NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 3, Level 15 (2,000-4,000-400)

napt-thumb.jpg1.20pm: Level done
That's the end of that shambolic level. Let's hope for better in level 16. It couldn't be much worse.

1:15pm: Recent eliminations
Paul Wasicka was down to one big blind after running his pocket kings into Anton Talle's pocket aces. He busted a few hands later, his K-Q falling to A-J.


Also exiting the ballroom was NAPT Venetian champion Tom Marchese, whose K-Q could not improve against Dale Jamison's A-5.

1:10 pm: Bad start for "Bax"
Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy ended Day 2 amongst the top 20 in chips, but has seen a huge chunk of his stack evaporate in the first level of the day. During the first orbit of play, Josephy ran his Q-Q into Tim West's K-K in a 78,000 pot, then lost a 140,000 pot when his opponent rivered top pair with K-8 on a T-6-2-T-K board.

Josephy may be down, but he's certainly not out with 220,000 remaining in his stack.

1:05pm: Recent eliminations
Paul Wasicka was down to one big blind after running his pocket kings into Anton Talle's pocket aces. He busted a few hands later, his K-Q falling to A-J.

Also exiting the ballroom was NAPT Venetian champion Tom Marchese, whose K-Q could not improve against Dale Jamison's A-5.

1pm: Well...come on...
It was all-in three-ways. It was aces for Alex Santiago. It was aces for James Lee. It was tens for William Priest. What's that card on the river...well, yeah, it's a ten. Santiago and Lee were eliminated simultaneously. Live poker is rigged.

12.55pm: Avoid this table

Seat 1: Todd Terry
Seat 2: Marcello Del Grosso
Seat 3: Daniel Clemente
Seat 4: Phil Ivey
Seat 6: Dennis Phillips
Seat 7: Scott Sevier
Seat 8: Lars Bonding


12:50pm: Our apologies
We're actually fairly technically savvy people, but we've had some frustrating technical problems over the past hour.

We're hoping they are resolved now.

12.45pm: Blind battle
Here's what happens when blind battles turn ugly. Diego Lomanto made it 11,000 from the small blind and Daryl Jace called form the big blind. The flop came 3♥6♥4♦ and they both checked. They also checked the 9♠ turn and then Lomanto checked the K♦ river. It was all looking like a big fizzle out until Jace opted to bet 15,000. Lomanto didn't believe any of that and moved all in for about 120,000. That was enough to persuade Jace out of it.

12:40pm: Bubble abuse
The closer we get to the bubble, the more the big stacks are abusing the short stacks. Jonathan Aguiar is smart enough to know that and decided to turn the tables, daring to put the squeeze on Phil Ivey, four-betting all-in for about 120,000 after Todd Terry opened and Ivey three-bet. Both Terry and Ivey folded, and Aguiar collected a nice pot.

Over on Table 8, Vinny Napolitano opened for 10,500 and chip leader Jordan Morgan three-bet to 27,000. After a brief think, Napolitano shoved for 72,000 and Morgan called, turning up Q♥J♣ to Napolitano's pocket aces.

The A♣T♣6♥ flop brought Napolitano top set, but that didn't mean he was totally out of the woods.

"C'mon, no funny stuff. No clubs!" he pleaded.

The dealer complied, putting out the 4♥ and the 3♠ on the turn and river respectively, and Napolitano earned the double-up. Don't cry for Morgan, he's still sporting a monster stack.

12:35pm: Don't mess with Ivey, he will flop a set on you
Phil Ivey opened from under-the-gun and a short-stacked Stephen Affron looked him up from middle position. Ivey set Affron all-in on the 8♦5♦3♣ flop, calmly sliding one of his 20-high towers of 5,000-denomination chips in the middle. Affron screwed up his face, looking a bit stumped before slapping his chips in the middle with a defiant cry of "I call!."

Ivey coolly turned over 3♦3♥ for bottom set. Affron was, in a word, disgusted, revealing T♦T♠. The turn and river were both nines and Affron exited the table, mumbling to himself.

118 players remain in the field. 14 to go before the money.

12.30pm: Ruling
Tab Duchateau, best known as the tournament director at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City, has proved that he's no slouch on the player's side of the table either. Not only is he still in this tournament as the bubble approaches, but he has also just doubled up. This was fairly standard. Duchateau had black aces and Francis Vizza had red tens. It all went in pre-flop and the board ran: Q♦A♥K♦3♥6♣.

12.25pm: New force
Vincent Rubianes is one of the early movers and is up to around 500,000. The seat once belonging to Jimmie Guinther is empty to Rubianes' right, and the two facts are probably related.

12.20pm: We believe you
Marcello Del Grosso opened for 10,500 from early position and Dennis Phillips called in the small blind. Stephen Affron tried to call from the big blind but put in the wrong amount of chips, then tried again and put in an incorrect amount again. "I get nervous when I have aces," Affron joked, to chuckles from his opponents.

Eventually the correct amount of chips went in and the three of them saw a flop of K♣2♥[10h], which they all checked. And then the 7♥ turned. Phillips checked and Affron bet 20,000. Del Grosso quickly folded and Phillips also folded, albeit after slightly longer. Perhaps they were aces after all.

12.15pm: Early hits for Rousso, Josephy
Steven Goosen raised to 10,000 from early position and Vanessa Rousso re-raised to 25,000 from the cut off. Goosen peered over at Rousso's stack and then made it 70,000. "You have me covered, right?" said Rousso and after Goosen nodded, Rousso folded - still in it, but 25,000 lighter than last night.


Vanessa Rousso

Almost simultaneously on a neighbouring table, Timothy West was all in with K♥K♣ against Cliff Josephy's pocket queens. The board was dry and so West doubled up through JohnnyBax in the first orbit.

12:10pm: Free! Freerollin'
Darren Keyes was all in for his tournament life with A♦T♦ against Alan Sternberg's A♥T♥. When the flop fell 5♠J♠2♥, Sternberhg quipped, "I am freerolling."

But would it really be so ugly? Even after the 6♥ on the turn, no one believed Keyes would be sent packing in such brutal fashion.

The river: 5♥.

Keyes stood and walked away calmly. "If that's the way it's going to be, that's the way it's going to be," he said.

12:00pm: Underway
The final 125 players are in action.

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