NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 3, Level 17 (3,000-6,000-500)

napt-thumb.jpg4.40pm: Level over
That's another one down. We have just heard that we'll be going on a one-hour dinner break at the end of level 19. For now, it's a 15-minute break.

4.40pm: The rivered ace
Mike Beasley has worn a cap that reads "ACES SUCK" for this whole tournament, and he was left cursing an ace on the river in a recent pot against Dale Jamison. All five community cards were out: [10h]4♠3♥4♣A♠ and Beasley bet 26,000. Jamison raised to 76,000 and Beasley called. Jamison showed A♥8♥ and Beasley mucked with a barely audible expletive.


Mike Beasley

4.35pm: Adouble for Ader
Mark Ader just doubled up. Bill Kontaratos opened from early positon and Ader shoved for what was about 100,000. Kontaratos called with his A♥Q♠ and was racing against the 4♣4♠ of Ader. This time the small pocket pair won out as the board came 3♥8♣7♠2♦7♣.

4:26pm: Bax strips Queen of crown
Alexander Queen opened for 14,000 and Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy three-bet to 35,000. Queen shoved and Josephy quickly called.

Queen K♣Q♥
Josephy A♦K♠

The board ran out a blankety-blank J♦J♣6♠2♣5♦, eliminating Queen.

"How much was the all-in? For the Twitter," Josephy explained.

Expert chip counter Scott Seiver informed him it was 238,000 and Josephy began punching away at his BlackBerry. He's up to 600,000 in chips.

4:25pm: Regicide
Maxwell Greenwood has just been crippled by Elijah Berg. Berg flopped a set of threes against Greenwood's kings for around 200,000 apiece. Greenwood has just a few big blinds left.

4.20pm: All in Ivey, double up
Ryan D'Angelo made it 15,000 under-the-gun and Phil Ivey called from the small blind. That persuaded Mike Beasley to come along too to a 5♥5♣7♥ flop. All three of them checked and the turn came A♠. Ivey checked, Beasley bet 21,000 and Ivey's call followed D'Angelo's fold.

The river was A♥ and Ivey announced that he was all in, for 74,000, and that put Beasley to the test. It was obvious after a couple of minutes that this could have gone either way: Beasley alternately looked certain to call and then certain to fold.

Eventually he called and Ivey showed A♦Q♦, which prompted a rueful muck from Beasley. Ivey is back up to around 180,000.

4.15pm: Jamison pushes out Josephy
Dale Jamison has been relentless this afternoon, and he has just forced Cliff Josephy out of another big pot. There was plenty in the middle already and a board of [10d]Q♥[10c]. Jamison checked, Josephy bet 65,000 and Jamison made it 121,000 across the felt. Josephy called.


Dale Jamison

The turn was 2♦ and Jamison announced that he was all in. Only Vanessa Selbst has more than Jamison and she wasn't involved in this one, so it was Josephy who was facing a call for his tournament life.

"You got ace queen?" Josephy said. Jamison said nothing. Josephy eventually folded, giving up the pot and finding succor on Twitter: "Just lost 335k pot to the chipleader. Folded turn. Vomit."

Shortly after that, Scott Seiver called the floor and asked a tournament official if they could colour up Jamison's monstrous stack. Jamison seemed amenable too and so a pink 25,000 chip has now been introduced to play.


That pink chip

4:10pm: Selbst still running hot
Vanessa Selbst knows how to work a chip lead. Having her entire table covered allows her to play the hyper-aggressive style she so loves, and she's been three-betting to her heart's delight all afternoon. In other words, someone was bound to come after her.

Steve Goosen led off the action with a raise to 14,000. Vanessa Selbst three-bet to 35,000 and Vincent Rubianes made it 80,000 to go from the big blind. Goosen got out of the way and Selbst flatted. The flop was A♣T♦6♦ and Rubianes checked to Selbst, who bet 90,000. Rubianes called, then checked again when the 8♣ hit the turn. Selbst moved all-in for over a million in chips, putting Rubianes to a decision for his last 300,000. He made the call with J♥J♦, only to watch Selbst turn over a set of tens. No miracle for Rubianes on the river, the 2♠ falling to send him to the rail.

Selbst is presently up to 1,820,000 in chips.

4:05pm: Saltiel in the wound
William Priest came in for a raise to 18,000, and Robert Saltiel moved all-in for around 60,000. Bahador Ahmadi isolated all-in and pushed Priest out of the pot. Saltiel held A♦T♥ to Bahador's A♠K♦. A ten fell on the flop and Saltiel doubled up.

4:02pm: The 1.1 million-chip pot
One million chips in the middle. Three players, two of them all-in. Think you can guess their hands? If you said aces, kings and queens, well, you're dead wrong. And obviously don't know too many onilne players.

Nicholas Verkaik open-shoved for his last 56,000 from the button, Dale Jamison flat-called in the small blind and with the action on Travis Klein in the big blind, he moved all-in for over 650,000. Jamison, himself well-stacked with 477,000 behind, made the call and rather quickly at that.

The hands?

Verkaik Q♥9♦
Jamison 8♥8♦
Klein 5♥5♣

Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy nearly wet his pants as the cards were turned over. Scott Seiver's eyes bulged out of his head as he visually counted down Jamison's stack. There were more than a million chips in the middle-- 181,000 in the main pot and 954,000 on the side.

The board ran out K♥7♥4♦J♦K♦, Jamison's eights holding up to scoop the lot. Verkaik hit the rail, Klein was knocked down to 210,000, and Jamison is now sitting near the top of the pack with 1.135 million.

Josephy described the hand on Twitter: "Button open ships 56k. Sb has 500k+ calls. Bb covers and ships. Sb calls w/88 Omfg and holds v bb's 55."

4pm: Massouh shows muscle
Matt Woodward raised to 17,500 in the hijack seat and Firas Massouh called on the button. Those two alone saw a flop of A♠9♥3♣ and Woodward bet 20,000, which Massouh called. They both checked the K♦ turn and then Woodward check-folded to Massouh's 53,000 bet on the 6♦ river. That was that.

4:00pm: iVey
As Tiger Woods closed out his second round at Augusta today, Phil Ivey couldn't get enough of the coverage. When the ESPN broadcast cut away to other events, Ivey borrowed Ryan D'Angelo's iPhone and in-ear headphones to watch the rest on an online feed. No word on whether he had to pay for it.

3:52pm: David Williams eliminated
David Williams started this level with 100,000 chips and was just waiting for a hand. He finally got it in with ace-queen against pocket nines and lost the race. He's gone.

3:42pm: Some moving pictures
Here's how we started the day:

3:37pm: Monster pot, no showdown
Cliff Josephy opened for 14,000 and got a flat call from Joseph Nemeth. Scott Sevier then made it 52,000 out of the big blind. Josephy folded, but Nemeth quickly called. On a 5-6-8 rainbow flop, Sevier led for 100,000 and Nemeth quickly made it made it 225,000. Sevier put in the rest of his chips, 235,000 more. Nemeth agonized, but eventually folded what he said was pocket tens. Sevier raked in his chips and cackled, "Nine-ten of spades!"

3:25pm: Slowdown time
The remaining 79 players are headed back to their seats and are ready to play at 3,000/6,000/500 for a while.

Grizzled tournament veterans will note how fast the last 40 eliminations have gone. Those same people know that this is the time things will start to slow down. Most people in the know believe we won't be getting down to 24 players until sometime after the seventh level begins.

While we wait to begin, here's a picture of the recently-eliminated Helen Prager.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ71153.jpg