved for his last 6,800 from early position and Daniel Negreanu obliged with a call on the button. Although Negreanu's A♦K♦ dominated Biedak's A♠6♦, a six hit the flop, turning the tables. Negreanu couldn't find a king on the turn or river and shipped about 25% of his stack across the table. He's down to 18,000.

1.10pm: Big Chief Empty Chair
The big book of tedious poker cliches includes as its centrepiece the fable of the "chip and a chair". So long as that's what you've got, you've always got a chance to win, no matter the odds stacked against you.

Paul Aurélien is taking this to its logical conclusion. He has a chair and he has a chip, but Aurélien himself still hasn't shown up. It's going to take a mighty comeback from here for that empty chair to win. Good luck, Empty Chair.


Paul Aurélien's solitary chip (the chair is out of shot)

1pm: Thank you for playing
Joe Serock moved all in from early position for his last 25,500. With a stack like that, it's the kind of thing you have to do. It was folded around to Ben Palmer, with a bigger stack in late position, and he casually and swiftly called, which got the others out the way.

No wonder. Palmer tabled K♦K♥ against Serock's A♣Q♦ and the dealer kept it swift. He dealt 9♥3♣Q♠9♦5♥ and that was that for Serock. "Thank you for playing, sir," said the dealer. "You have a great day."

12:55pm: Coming up: The Eric Levesque Show?
After the day-long hilarious monologues from Eric Levesque on Day 1, the room seems a little quiet today. He's still in action, but relatively subdued at the moment. No worries, though. He's started the slow Budweiser IV drip. Give him that and one big hand and we might get some of the same fun as yesterday.

12:54pm: MIA
Paging Mr. Paul Aurélien. We are half an hour into the first level of the day and you have not yet arrived in your seat. Please proceed to the Mohegan Sun Convention Center to claim what's left of the 12,200 with which you started the day. Or don't. Give it another hour or so and you'll be blinded out. Whichever.

12.55pm: The Angel has landed
Angel Guillen must have lost a few chips in the opening level because when he was all in moments ago - and doubling up through Matt Woodward - his final bet was 33,500. Guillen showed A♦[10h] and the board was 2♠A♠2♦5♠[10d], meaning he had flopped two pair and rivered a better two pair. Woodward's hand was in the muck.


Angel Guillen

However it had played out, Guillen is now up to around 80,000; Woodward has slightly less than 100,000. And Cliff Josephy is also on that table, eyeing both of them.

12:52pm: Mercier, Wasicka double
Jason Mercier had a tough table draw this morning with Peter Jetten, Aaron Lerner and Rory Cox to contend with but he had already managed to double his stack. Mercier got his stack in before the flop with pocket eights and they won the race against A-K, giving Mercier 75,000 in chips to work with.

A few tables away, Paul Wasicka also doubled his stack, his pocket kings holding up against pocket sevens. He's now up to 73,000. However, he may be in for a bit of a sweat later on...Phil Ivey was just moved to his right.

12.50pm: Out the door
Already today, more than 30 players have busted - and here's the kind of manner in which they fall. Matthew Ross opened to 6,000 and Dave Kelley called on the button. Mirsad Kovaci moved all in from the big blind and both Ross and Kelley called.

That created a side pot and we saw a flop of A♥7♦8♦. Ross then moved all in and that persuaded Kelley that he'd seen enough. Ross had A♦9♠ and Kovaci had a meagre Q♦4♦ for a squeeze gone awry. On the turn and river of 3♥5♣, he was sent to the rail.

12:39 pm: Liebert rebounds
Kathy Liebert suffered a few setbacks early in the level, but rebuilt her stack nicely on this hand. Liebert opened from early position for 3,000, Dustin Hayes called, Jeff Yarchever called from the cutoff and the action moved to Boris Belanchuk on the button, who shoved for his remaining 15,000 or so. Liebert insta-called and both flat-callers got out of their way. Liebert's pocket tens were in good shape against Belanchuk's 7♦8♦, but the flop gave him oodles of outs, coming down 9♦6♦2♠. The turn was the 4♥, the river was the 8♠ and the dealer pushed the pot toward Liebert... who looked a bit shocked to be receiving it.

"I couldn't see what he had! I thought it was pocket eights," she laughed as she stacked up her 50,000 in chips.

12:43pm: Ivey doubles
Allen Kessler came in for a raise in early position to 2,600 and faced an immediate re-raise to 7,200 from David Cairns. Phil Ivey sat on the button and casually tossed his stack in front of him. It amounted to 28,200. Kessler pondered for a little bit before tossing his hand in the muck. Cairns didn't look happy about it but announced call. Ivey turned over K♥K♦. Cairns held J♠J♣. Ivey flopped his set on the 2♦K♠A♥ flop. Then, Cairns turned a set when the dealer put out the J♥. It wasn't a sweat, though. "I folded ace-jack of diamonds," Kessler said. Ivey now sits on around 60,000.

12.40pm: Don't mess with Akenhead
Four players had gone to a flop of A♦7♠A♥. They were James Akenhead, Mohsin Charania, Matthew Fox and Kenneth Aldridge and Akenhead, first to act, checked.

Charania bet 4,700 and after both Fox and Aldrige got out the way, it came back to Akenhead, who raised, making it 10,400. Charania gulped but then called, taking the two of them to a J♥ turn.

Akenhead fires 14,700 at that and after a long dwell Charania mucked, giving the pot to the British player and recent World Series November Niner.

That's a brutal table they have there. In addition to Akenhead, there's also the recent PCA High Roller champion William Reynolds, the EPT Deauville final table player Craig Bergeron and the wrist of Aldrige proudly carries his World Series bracelet, won in 2009 at a $1,500 short-handed event.

12:22pm: Negreanu folds quads--preflop
"That's so sick!" Daniel Negreanu screamed loud enough for us to hear across the room.

What happened? Negreanu reports, "Guy raises with AA, I call with 88, the big blind moves in with 99."

Negreanu folded his eights. He would flopped a set against the pocket aces...which also would've flopped a set. Why so sick?

Negreannu said, "Turn 8! If 9-9 didn't shove, I double there."

12:18pm: Chatty chips
Chip leader David Williams has not yet started watching any videos anything like he did yesterday (it was the original "V" miniseries on Day 1). He is, however, un-hooded and chatty on the back side of the room. He sits with fellow pro Gavin Smith and is already talking it up. Too bad they'll be one of the first tables to break.

12:15pm: Tiger discussions underway
The cards had just started flying when the first talk of Tiger Woods began. "Have you seen the new Nike commercial," said one. "It's horrible!" said another. "It's the worst Nike commercial ever!" said another. Woods tees off at Augusta in an hour and 25 minutes. No doubt what people will be talking about here today.

12.10pm: Yep, it really is under way
Cards are in the air. We're playing six 75-minute levels.


12 noon: Here we go again
And so, day two. A quick reminder of things to do before the live action starts: read today's introduction; read yesterday's wrap; look at today's table draw and bookmark the chip-count page, where the selected counts will be updated throughout the day. (That is, provided our dedicated chip updater arrives soon, and there's no guarantee of that, that's for sure. Interns, huh.)

Here's one of yesterday's dominant forces, Lars Bonding, arriving for today's action.


Lars Bonding