NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 3, level 20 updates (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg10:21pm: Level 20 done and dusted

We'll see you in 15 minutes. Vanessa Selbst is still the chip leader with 2.6 million, closely trailed by Scott Seiver.

10:20pm: Clint Keown eliminated by Michael Woods

Clint Keown opened, Michael Woods three-bet to 51,000 and Keown shoved for 225,000.

"I guess you have to gamble to win these things," he said as Woods tanked.

Woods made the call, revealing A♦K♦. Keown showed pocket sixes. There was an ace in the door, however for Woods, the board running out A♣8♠4♥2♣J♥ to send Keown to the rail just as our 26 remaining players headed out on break.

10:11pm: Zachary Fahmie hates the ladies
Or maybe he hates the men who hate the ladies. In any case, it was his queens up against Jordan Morgan's kings. Fahmie didn't catch and he's been eliminated.

10:10pm: Seiver doesn't always have it
Zachary Fritz and Scott Seiver checked a board all the way until it looked like this: 8♦Q♥[Q♠4♥J♣. Finally, Fritz bet 74,000. Seiver almost immediately raised to 300,000. Fritz made the call with two black tens. While Seiver has run his stack from 40,000 to 2 million today, it's not always because he has a hand.

10.05pm: Cunning Fox catches Ivey
That's the end of that for Phil Ivey. He limped under-the-gun - 12,000 from a stack of about 115 - and Michael Woods called to his left. Elio Fox checked his big blind.

The three of them saw a flop of 4♥A♥9♠ and after Fox checked, Ivey bet 30,000. Woods got out the way but Fox called, taking them to a turn of [10d].

The cunning Fox checked again and Ivey duly bet all in, his last 70,000. Fox sprung the trap, called, and showed A♠8♦, ahead of Ivey's K♥[10h].

The river was 8♦ giving Fox two pair and missing Ivey's outs. This tournament loses one of its stars.


10:02pm: Two massive pots, starring Vanessa Selbst
Ryan Bambrick led off the action with a raise to 31,000. Vanessa Selbst called on the button and Dale Jamison, a man who never met a three-bet opportunity he didn't like, reraised to 121,000. It was enough to shake Bambrick, but Selbst made the call.

Jamison led out for 150,000 on the 7♦7♣3♥ flop. Selbst called, the pot swelling to 593,000. The turn came the K♥ and Jamison fired again, this time for 350,000. Selbst sat up on her knees, looking back and forth between the board and her stone-faced opponent. After a long tank, she mucked her hand, looking absolutely sick about it. She still had plenty to work with, 1.75 million to be exact, while Jamison chipped up to 1.52 million.

A few hands later, Ryan Bambrick limped in. Selbst raised to 32,000 and Bambrick came back over the top for 92,000.

"I'll just play a big pot with anyone," she quipped, making the call.

The flop came down 8♣4♦6♥. Bambrick bet 76,000 and Selbst called. The turn came the 3♣ and Bambrick bet another 150,000. Selbst flatted again. The river was the 7♦. Bambrick slid out 220,000 and after a long, lonnnng tank, she shoved. Now it was Bambrick's turn to tank.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ71481.jpg

Ryan Bambrick reacts to Selbst's shove

Ultimately, he called. Selbst tabled 9♠T♣, having rivered her gutshot straight.

"That's just sick," was all Bambrick could offer as he hit the rail.

Selbst is back in the chip lead with 2.57 million.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day3_JoeGiron_IJ71486.jpg

Selbst stacks 'em up

10pm: Ivey in big trouble
Phil Ivey is our tournament short stack. He's down to about 130,000 having just handed over 184,000 to double up Travis Klein. Ivey raised to 30,000 from the cut off and Klein shoved from the small blind. Ivey called instantly.

Ivey: A♦K♦
Klein: K♠K♥

The board came 4♣3♦4♠9♦7♥ and Ivey is gone.

As all eyes were on that table, Matt Woodward was eliminated from table one. The stars are plummeting out.

9.50pm: Fox chased out
Scott Seiver has just polished off David Fox. Seiver had A♣6♠ against Fox's A♥K♥ but after the board ran 6♣2♣[10s]2♥9♣, Fox was looking for the door and Seiver was searching for even more room to stack his chips. The below photo shows his stack at the beginning of the level. You can add another few rows to imagine them now.


