NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 3, level 18 updates (4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg6.20pm: Another shambles comes to an end
Yep, that was another technical disaster. The computer gremlins were back for that past level, so let's write it off and pretend it never happened, huh. Back for level 19 in 15 minutes.

6.15pm: Standard
Luis Nargentino is out in about as standard a coup as you can imagine. He was all in pre-flop with pocket jacks and was against Derek Raymond's ace-king. There was both king and ace on the flop and Nargentino couldn't spike a jack. Down to 42.

6pm: Rampaging Rousso
Travis Klein opened a pot. There is no surprise there. Vanessa Rousso and Clint Keown both called and the three of them went to a flop of 7♠3♠9♠. Klein made the continuation bet of 43,000 but after Rousso made it 100,000 straight, neither of her adversaries fancied it anymore.

Although Rousso has lost her iPhone today somewhere in the Mohegan Sun tournament room, she has barely lost a pot and remains on the good side of 400,000.

Vanessa Selbst has now been moved to that table, meaning a quarter of the field on table six is called Vanessa.

5:50pm: When bluffing at a dry side pot works, by Scott Seiver
Peter Jetten opened for 16,000 and a very short-stacked Bill Kontaratos moved all-in for his last 22,000. The action folded around to Scott Seiver in the big blind, who wanted to know if he was allowed to raise since the amount of Kontaraos' all-in was less than half of a full raise beyond Jetten's 16,000. After the floor informed him that he could not (the "50% rule" does not apply when a player is all-in), Seiver made the call.

The action continued between Jetten and Seiver on the K♠5♠3♦ flop. Seiver led out for 15,000 and Jetten called. The turn came the T♠ and Seiver led again, this time for 55,000. Another flat-call from Jetten. The Q♣ hit the river and Seiver bet 125,000. Jetten frowned and folded.

"Just ace-high," said Seiver, turning up A♦4♠, as he collected the rather substantial side pot.

The main pot went to Kontaratos, who hit running cards to make a straight with J♦9♣. We'll never know what Jetten had, but let's just say he didn't look too thrilled.

5:25pm: Sweet ROI
Congrats to Canada's Patti Reade who just picked up $10,500 after qualifying in a freeroll on PokerStars. Reade moved her last 40,000 in with Q-9 and could not improve against Cliff Josephy's Q-J.

Filling her now-empty seat? Phil Ivey.

5.45pm: Getting aces to hold? It's a Talle order
Travis Klein - who has a stack anything but klein - opened to 19,000 and Anton Talle moved all in behind him for about 180,000. Klein called but was way behind, showing A♣8♠ to Talle's red aces.

Three of the five community cards were entirely irrelevant, but the 8♥ and 8♦ among them spelled the end of Talle's tale at Mohegan Sun. Klein stacked up another bundle.

5.20pm: Froelich hits Berg, sinks
Elijah Berg's day didn't start off too well - at least not in the reported world. During the first level, he was separated from his player identification card and so was reported out, but really he was still playing, and playing pretty well too. Just recently, he has eliminated Eric Froelich - another big name casualty on this day of tumbling stars.

Froelich shoved from under-the-gun and the count was only 95,000. Berg called from late position and his A♥[10s] was already better than Froelich's K♣J♦, even before the A♣5♥3♥ flop. The turn of 3♠ and the river of 9♠ finished off Froelich.


5:17pm: Oh no E-Fro!
Clint Keown opened for 21,000, Eric Froehlich three-bet to 57,000 and Keown came back over the top, making it 154,000 to go. Froehlich shoved for 386,000 total and Keown snap called, his A♦A♣ well ahead of Froehlich's A♠Q♠. The board ran out T♠9♥5♥9♠2♣ and Froehlich was crippled, only 85,000 chips to his name.

5:09pm: Don't call Rousso
Anyone who hopes to call Vanessa Rousso in the near future might want to think twice about it. She's not going to answer.

Just before the beginning of this level, Rousso was hobbling (she's wearing a cast on her leg) around the tournament area looking for her missing white iPhone. As of this hour, she's still not found it. She's going to win at least $10,000, so she shouldn't have a hard time buying a new one.

Here's an interview she shot a little bit earlier.

5:00pm: New level for Vanessa Selbst to crush
Players are just now headed back from break to play 4,000-8,000-1,000 blinds.

Just before the end of the last level, we watched chip leader Vanessa Selbst casually raise pre-flop and check the [5]9♣9♦ flop. On the turn, somebody bet into her and she tossed out a raise. The player folded and Selbst sadly turned over a nine. "I bet too much," she said.

At this point, nobody is crying for her.


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