NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 2, level 11 updates (800-1,600-200)

napt-thumb.jpg4:26pm: Kessler's end, level's end
Our third level of the day has ended with the always tenacious Allen Kessler busting. Players are now on a short break.

4.25pm: Phil, Tiger, Tiger, Phil
Phil "Tiger Woods" Ivey is still feasting his eyes on Tiger "Phil Ivey" Woods playing at Augusta. (There's a big projection screen on the wall of the main tournament room.) Ivey, sorry, Woods just sunk a putt for eagle on the eighth, which was greeted by a wholly uncharacteristic whoop and what sounded like: "Oooh, baby dawg," from Ivey. He then seemed to say: "Man, I'm doing so good," which may mean Ivey has accepted that Woods is the Phil Ivey of golf, or vice versa, or also might mean that Ivey has some significant side action on the golf - which wouldn't exactly be out of character. Whatever the truth of that, Ivey has about 85,000 so it's going to be a while before he hits the Connecticut courses.

4.10pm: Rousso on the up
In classic Vanessa Rousso fashion, the Team PokerStars Pro has made her way up to about 180,000 in chips. That style, of course, is silently, without fanfare, and almost unnoticed. Most recently, Rousso was seen raking in a pot of about 20,000 after she was one of three players to see a flop of 5♦7♣3♥. One opponent bet 6,500, Rousso raised to 18,000 and that was good enough. Rousso showed the bare 5♥ and scooped the chips.


Vanessa Rousso

4:08pm: Playing "nice"
Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy recently got a table change and ended up on the right of his pal Gavin Smith. When the action folded around to Josephy in the small blind, he limped in.

"Nah, I like this guy," Smith said as he checked his option.

The flop was Q♥Q♣4♦. Josephy checked and Smith led out for 2,200. Josephy reached for his big chips and put in a raise to 6,200.

"All right, I'm all-in." Smith pushed the rest of his chips in the middle and Josephy folded.

"Making a move on the bully," said one of their tablemates.

"If I were a bully, I would have raised pre-flop," laughed Josephy. "I had the A-4."

4:06pm: Table of three-bets
We just watched Jason Mercier come in for a raise and three-bet by Stephen Reynolds on the button. Play folded back around to Mercier who wasted little time before pushing all-in. The only thing faster than Mercier's push was Reynold's muck.

It's not the softest table in the room, by any stretch of the imagination. It currently features Daniel Negreanu, Mercier, Aaron Lerner, and Reynolds.

"No one is going to raise and pick up the blinds and antes at this table without gettting three-bet," Lerner said.

"It's just not going to happen," Reynolds agreed.

4pm: Team Pro loses one
Angel Guillen found kings. His opponents found aces. Guillen is gone.

3:44pm: New chip leader: Jordan Morgan
This looks to be the time for the chip lead to start moving around faster than we can track it. Right now, it seems to be firmly in the hands of Jordan Morgan, who is sitting somewhere in the neighborhood of 335,000.


Jordan Morgan

3.40pm: Tepperberg triples
David Alves opened to 4,400 from mid-position and set off a mighty raising battle. David Tepperberg, two seats to his left, moved all in for what looked like 24,300, but then Sorel Mizzi, on the button, four bet to 56,600.

Mizzi is in the form of his life at the moment and has made eight final tables in major events this year, winning three of them and taking third at the Aussie Millions for $659,917. He's not the kind of player you ever want to deal with, but in this form he's completely irresistible.


Sorel Mizzi

This was probably playing on Alves' mind, which was why he took a good long while to call for his tournament life. But call he did and we were three way, two players all in.

Before they showed their cards, a fourth player at the table pointed at Mizzi and then Alves and said: "Those two have ace king," before turning his attention to Tepperberg and saying: "He has pocket tens."

Then they showed down:

Mizzi: A♠K♠
Alves: A♣K♦
Tepperberg: [10c][10h]

"Good read, sir," said Tepperberg to the psychic.

The board ran out completely dry, meaning Tepperberg tripled up and Mizzi and Alves chopped the side pot.

"I'm back!" said a delighted Tepperberg and received a congratulatory handshake from Dennis Phillips on a neighbouring table. "They can't fold ace king one time," added Tepperberg.

"You didn't want them to," said Phillips with customary dry insight. Tepperberg began the task of stacking up 65,000 worth of chips.

3:34pm: Akenhead plays it slow, gets paid
James Akenhead opened for 3,900 from early position and the player in the hijack seat called. Both players checked the A♠7♦2♥ flop, and they checked it through again when the 8♦ hit the turn. The river was the A♥ and after a bit of thought, reached into his stack and settled on a 9,200 bet. His opponent didn't waste too much time in calling, only to watch Akenhead turn over A♣J♠ for trips.

Akenhead is now closing in on 300,000 in chips.

3.25pm: Reynolds among the leaders
"What's the biggest stack you've seen?" asked Stephen Reynolds.
"Well, it's probably about 320,000 (belonging to Dennis Tuttle)," came the reply from the tournament reporter. "And then that one."

This last comment was accompanied by a point to Reynolds' own stack, which is currently up to around 280,000. That's good for second place at this point, I reckon.


Stephen Reynolds

3:17pm: Still pictures, many of them, moving very fast
Or in other Here's a little Day 2 intro our video team put together.

3:08pm: New level, new chip leaderWith the dawn of Level 11, we have found a new chip leader.

Dennis Tuttle started the day with a little more than 150,000 in chips. He has more than doubled that in the first two levels of the day.

On this very day last year, Tuttle was playing (and eventually winning) a $25,000 seat into the WPT main event. Today he is our chip leader.

He and the rest of the field is returning now to 800-1,600-200 blinds.


Dennis Tuttle

PokerStars Blog reporting team: (in the order of number of Atomic Fireballs consumed in past 24 hours)...Brad Willis, Howard Swains, Joe Giron, Alex Villegas, Change100.