NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 4, Level 21 (8,000/16,000/2,000)

napt-thumb.jpg1:08pm: Players take a 15-minute break

1:06pm: Michael Sedore Eliminated in 22nd place
Michael Sedore managed to double the 57,000 he started the day with, then double it again, but the third time was not the charm for our tournament short stack. Sedore open-shoved for 260,000 holding Q♦T♦ and Michael Woods made the call with pocket queens on the button. Although Sedore caught a ray of hope, hitting top pair on the T♠9♥2♥ flop, the turn and river did not cooperate, falling the 6♠ and the 4♣ to send him to the rail just as our players went off on their first break.


The game is up for Michael Sedore

1.05pm: Don't come to the EPT, Jordan
If not actually flowing per se, conversation is at least happening on table two. Jordan Morgan just admitted: "Sometimes, I pick a guy I have no history with and randomly slowroll them if I'm tilted."
"You?" asked a quizzical Scott Seiver.
"Usually Europeans," added Morgan, by way of explanation.


1pm: Rousso's deuces earn a small chunk
Vanessa Rousso limped from mid position and was joined at the A♦T♣3♣ flop by only Taha Maruf, who checked his option. Maruf check-called Rousso's 20,000 bet on that, then he check-called he 50,000 bet on the 4♠ turn. After the 5♦ river arrived, Maruf checked again and Rousso asked: "What do you have behind?" Maruf said that he was playing about 330,000 and Rousso bet 140,000 at it. Maruf folded.

A few minutes later, they were still discussing the hand and Rousso told Maruf that she had pocket deuces. Maruf said he thought she was weak, but was packing even less in his own hand. Ho hum.

12.50pm: Jetten cracks the Selbst mystery
Vanessa Selbst is playing a lot of pots today, as she has for the whole of the tournament, but Peter Jetten reckons he's discovered her secret. "There is no mystery to Vanessa's game," said Jetten to the table, including Ms Selbst. "She just puts everybody on seven high and proceeds from there."

12.45pm: Mosquito buzzing upwards
"I'm not a mosquito no more now!" was the proud declaration of Michael Sedore, who has now doubled up again and is stacking more than 250,000. Sedore open shoved for 132,000 and Alan Sternberg called from his mighty stack.

They were racing, Sedore with A♣K♣ and Sternberg with J♣J♦. The dealer didn't make them sweat very long. The flop came 7♦5♣A♥, the turn was 4♣ and the K♦ was just the cherry on the cake.

Sedore now has about five times his overnight starting stack.


Michael Sedore doubles up

12.40pm: Oh dear, Ader
And another one down. This time it's Mark Ader who departs, coming out on the wrong side of a fairly standard flip situation.


Mark Ader eliminated

Derek Raymond made it 38,000 from the hijack and Ader shoved for 196,000 more from the button. Raymond called with 3♠3♣ and Ader's A♣Q♣ has plenty of chances but needed to hit. It didn't hit.

The board ran 9♠8♣6♣K♠4♦ and out went Ader as Raymond moved to 1,470,000.

12.35pm: The comeback gathers momentum
Good news for supporters of the underdog Michael Sedore. He was down to his last 45,000 and in the big blind of 16,000. He was also facing a raise from Michael Woods, but had no choice but to call.

Woods: 8♠8♦
Sedore: 9♠2♥

But how's about this for a flop: A♥9♣5♣, hitting Sedore's overcard, and then the J♦6♥ on turn and river were blanks. Sedore can (almost) breathe again.

12.30pm: Hall ousts Lauria, one down
Here we have our first bust*, and it's Bob Lauria who has departed in fairly brutal circumstances. Brandon Hall made it 36,000 from early position, and then it all went nuts. Scott Seiver three-bet to 62,000, Cliff Josephy called that, then Lauria moved all in for something a little less than his starting stack of 343,000.

Hall moved all in over the top of that, asking a 1.1 million question. Josephy and Seiver got out the way and it was just the two of them left, with Lauria's life on the line:

Hall: A♣K♣
Lauria: K♥K♦

The board put the writing on the wall, coming J♣T♣9♠. The turn finished it off, the 2♣ filling the flush. Lauria was out; Hall was up and on we go.


Bye bye Bob Lauria

All prizewinners are listed on the prizewinners page.

* Chortle, chortle. Not including the ladies event. Chortle, chortle.

12.20pm: Battling
All eyes this afternoon were on Michael Sedore and his meagre 57,000 stack. He was left with that paltry offering after a tangle with tens against kings late last night, and was expected to ship it in very early today. However, we're 15 minutes into the day and none of our (two) field reporters has returned with news of anyone's demise. So I guess Sedore is clinging on in there - come on, let's root for the underdog.

12.10pm: "Main Event tournament dealers, shuffle and deal
I guess that means we're under way.

12:03pm: Annnnnnnd we're back
After a 12-hour break for sleep and muffins, we're back in the Uncas Ballroom to play down to a final table of eight.

Twenty-four players remain. They'll be resuming Level 21 and 8,000/16,000/2,000 blinds.

Vanessa Selbst and Scott Seiver are separated by only a few big blinds and are currently considered the co-chip-leaders.

Meanwhile, the TV production people have taken over 2/3 of the ballroom to prepare for the next three days of televised coverage,. What's more, we've been joined by a hundred or so ladies for a $330 Ladies Event.

In short, it's tight in here.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day4_JoeGiron_IJ71545.jpg

Play will begin in just a few moments.