9.35pm: Hall loves the ladies
Alan Sternberg went on a huge charge in the pre-dinner level, busting all comers. But he has just been on the receiving end of a near half-million beat, shipping about 475,000 to Brandon Hall.

Sternberg was in the cut off and Hall in the small blind, although I'm not certain precisely how all the chips got in there pre-flop. But when the cards were exposed, Hall was in trouble. His K♠Q♠ was dominated by Sternberg's A♥K♣.

That was until the flop came K♦7♣Q♣ and the turn and river of 8♠[10c] didn't not alter things. That flopped queen was decisive and Hall goes up to near the million mark.


Brandon Hall keeps his emotions in check

9:28pm: Staying Al-Ivey
It was a raise to 25,000 and a call before it got to Phil Ivey who shoved an additonal 135,000--the rest of his chips--in the middle. James Casement announced he, too, was all-in. A fold by the original caller got Casement and Ivey heads up. Ivey had jacks to Casement's A♣K♣ Ivey turned a set with the case jack (somebody else folded one) and rivered a boat for the win. He currently has about half the average stack.

9.25pm: No such thing as a small pot
Ryan Bambrick and Jordan Morgan just got involved in what was, at this stage, a relatively small pot, but still ended up with about 200,000 changing hands.

Morgan raised to 36,000 from the button and Bambrick called in the big blind. The flop came 9♦5♣Q♥ and Bambrick check-called Morgan's bet of 52,000.

The turn was 7♣ and Bambrick bet 66,000, which Morgan called, taking them to a 9♠ river. Bambrick now fired 150,000 at it, and that was good enough.

9:18pm: Not Rousso's brand of fun
Vanessa Rousso came in for a raise to 25,000 and Cliff Josephy called in the big blind. Both players checked the 9♦6♣8♠ flop. On the T♠ turn, Josephy checked again and Rousso tossed out 25,000. That's when Josephy raised her to 80,000. Rousso called.

When the turn fell the J♥, Josephy tanked. His only decision was whether to check or bet, but it took him several minutes to decide on 160,000.


Cliff Josephy

"You make a straight on me?" Rousso asked as she took off her hood. "I have a big hand here."


Vanessa Rousso ponders her options

Rousso cut out the 160,000, and then looked troubled. For three or four minutes, she recounted the hand in a murmur Finally she gave up.

"Well, I don't know what the hell I beat anymore," Rousso said, and tossed her hand in the muck. "That was no fun."

She stopped for a moment, and asked the dealer, "No pairing the board one time?"

Josephy's head shot up. "You had a set?"

Rousso nodded.

"Why didn't we get it in?" he asked.

"There was a one card straight there," Rousso protested.

Indeed, no fun at all.

9.20pm: FatalError stays alive
Jonathan Aguiar has doubled up, coming from behind to take a slice from David Fox and leap-frog him in the chip counts. Fox opened from the cut off, making it 30,000. Aguair moved all in from the button for 275,000. At this point, a king of hearts was somehow exposed - either by the dealer or another player - but Fox said he called anyway and tabled A♥K♦.


Johnathan Aguair: Doubling up

Aguiar showed J♦Q♣ and after the flop came [10c]9♣2♣, the turn of A♣ gave Aguair the unassailable flush and left Fox drawing dead. Aguiar is up to around the 575,000 mark and Fox is pegged back to about 200,000.

9.05pm: Seeking nine willing volunteers
We return from the dinner break with 33 players still in the hunt. Nine of those will need to depart before we reach our target of 24 - it could take anywhere between 60 minutes and four hours.

The full chip counts have now been updated on the chip count page, and there you'll find the following seven players with more than a million chips:

Scott Seiver, 2,505,000
Vanessa Selbst, 2,100,000
Jordan Morgan, 1,672,000
Alan Sternberg, 1,400,000
Dale Jamison, 1,240,000
Vanessa Rousso, 1,031,000

Let's get started again, shall we.


Vanessa Rousso and Vanessa Selbst, foreground