NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 3, level 16 updates (2,500-5,000, 500 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg3.16pm: Level over
It is. We're going to head on into level 17.

3.15pm: Pahuja breathes again
Vinny Pahuja thought he had played his last hand. He was all in and called by Michael Sedore and the latter's K♥K♣ was looking strong against Pahuja's A♣K♠. The flop brought no help: 2♣Q♥7♣ but the turn of A♥ was just what Pahuja's doctor ordered and he was doubling up his 100,000-odd stack.

3.10pm: Bully boy
Jordan Morgan is throwing his weight around. Just recently Francis Vizza opened to 15,000 in the hijack and Morgan shoved all in from the big blind, wielding a stack that covered Vizza's about 15 times over. Vizza folded pocket eights face up.

3:14pm: More eliminations
Daniel Clemente has hit the rail after his A♥K♥ failed to improve against Bill Kontaratos' pocket queens.

3:12pm: Madsen mauled
Jeff Madsen lost the bulk of his stack to Roland Israelashvili, taking his pocket eights up against Israelashvili's Q♦J♦. The board ran out 9♣T♠T♦9♥Q♠, leaving Madsen with only 16,500 to his name, he succumbed in 92nd place only a few hands later.

3:10pm: Put it on his Tab
Tab Duchateau, who happens to be the tournament director at the Borgata in A.C, just moved all-in over a raise for 160,000. Jordan Morgan isolated with pocket tens. Heads-up, Duchateau's hand held and he now has a better than average stack.


Tab Duchateau

3.05pm: No staunching the flow
Sorel Mizzi's remarkable recent run continued as far as the money here today, but he is now out. He was just seen stomping towards the cash desk as part of this amazing flurry of eliminations. Aaron Lerner is also now out and they're down to 79.

3pm: Maruf on the move
After being on the brink of elimination at bubble time, Taha Maruf is now back up to about 200,000 - and has just done some eliminating of his own. In a battle of the blinds, Maruf's 5♣5♠ stayed good against Roland Israelashvili's off-suit ace-queen on a 2♣J♠J♣8♦2♥ board. Israelashvili had about 85,000 at the time, which now belong to Maruf.

3:00pm: Money for nothin'
We can't let this level go by without congratulating Ms. Patti Reade, a PokerStars qualifier who is here on a 100% freeroll. The lady from New Brunswick is here with her daughter and is already guaranteed $8,500.


2:57pm: Dennis details
The reports from Dennis Phillips' former table indicate he lost a good portion of his stack when his flush-draw and overcards missed. The ultimate hand came when he was down to three big blinds. He shoved queen-five into the big blind's ace-five and missed.


2.50pm: Dennis and Dennis done
Yep, they're flying out the door, faster even than the supple fingers of the monkey updating our prizewinners page can cope with. The latest two players to depart are Dennis Park and Dennis Phillips, not a good five minutes for men named Dennis.

The former, Mr Park, open shoved under-the-gin for his last 60,000-odd. Mark Salinaro, to his left, immediately announced that he was all in and the rest of the table folded.

Park: A♣9♠
Salinaro: Q♦Q♥

The board came 8♥8♦J♥[10s]3♦ and Park was walking.

Phillips followed him very soon after. Details are on their way, but the long and short of it is that we have 84 players left.

2.40pm: Delgrosso done
Marcello Delgrosso's fine debut in the livery of Team PokerStars Pro is over - another victim of the unbeatable Vanessa Selbst. Delgrosso opened to 12,000 and then called Selbst's three-bet to 31,000.

The board came king high and all the money found it's way in after a series of bets and raises. Delgrosso's K-J was outkicked by Selbst's A-K. And that was that for the new Canadian Team Pro.


2:34pm: Attack of the "suckoutqueen"
Vanessa Selbst has once again lived up to her online screen name. After opening for 11,500, Lars Bonding put in a reraise to 31,000. Selbst asked Bonding how much he was playing and he counted down the 166,000 he had behind.

Selbst moved all-in and Bonding called in a shot, turning over A♠A♣. Selbst held 9♦9♠.

The T♦8♣5♦ flop favored Bonding but the 8♦ on the turn gave him pause, as Selbst picked up a flush draw. She hit it on the river, the J♦ falling for her to lay claim to Bonding's stack.

"It's my tournament. I'm running good," she said as she graciously shook Bonding's hand. Selbst is now the far and away chip leader, with over 1.1 million.

Bonding didn't even make it to the payout desk before logging on to Twitter: "Buster. AA vs 99, all in præflop vs Vanessa Selbst. Hun laver da lige en runner farve...." Yup, no translation necessary.

We will surely miss his musings.

2.20pm: Grim wake up call for Mozdzen
Clayton Mozdzen got to bed at 11pm last night, so was shocked to be getting a phone call at 1.30pm today, waking him up. It was a case of a good night's sleep being about 90 minutes too good for the start of the tournament.

