NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 4, level 22 updates (10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante)

napt-thumb.jpg2:35pm: Players on 15 minute break

2:32pm: Bax forces a fold with the five-bet

Scott Seiver opened for 60,000 from the button and Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy reraised to 165,000 from the small blind. Seiver didn't want to give up that easily, announcing "270 more," to make it a total of 435,000. Josephy shoved and Seiver found a fold, nearly half a million chips moving into Bax's stack.

2.30pm: Polomo busts, can't outrace Selbst
Ian Palomo has gone, the latest victim of Vanessa Selbst. Selbst made it 48,000 from the button and Palomo announced that he was all in for about 500,000 from the small blind. Selbst snap called and they were flipping:

Selbst: 9♠9♦

Polomo: A♠J♣

Selbst was ahead and stayed there through the 3♦7♥K♠8♦ board. She is cruising at the top of the leaderboard now; no one is anywhere close to her 3.2 million.


Ian Palomo

2:19pm: Rousso checks...hard
Vanessa Rousso raised to 50,000 and Allen Sternberg made the call on the button. On the 6♣4♦2♦, Rousso bet 85,000 and got the call. The turn T♠ drew a 100,000 bet from Rousso and another call. When the J♠ came on the turn, Rousso the form of slamming her fist on the table. Good thing she checked, and good thing Sternberg checked behind. He had A♣T♠ for the win.

Rousso is now down to 485,000

2:15pm: Beasley's boat
You never can be too sure what Vanessa Selbst is holding, so it probably wouldn't be too fair to criticize Mike Beasley for checking a full house on the river against, her, especially one in which all Selbst needed to win was one ace in her hand.

Beasley had made it 46,000 from the button and Selbst called in the big blind. Both players checked the K♦A♣9♥ flop. When the turn came K♥, Selbst checked and Beasley bet 41,000. Selbst called. Selbst checked the A♦ on the river and Beasley checked behind. He showed K♣5♣ for the win.

2:07pm: "You're really checking that???"
Well, this was weird.

It was 44,000 from James Casement and a raise to 150,000 from Vanessa Selbst. Casement made the call and tabled pocket kings.

Wait! What?

See, Casement had a lot more than the chips he had to call to match Selbst's raise.

"I thought you put me all-in," he explained.

Selbst had not.

And so, with the pocket kings turned up, the hand continued to the flop, 2♣J♣K♠.

Wait for it...

Casement checked.

"You're really checking that?" said the incredulous Selbst.

Indeed he was. Then on the 4♥ turn, Casement moved all-in and Selbst folded.

2:03pm: Fourth pair good
Vanessa Selbst limped in from the small blind and Ian Palomo checked his option. Selbst bet and got the call on a 9♠6♦Q♦ flop. It was 74,000 on the 9♣ turn, another bet and call. Both players checked the 7♠ river. Palomo tabled 2♣6♥ for the win.

2:02pm: Remembering Patti Reade
We lost freeroll qualifier Patti Reade yesterday, but since she turned nothing into more than $10,000, we're going to remember her today with a little video.

1:59pm: Travis Klein eliminated in 19th place
Just a few minutes after doubling through Allen Sternberg, Travis Klein fell to him. On a flop of K♥3♣2♠, Sternberg bet 65,000 and Klein called. When the 4♦ fell on the turn, Sternberg led for 126,000. Klein moved all-in for 460,000 and got the quick call.

Sternberg had flopped a set of deuces with 2♥2♦. Klein was drawing dead with K♠T♠.

Klein went out in 19th place, while Sternberg moved up to 2,350,000 in chips.


Travis Klein eliminated

1:55pm: Klein doubles up
Allen Sternberg raised to 45,000 and Travis Klein re-raised to 100,000 on the button. Sternberg moved all-in and got the call.

Sternberg: A♣9♠
Klein: 6♣6♦

Sternberg lost the race and Klein doubled to 502,000.

1:51pm: Dale Jamison's fast decline and elimination
Read the previous two hands and you'll see how Dale Jamison went from starting the day in third place to collapsing in 20th place. It ended just moments ago when he pushed all-in for a little more than 400,000 on the button. Vanessa Selbst isolated from the small blind. Jamison turned over A♣T♣. Selbst tabled A♥J♦. Both players caught their ace, but Selbst's jack kicker played and Jamison went out in 20th for $19,000.


Dale Jamison

1:48pm: Jamison spiraling
Word on the street is Dale Jamison is raising nearly every pot to 40,000. Shortly after opening the pot that resulted in Mike Beasley's double up, Jamison once again came in for 40,000. Andrew Ferguson made it 125,000 from the button. Jamison moved all-in and Ferguson called with Q♠Q♥. Jamison only held A♠6♠. He couldn't suck out and shipped 674,00 across the table to Ferguson.

1:46pm: Beasley doubles
Dale Jamison came in for a raise to 40,000 and got call from Andrew "Not Jesus" Ferguson in the small blind. Mike Beasley moved all-in for 332,000 from the big blind. Jamison folded, but Ferguson called.

Beasley: Q♣Q♥
Ferguson: A♣J♥

Ferguson missed on every street and Beasley doubled to nearly 700,000.

1:34pm: Selbst flexes muscles
Vanessa Selbst is nothing if not fearless. In early position, she came in for a raise to 48,000. Allen Sternberg immediately raised. Everyone folded back to Selbst who made it clear she wasn't going away. The bet was half a million. Sternberg folded and Selbst continues her reign at the top.

1:30: Taha Maruf eliminated in 21st place
Alan Sternberg came in for a raise to 50,000 from the button and got a call from Taha Maruf in the big blind. On the A♥7♣5♣ flop, Maruf shoved 217,000 into the middle. Sternberg made the call. The hands:

Maruf: A♦2♣
Sternberg: K♣T♣

Maruf didn't have to wait long to be put out of his misery. The 4♣ dinked on the turn and Maruf was drawing dead. Maruf earned $19,000. Meanwhile Sternberg now has more than 2.1 million chips.


Maruf walking

1:23pm: Back in action
The 21 remaining players are back behind their chips, and surrounded by around 100 people in the ladies only event (or, if we're being particularly discerning, 99 ladies and one person who is going to have a hard time with the required chromosome exam given to all winners).

1.20pm: Welcome to level 22
For the first time in this tournament, the level number is higher than the number of players. Imagine that. This is level 22 and there are 21 players remaining.

The leader at this stage is almost certainly the same player it has been for a long, long time. That's Vanessa Selbst, who enjoyed yet another prosperous hour round the felt this afternoon.


Vanessa Selbst