Having missed about a level and a half, he survived the bubble but had only about 60,000 left. Todd Terry raised to 12,500 and Mozdzen announced that he was all in from the big blind, with weary resignation. Terry called but Mozdzen had snagged him. Mozdzen showed A♠A♦ and Terry had 8♠8♥.

The easily offended might want to look away now, though. The first four cards out the deck were Q♠2♣Q♥9♠ but there was a stunned silence on the 8♦ river. "Wow, one of those days," said Mozdzen as he was sent to the rail, with enough time - and reason - to sleep through the weekend.

Terry has more than 350,000.

2:15pm: Well, it's over
Daniel Abromson open-pushed with 9♣9♦ and got the quick call from Steven Bordonaro's Q♦Q♠.

"Well, it's over," said Abromson.

Until the nine appeared right in the door.

Ambromson doubled up, and Bodonaro used a couple of quiet expletives.

2:06pm: Ryan D'Angelo bursts the bubble, eliminating Nicholas Kamen
Nicholas Kamen opened for 10,500 and Ryan D'Angelo three-bet to 26,500. It didn't take long for Kamen to commit his last 130,000 or so to the pot and for D'Angelo to make the call-- it was the wait to turn over their hands that was excrutiating. With another all-in in progress across the room, these two had to wait their turn.


Nicholas Kamen: all in on the bubble

At last the hands were revealed, A♦K♠ for Kamen and 8♥8♦ for D'Angelo. Kamen flopped a gutshot straight draw on the Q♣T♣2♥ flop bu could not spike any of his outs, the 7♣ and the 9♥ falling on the turn and river to send him to the rail in 105th place.

With Kamen's elimination, our 104 remaining players are all in the money and guaranteed at least a $7,500 payday.

2:01pm: Bubble Up 2
Vincent Rubianes came in for a raise to 12,500 and faced a raise to 35,000. Vanessa Rousso immediately moved all-in from the small blind for more than 130,000. Rubianes was the only caller. Rousso tabled kings to Rubianes Q♦Q♠. The board ran out 7♦2♥9♣[2♦J♦ and Rousso is now sitting on around 300,000.

That hand in the peerless pictures of Joe Giron:


Vanessa Rousso moves all in...


...then gives nothing away as Vincent Rubianes (out of shot) ponders a call


Spectators gather to watch the hand play out


Rousso tables her kings after seeing Rubianes' queens

1.55pm: Now the real bubble
We just lost player 106, bringing us to the real bubble. Travis Klein raised to 12,500 (he'd been doing this an awful lot on the bubble) and Timothy West shoved all in from a seat to his left, a total of 118,000.

Joseph Nemeth was most interested, however, and he found the call, which persuaded Klein out of it. So, the two of them:

West: 8♥8♠
Nemeth: Q♠Q♥

The flop came A♣2♥5♦7♦5♣ and West went south.


Timothy West

1:55pm:Big-stack game of chicken
With both players sitting more than 300,000 deep, Larry Sharp opened for 12,000 from middle position. Matt Woodward three-bet to 30,000 from the button and after a long tank, Sharp four-bet to 55,000.

With hand-for-hand play in effect and the rest of the tables finished with their hands, the entire room waited on Woodward's decision. After about three minutes in the tank he made what looked like a reluctant fold and Sharp raked in the pot.

We're still holding at 106 players.

1.50pm: Bubble up I
What do you call it when a player is all in during the hand-for-hand stage, but ends up surviving and doubling up? I don't know what you call it, but we call it a "bubble up".

Taha Maruf just pulled off the first bubble up at Mohegan Sun. He was all in for 42,500 with Q♣Q♠ and was called by Brandon Hall with 9♣9♦. The flop, turn and river came 2♦J♥J♠K♦K♥ and the queens held.

1:45pm: Hand for hand
With 106 players remaining, we are now hand for hand until we lose two more players.

1.40pm: Out!
Yep, sorry to say these folk are all out in the opening level of day two:

Douglas Benedict
Ross Mallor
Anthony Midolo
Neil Landri
Alex Santiago
James Lee
Thomas Marchese
Anthony Gregg
Jimmie Guinther
Salvatore Tamburello
Stephen Affron
Richard Austin
Darren Keyes
Quinn Do
Maria Ho
Travis Klein
Elijah Berg

1.35pm: This is level 16...
...and with 107 players left, we're getting very close to bursting the bubble. Rumour reaches us that they'll be going hand-for-hand when we get down to 106. Remember 104 get paid.

Full chip counts for those remaining will be with us imminently. As will a list of the eliminations so far. You want to see your friends on the first list, not so much on the second.

The black chips (worth 100 each) have now been taken out of play and the blinds are 2,500-5,000 with a 500 ante.


Jordan Morgan, overnight leader at Mohegan Sun